eSports Guide: Cloud9 DunkTrain – Tychus talent build

cloud9-DunkTrainDerek “DunkTrain” Arabian plays for the Cloud9 Maelstrom team in Heroes of the Storm competitive tournaments.

DunkTrain’s build is pure melt-face DPS, but requires certain conditions to be met. At level 7, he picks Sizzlin’ Attacks which increases damage for 5 sec at the cost of 5 Mana each attack. Early game, this is great to push lanes and reach level 10 for the prized hero talent. However, it might leave Tychus out of mana quickly. If you have a Malfurion in your team, ask him to stick around and to innervate you whenever his cooldown is over.

Relentless will help you shake off Malfurion’s entanglement, Sylvanas’ silence, Muradin/Uther’s stuns, and more. Basically reduces your chance for all those by 50%.

Executioner on the other hand will make Tychus deal 40% more damage on enemy players affected by stun, slow, or root. This one is perfect mid-to-end-game; but you must meet the requirement for the damage burst. Technically, Minigun should count as Basic Attacks. Otherwise, get close with Run and Gun to trigger that 40% Basic damage increase. Stick with any friendly player that can accommodate those stun-slow-root requirements: Malfurion, Muradin, Leoric, Thrall, Butcher, Arthas, ETC, Tyrael, Tyrande, Sylvanas, Uther, and Sgt. Hammer. Jaina and Johanna are pretty good slowing enemy players down, too.

Watching some of DuncanTrain’s videos, this is the Tychus talent build he plays in some of his livestreams.

DunkTrain can be found here: twitch-icon twitter-icon


DunkTrain’s Tychus Talent Build


1overkillArmor Piercing RoundsOverkill's damage to the primary target increased by 20%.
4frag-grenadeMelting PointFrag Grenade deals an additional 800 (230 + 30 per level) damage over 10 seconds to Minions and Structures.
7sizzlin-attacksSizzlin' AttacksActivate to increase Basic Attack damage by 50% for 5 seconds. Each attack costs 5 Mana.
10commandeer-odinCommandeer OdinCall down an Odin to pilot. The Odin deals increased Damage, has 100% increased Basic Attack range, and uses different Abilities. Lasts 23 seconds.
13relentlessRelentlessReduces the duration of silences, stuns, slows, and roots against your Hero by 50%.
16executionerExecutionerBasic Attacks deal 40% more damage against slowed, rooted, or stunned targets.
20nexus-frenzyNexus FrenzyIncreases Attack Speed by 20% and Attack Range by 20%.


eSports Guide: LucifroN – Johanna Talents

LucifroN - Johanna TalentsPedro “LucifroN” Moreno Durán plays for TeamLiquid. He is currently Rank 1 in Heroes of the Storm Hero League at the moment of this posting. For that matter, this Johanna guide is based on what he plays.

Initially, Johanna can help the team tremendously with the talent “Knight Takes Pawn” by soaking lanes with ease. However, Johanna feels a bit squishy in the initial levels. Don’t be cocky, keep a distance when you are low health. Later on, Johanna has a lot of survivability with Laws of Hope, Hold Your Ground and Holy Renewal — which are perfect for her tanking throughout mid and end-game.

Laws of Hope is an activate button that heals you over time. Hold Your Ground increases your Iron Skin by 20% and reduces the cooldown by 4 sec if the shield is destroyed. Shield Glare heals you when it hits enemies. All that plus Indestructible at level 20, makes Johanna a tough adversary to kill.

Johanna and Abathur symbiosis combo can be devastating to the enemy team. Plays well with Zeratul, Illidan, Jaina and Nova when you Condemn (Pull) + Punish (slow).

LucifroN can be found here: twitch-icon twitter-icon


LucifroN’s Johanna Build


1Knight Takes PawnCondemn deals 100 additional damage to Minions and Mercenaries and stuns them for 4 sec.
4Laws of HopeRegenerate 2 Health per sec. Activate to heal 20% of your max Health over 4 sec. Cooldown: 60 sec.
7Battle MomentumBasic Attacks reduce Ability cooldowns by 0.5 sec.
10Blessed ShieldDeal 79 damage and stun the first enemy hit for 2 sec. Blessed Shield then bounces to 2 nearby enemies, dealing 40 damage and stunning them for 1 sec. Cooldown: 60 sec.
13Hold Your GroundIncreases Iron Skin's Shield by 20%, and if the Shield is destroyed by damage the cooldown is reduced by 4 sec.
16Holy RenewalEvery enemy Hero affected by Shield Glare heals you for 108.
20IndestructibleUpon taking fatal damage, gain a Shield equal to your maximum Health for 5 sec. This ability has a 120 sec cooldown.


