Pre-Order FUNKO Heroes of the Storm Mystery Minis Mini-Figures

FUNKO has announced the new Heroes of the Storm licensed product slated to ship on May 2015, and pre-orders are now open! The Heroes of the Storm Mystery Minis Mini-Figure Random 4-Pack and as the name says you will get random blind-packaged assortments for only $29.99. Great for those who wish to socialize with friends and exchange figures. Note: Duplicates might exist in the same pack.

Or you can simply buy the Heroes of the Storm Mystery Minis Mini-Figure Display Case for $89.99. The Display case contains:

  • Diablo
  • Kerrigan
  • Jim Raynor
  • Clear Cloaked Nova
  • Witch Doctor
  • Chef Stiches
  • Arthas
  • Tyrael
  • Stiches
  • Patriot Raynor
  • Nova
  • E.T.C.

Pre-Order FUNKO Heroes of the Storm Mystery Minis Mini-Figures

Pre-Order FUNKO Heroes of the Storm Mystery Minis Mini-Figures

Heroes of the Storm Feb 18.2015 Hotfix Patch Notes

Many bug fixes were implemented by Blizzard Entertainment to address crashes, and disconnection or reconnection issues with Heroes of the Storm.

As mentioned in our February 18 Maintenance thread, we deployed a hotfix update for the Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta in order to fix a few bugs that arrived with our previous patch. Complete patch notes for today’s hotfx have been listed below, as well as added to our February 10 Patch Notes blog.


  • The Reconnect System has received several improvements, which should help players more quickly rejoin in-progress Heroes matches from which they’ve disconnected. The Reconnect System will continue to undergo evaluation going forward, and further improvements will be implemented as necessary with future updates.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue in which players could be repeatedly prompted to reconnect to a match that had already been completed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to lose control of his or her Hero after reconnecting to an in-progress game multiple times.
  • Try Me and Training modes will no longer generate error text.


  • Resolved a crash that could occur while playing on the Garden of Terror Battleground.


  • Brightwing’s Soothing Mist Trait will no longer stop functioning after coming under the effects of Zeratul’s Void Prison.
  • Fixed an issue which could allow Zeratul’s Singularity Spike to deal more damage than intended when cast multiple times using the Double Bombs Talents.
  • Raynor’s Adrenaline Rush Ability will no longer cleanse movement impairing effects prior to learning the Fight or Flight Talent.
  • Respawn waypoints set from The Lost Vikings’ tombstones onto an enemy Hero will no longer track that Hero through the Fog of War.
  • Spirits created by Chen’s Storm, Earth, Fire Heroic Ability will no longer fly across the Battleground after using their Triple Attack or Split Up Abilities to cross an enemy Zeratul’s Void Prison.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue which allowed players to access bonus free-to-play Hero rotation slots prior to unlocking them at Player Levels 12 and 15.
  • Options settings will no longer be reset to default if Heroes of the Storm was installed to a filepath that contains non-English characters.


Toy Fair NY 2015 NECA Heroes of the Storm Action Figures Photos

A lot of press, including Blizzplanet, were eagerly waiting their turn on the line to take photos of the NECA Heroes of the Storm action figures. I was able to take a bunch of photos to share them with our audience.

Blizzad Entertainment provided NECA the Heroes of the Storm videogame’s model files. The prototype figures were then 3D-printed and from these, NECA plans to build the joints and articulations for the final product.

There are two things you must know about the NECA Heroes of the Storm Action Figures shown in our photos:

1. These action figures are currently prototypes, and thus they don’t have joints yet.

2. In addition, you might notice that Illidan and Nova are taller than Stitches. The NECA representative who attended me responded that the big ones are actually 2-UP figures, and that the final product will be the size of Stitches.

NECA also showcased the unpainted Tyrael and Arthas 2-UP-sized prototypes. The Illidan and Nova are slated to ship on July 2015 while all the other NECA Heroes of the Storm Action Figures shown at Toy Fair NY are currently set to TBD (To Be Determined).

I also asked the representative whether there would be more action figures based on the Heroes of the Storm license, and while not official, there might be promotional Heroes if Blizzard Entertainment requests them (Think SDCC-exclusive or BlizzCon-exclusive). Again, not official.

      “NECA is proud to present our first series of 7” scale action figures from Heroes of the Storm™, the upcoming online team brawler filled with favorite characters from Blizzard Entertainment’s vast video game universes! Created in collaboration with Blizzard, these fantastic figures feature game-authentic sculpts and nearly 30 points of articulation for great battle poses. Series 1 includes Illidan Stormrage (World of Warcraft™) and Nova Terra (StarCraft™). Illidan comes with Twin Blades of Azzinoth accessories, and Nova comes with rifle accessory and interchangeable left hand.”