Johanna | Heroes of the Storm

Johanna is a melee warrior Crusader hailing from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. There have been many women who have borne the name Johanna in service of the crusade, and each has given her life to purify her faith. Johanna carries on their legacy as she searches the kingdom of Khanduras for the fallen star.

Heroes of the Storm Guide: eSport Team Picks

Starting today, I’ll be working on updating our Heroes of the Storm Guide pages. Some of them were from alpha and beta. In addition, I’ll add hero build guides.

Now how does one go about writing a build guide? Sure there are some guides online that are pretty good, but who wrote the guide? Do you blindly follow a pick because it had the most views or the most upvotes? Did the person who upvote played that build and based the upvote on personal experience?

Sometimes you even get 4-6 guides per hero with bizarre names, and it’s hard to pick. Right? Well, fret not. The builds I will be adding from now on are not [my] personal picks, nor based from guides you see out there in the wild. Our guides will be based on what the top eSport players choose. That’s right. I’ll watch videos on Twitch, and let you know who the talent build picks belong to, and their Twitch channel. That way you will know the guide is legit, and well-tested.

The first guides will cover LiquidLucifron who is rank 1 in Heroes of the Storm’s Hero League and roster member of TeamLiquid. These are the builds that will be updated in our website based on LiquidLucifron’s choices: Anub’arak, and Johanna; and LiquidGranpkt: Jaina.

The pages haven’t been updated yet. This is just a heads up on what I’ll be working on.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get alerts when the pages are up.

Archangel Diablo Skin Available Now | Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard Entertainment added the Archangel Diablo skin to the Heroes of the Storm in-game Shop. The video below shows you the three-variant colors for this skin. The animation graphics of Firestorm, Apocalypse and Lightning Breath were customized for this skin.

Archangel Diablo costs $13.86.

Additionally, Tyrael’s Charger Mount is available for purchase at the Shop for $9.99. This video gives you a quick view of all three color variants.

Spyrian: Our Eternal Conflict event rages on, and we’ve just updated the Heroes of the Storm in-game Shop with new items, and made a few other changes. Feast your eyes on all of the items we’ve updated below:

Item Removals:

  • The Fresh Meat Bundle has been removed from the Shop.

New Bundle:

  • Archangel Diablo Bundle — Sale Price: $13.86 USD
    • Diablo
    • Archangel Diablo Skin
  • This bundle will only be available for a limited time

New Skin:

  • Archangel Diablo Skin — $9.99 USD

New Mount:

  • Tyrael’s Charger — $9.99 USD

Price Change:

  • The Butcher‘s price has been reduced to 10,000 Gold

— Source:

Archangel Diablo Skin Available Now | Heroes of the Storm


Butcher Guide – Fresh Meat

This build makes the Butcher a fearsome DPS hero in a one-on-one combat at a lane, or in objective locations, however be careful when more enemy heroes show up. Remember the Butcher is not a tank, and as such you must rely in hit and run tactics when surrounded by more than two enemy players.


Invigoration isn’t very useful in the first minutes as you focus more on gathering fresh meat at the lane to increase your damage. Later on, mid-game, other talents may benefit from Invigoration which costs no mana. More on that shortly.

Flail axe increases the length of Hamstring 40%. Combined with Invigoration every 3 seconds and at no mana cost — Hamstring helps your teammates kill a fleeing enemy player. Flail Axe helps you escape by slowing down your enemy every 3 sec at a long range. Eventually, the enemy will feel discouraged from chasing you as they may think you are leading them to a trap.

Abattoir is excellent to dealing more damage by increasing the fresh meat stack from 25 to 35, and protecting half of your fresh meat upon death so that you get back to the game with enough damage bonus.

My hero talent of choice is Lamb of the Slaughter. In one-on-one combat, the enemy quickly realizes that his health is dropping to half and you are healing up with Butcher’s brand. So their reaction is to flee. That’s when you drop Lamb of the Slaughter — chaining him for 4 seconds. Finish the enemy up. If he survives, charge at him followed by Hamstring to slow him down. If you have two or more teammates near you, you can bunch up on the enemy player affected by Lamb of the Slaughter. The fact it has a lower cooldown than Furnace Blast makes it even more valuable as it is used more often to secure takedowns.

Crave Flesh begins to make your Butcher pretty fearsome. You gain a 30% movement speed for 5 seconds when applying it. You are using Hamstring with Invigoration and Flail Axe (no mana cost and 40% range), the enemy will panic unable to shake you off. Make sure to team up with an assassin. They will benefit the most with an enemy permanently slowed down. If you are in a hairy situation and need to flee, cast Crave Flesh on the nearest enemy to gain movement speed for 5 sec to get away.