Toy Fair NY 2015 NECA Heroes of the Storm Action Figures Photos


Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons

This “Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons” will help you understand how this unique Heroes of the Storm unit works, and how you may change the keybinds into something your brain can actually catch up to prevent confusion on the battlefield.

The Lost Vikings are very different and weirder Specialist in comparison with Abathur, and Brightwing. For example, they don’t have Basic Attacks at level 1. Instead, they earn one Basic Attack at level 4, 7, and 16. Weirder yet, if at level 4 you choose a passive talent instead of the active talent that is meant to be a Basic Attack — then you have no Basic Attack.


The first thing to do in order to keep your sanity with this hero is to change the keybinds into something your brain can wrap around. The least you want is to head into a battleground getting all confused on how to move Eric, Baleog or Olaf individually, or accidentally hitting basic attacks or the Ultimate at the wrong time thinking you were hitting the move switch instead.

The Keybind system in Heroes of the Storm offers buttons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for special abilities; and buttons Q, W, E, R for Basic Attacks. Throw that out of the window. The Lost Vikings don’t have special abilities or active abilities like Searing Attacks or Envenom.

Think of buttons 1, 2, 3, 4 as switches. Do you wish to select Olaf individually? Press 1. Do you wish to select Baleog? Press 2. Erik? Press 3. Wish to select all Vikings? Press 4.

If you aren’t planning to select any Viking in particular, simply focus on using Q, W, E, R to use Basic Attacks.

Now the question is … how do I change my keybinds?

Press the ESCAPE button in your keyboard, and select OPTIONS. On the lower-left, you will see the HOTKEYS button.

Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons

Click the CREATE PROFILE button and name it LOST VIKINGS. This will create a new profile so that any changes you make is only applied when you are playing The Lost Vikings.

Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons

Now press the ADVANCED button, click CONTROL GROUPS, click SELECT CONTROL GROUP 1 and at the bottom change the Bind Hotkey to 1. This will set OLAF to be selected by pressing “1” on your keyboard. Set Baleog (sword) to Hotkey #2, Erik to Hotkey #3, and All Vikings to Hotkey #4 (as seen in the image below).

Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons

Now we are more or less ready to start playing as The Lost Vikings. Check out their Basic Attacks, Talents, Skins, Voice Over Quotes here.

Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons

The Lost Vikings Talents | Heroes of the Storm


The Lost Vikings Talents | Heroes of the StormThe Lost Vikings are back! While they briefly considered retirement after defeating the emperor Tomator, there were only so many polar bears they could wrestle before falling into a Nexus portal seemed like a solid life decision.

Store Cost: heroes-of-the-storm-gold-icon 15,000 | $10.00

Role: Melee Specialist

Difficulty: Very Hard

Three Heroes in one! Can focus their efforts or split up to cover more ground. Lowered death timers.


It was a day that the members of the Viking village looked forward to every year.

On this day everyone in the village celebrated the autumn harvest with contests of bravery and skill throughout the afternoon followed by a grand feast at dusk.

The most anticipated event of the day was the hunt. In this competition the best huntsmen from the village venture into the wilderness to see who could catch the most game for the evenings feast. By noon all the participants had arrived at the starting point of the hunt except for three Vikings who lived just outside the village. Since their tardiness was nothing new the decision was made to start the hunt without them. Upon hearing the horn indicating the beginning of the competition, Olaf the Stout and his two buddies, Baleog the Fierce and Erik the Swift simply rushed into the forest to prevent the others from having to great a head start.

the-lost-vikings-shopMeanwhile the infamous intergalactic zookeeper, Tomator, piloted his spacecraft to Earth through a fiery vortex that appeared high above the fjords of the Baltic Sea. Tomator was sure that he could find adequate specimens for his zoo on this tiny planet. He commanded his ship to begin its descent as he made preparations to go on a hunt of his own.

As Olaf the Stout, Baleog the Fierce and Erik the Swift walked home from the feast they were still bragging about their triumphs in the hunt. When each brother had finished claiming that he was a better hunter than the other two they retired to their cottages oblivious to the strange flying object that has appeared directly over their village.

Tomator brought his craft closer to the ground trying to locate the three specimens that he had previously choosen. He had noticed them earlier when they appeared to be the victors of some primative ritual of skill and strength. After a few minutes, Tomator’s computer located the selected humans and began to teleport his unsuspecting captives aboard his ship.

Erik the swiftest of the Vikings was awakened suddenly to find himself suspended above his bed and being pulled upward. Despite his efforts to resist, he was drawn through the top of his hut and into the night sky. Next, Olaf the Stout and Baleog the Fierce experienced the same fate as they too were pulled from their beds towards the strange metallic object in the sky.

With the acquisition complete, Tomator took his craft out of orbit. Due to a short circuit in the teleportation process, the Vikings materialized in the corridors of Tomators ship rather than in his specimen room. Now the Vikings’ only hope to return home is the use of their skills and the strange vortices that can carry them through time and space.

Your story begins with the three Lost Vikings aboard Tomator’s ship and only with your help and expertise can they find their way back home again.

You must guide the Lost Vikings through the complex maze of Tomator’s spacecraft. Use Erik’s speed, Baleog’s weaponry, and Olaf’s defensive abilities to help return these poor lost souls to their village.



The Lost Vikings Talents | Heroes of the Storm

Basic Attacks

select-olafSelect Olaf (1)Olaf can charge enemies by right-clicking on them. 8 second cooldown. Olaf gains increased health regeneration when out of combat for 4 seconds.
select-baleogSelect Baleog (2)Baleog deals 50% splash damage to enemies behind his attack target.
select-erikSelect Erik (3)Erik moves faster than the other Vikings and has a longer attack range.
select-all-vikingsSelect All Vikings (4)The Lost Vikings can be controlled individually or as a group. Each Viking has particular strengths.
fast-restartFast Restart (Trait)Death time for the Lost Vikings is reduced by 25%.



  • select-olafOlaf the StoutEvery 8 seconds Olaf can block a Basic Attack, reducing its damage by 75%. Can store up to 2 charges.
    select-erikSpy GamesAfter standing still for 5 seconds, Erik becomes cloaked and his Sight Radius is increased by 75%. The cloak effect persists for 3 seconds after moving.
    viking-hoardViking HoardEach Lost Viking gains 1 Health per second. This bonus is increased by 0.5 on all Vikings when a Regeneration Globe is picked up.
  • select-baleogPain Don't HurtBaleog's Basic Attacks and splash damage heal for 20% of the damage dealt.
    select-erikIt's a Sabotage!Erik's Basic Attacks against Structures destroy 5 Ammo over 10 seconds.
    select-erikHardheaded RedheadEric gains a melee Basic Attack that knocks the enemy away. This effect has a 6 second cooldown.
    spin-to-winSpin to Win! (1)Activate to have each Viking deal 50 damage to nearby enemies.
  • select-baleogBaleog the FierceBaleog's Basic Attacks increase his Attack Speed by 8%, stacking up to 5 times. After 3 seconds of not attacking, these stacks will rapidly decay.
    select-erikErik the SwiftAs long as Erik is moving, he heals 15 health per second.
    mercenary-lordMercenary LordSiege and Bruiser Mercenaries near your hero deal 50% more damage.
    jumpJump! (2)Makes all Vikings Invulnerable and able to pass over enemies for 1.5 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
  • longboat-raidLongboat Raid!Hop into an Unstoppable Longboat that fires at nearby enemies for 46 damage per second and can fire a mortar that deals 70 damage in an area. The boat has increased Health for each Viking inside. Lasts 12 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds.

    Requires all surviving Vikings to be nearby.
    play-againPlay Again! (R)Summon and revive all Lost Vikings at target location after a Viking channels for 2 seconds.

    Only one Viking may attempt to summon at a time.
  • select-olafHunka' Burning OlafOlaf deals 15 damage very second to nearby enemies.
    speedrunSpeedrun!While under 50% life, Vikings gain 20% increased Movement Speed.
    impatience-is-a-virtueImpatience is a VirtueEnemies damaged by a Viking's Basic Attack reduce the cooldown of all Viking Abilities by 0.25 seconds.
  • select-olafLarge and in ChargeWhen Olaf charges enemies, they are stunned for 1 second.
    64-kb-marathon64 KB Marathon (Z)Gain an additional 40% Movement Speed when activating Go Go Go! that decays over 4 seconds. Additionally, the Vikings are Unstoppable for 1 second.
    norse-forceNorse Force!Activate to have each Viking gain a 120 to 240 point Shield, depending on how many Vikings are alive. Lasts 7 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
  • longboat-raidRagnarok 'n' Roll! (4)The Longboat can attack two targets at once and the range of its Mortar is increased by 100%.
    play-againCheckpoint Reached (4)Any dead Vikings are revived and summoned a second time 10 seconds later.
    fast-restartThe Sequel! (Trait)Increases the Vikings' death timer reduction from 25% to 50%.




Future update will bring more cuteness inside the Nexus!

Did you thought yesterday news was enough for the Lost Vikings? You were wrong, a future update will bring more especially theirs master skins and 4 Heroes already present ingame.

Only the future can tell if one day we are going to have a candyland map.

Eager to take center stage with your minions as a chequered trickster? What about partying with friends in the latest and greatest comfy pajamas? Whether you long to roam the Battlegrounds of the Nexus in search of revenge against the zerg or prefer the skittering of happy little insect feet, we’ve been concocting some new additions to Heroes of the Storm that are sure to delight and entertain.

We have a number of exciting new skins in development, and today we’re offering you a sneak peek at Harlequin Nazeebo and his minions, two skins for the Lost Vikings, and more! While these skins are not yet available in our in-game shop, they’ll be arriving soon. In the meantime, you can jump in and take a closer look at these skins and some of their tints in the turn-around video below:

  • Harlequin Nazeebo and his Gargantuan, Ravenous Spirit, and Zombie Wall
  • Pajama Party Lost Vikings
  • Master Lost Vikings
  • Tempest Regalia Jaina
  • Love Bug Anub’arak
  • Zerg Hunter Zeratul

We hope you enjoy seeing these new skins and tints, and make sure to let us know your favorites in the comments below!

What new skins and mounts would you like to see in Heroes of the Storm?


The next Brawl With the Blues will introduce the Lost Vikings

After previously Thrall and Jaina it is nearly time for one of the oldest Blizzard franchise to make a step inside the Nexus, the Lost Vikings. As usual, Spyrian and Trikslyr will be present to present the show on Wednesday, February 11th at 11:00 am PST.

We’ll have some new stuff coming up and we’d like to explore everything with you on our next Brawl with the Blues! Join us over at on Wednesday, February 11th at 11:00 a.m. PST to meet some of our community members and catch a few matches played live on stream. This episode, joining us will be:

The community members above will join Trikslyr in-game to brawl it out in the Nexus. Our very own Spyrian will also be on hand to collect your questions from Twitter and the Twitch chat, and field them to the players to get their answers live on the air. For this show, we’ll be focusing on exploring new content and playing Custom Games with viewers. A few of the things we’ll go over include:

  • A New Hero
  • New Skins
  • New Compositions

We look forward to sharing the matches with you. Comment below if there are any particular heroes you’d like the players to select during the matches. We’ll see you there!


Pepe is invading the Nexus! (kinda)

If you are a player of World of Warcraft like me, you might have already met the adorable Pepe inside your garrison. His presence in only one franchise was apparently not enough for ZHARDOOM who put his talent to work and made these incredible Pepe versions of the characters from Heroes of the Storm.

For those champions from Azeroth, It’s not hard to find a cute bird named “Pepe” singing in your garrison all of the time. But have you ever imagined this little buddy flying into the world of Heroes of the Storm?

Artist “ZHArDoom (扎尔杜姆)” from the NGA fansite has envisioned what it would be like to bring Pepe to Nexus! We hope you enjoy his adorable fan creations, which include all thirty-three current Heroes in Heroes of the Storm. Which are your favorites?

Jaina Gazlowe Li Li Malfurion

Muradin E.T.C. Nova Rehgar

Raynor Sonya Tassadar Sgt. Hammer

Thrall Tyrande Tychus Uther

Valla Brightwing Murky Zagara

Zeratul Tyrael Falstad Nazeebo

Arthas Abathur Anub’arak Azmodan

Chen Kerrigan Illidan Diablo



Blizzplanet 12th Anniversary Giveaway: Heroes of the Storm Founder’s Pack

Blizzplanet is celebrating 12 years online providing news, previews and interviews about all Blizzard games. I was there on day 1, and it’s been a wild ride as a Blizzard fan.

The newest Blizzard game nowadays is Heroes of the Storm which entered closed beta a few weeks ago. What better giveaway than to share a Heroes of the Storm Founder’s Pack which grants access to closed beta and to a few other features:

Blizzplanet 12th Anniversary Giveaway: Heroes of the Storm Founder's Pack

Blizzplanet 12th Anniversary Giveaway: Heroes of the Storm Founder’s Pack

Fill out the form below to participate in this giveaway. Entries will be accepted until February 13, 2015 at 8:00pm EST. Winner will be announced before midnight.

  • No multiple submissions allowed (I will find out, trust me).
  • Must be a Twitter follower: @blizzplanetcom

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