Blood Frenzy increases your basic attack damage by 1% per stack. Putting that into context, let’s say you have 35 stacks of fresh meat already. That’s 35% attack speed. If you check out the tooltip, it doesn’t mention an expiration for attack speed. You keep it unless you die.

Add to that Nexus blades which increases your Basic attack damage by 20% and slows the target for 1 sec. In conclusion, you get a pretty good DPS build. Just be careful. You are not a tank. The video below shows this talent build in action (except for Lamb of the Slaughter) — with 37 takedowns, 2 deaths, and a win in the Battlefield of Eternity battleground.

The Professionals speak about Heroes of the Storm

How long have we all been a part of the Blizzard universe? For some of us we have been with it from it’s birth in the early 90’s and watched it blossom into the mature adult it is now. Blizzard has created multiple universes that enticed, enthralled, and captivated our hearts.

Lauralania interview Heroes of the Storm community

What is it that makes Heroes of the Storm such an Earth-shattering game in such a short amount of time? Blizzard has listened to its fans and brought the best heroes and villains from all across the realms together in a fight for supremacy.

Experienced Blizzard gamer, the gold making mage, Elvinelol said: "Heroes of the Storm is awesome for any Blizzard franchise lover! All those iconic characters from other games we all love and played!"

This statement holds true. No matter what game you have enjoyed from Blizzard Entertainment, there is something for everyone. For those who have no experience with Blizzard games it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the characters without being overwhelmed by all the different lore. With matches ranging anywhere from 10-30 minutes on average, it makes it easy to engage for all ages and audiences.

Leoric Spotlight Video | Heroes of the Storm

The new hero won’t be available this week, but Blizzard Entertainment released the Leoric Spotlight video showcasing his basic abilities and hero talents. The Skeleton King will be available soon. Have you collected enough gold to purchase him?



Leoric: Now I see things as they truly are.

Cloaken: Leoric migrated to Khanduras from the eastern lands of Sanctuary, accompanying the forces of the Zakarum church. Settled into the small town of Tristram, Leoric was preyed upon by Diablo’s attempt at possession, driving the once beloved king mad with paranoia.

He began executing all he thought guilty of treason, including his own wife. Confronted by his knights in the wake of such slaughter, Leoric was cornered and killed. His final breath issueing a curse upon his pursuing team. King Leoric then rose again as the Skeleton King.

Leoric is a heavy-hitting hero who can haunt the battleground even after death. Leoric’s trait is: Undying. When killed in the field of battle, Leoric remains in place as a ghost that can slow his enemies and reduce his own death timer. When his death timer completes, Leoric will resurrect at the current location of his ghost.

Leoric Spotlight Video | Heroes of the Storm



Leoric’s first ability is Skeletal Swing. This massive swing deals heavy damage and slows enemies in a large arc in front of Leoric, including double damage to enemy minions.

While in his ghost form, Leoric can continue to use Skeleton Swing to slow opponents without dealing damage.



Next is Leoric’s ability: Drain Hope. Grabbing the soul of an enemy hero, Leoric deals damage over time while healing himself. Leoric can continue to attack and use abilities during Drain Hope; and in ghost form, Leoric can use this ability to lower his death timer.



Leoric’s final basic ability is: Wraith Walk. Becoming unstoppable and leaving behind his body, Leoric can move around as a wraith for a short time. When this ability ends or is cancelled, Leoric’s body snaps to the position of his wraith.



Entomb is Leoric’s first heroic option. Like the wallker affix from Diablo III, Leoric raises a tomb around the targeted area, blocking the movement of enemy heroes and minions.



Lastly is Leoric’s option: March of the Black King. Parading in a straight line, and swinging wildly, Leoric damages anything in his path, while also healing himself for every enemy he hits.

Leoric’s skills and trait allow him to excel controlling the space around him. Be sure to make the most of Leoric’s ability to contribute to a fight from beyond the grave: slow a fleeing enemy, save a teammate attempting to retreat, or help contribute to that glorious team combo.

In the early portions of the game, the Skeleton King can be a true lane bully. Skeletal Swing does massive amounts of damage to minion waves while his trait and mobility allows for extremely aggressive play.

Keep in mind, even though death does not completely take Leoric out of play, it does reward opponents with full takedown experience. Leoric shines on battlegrounds with objectives that require controlling an area.

For example, early game tributes in Cursed Hollow are a playground due to his ability to sustain and harass opposing heroes. After suffering a takedown, he is able to position himself to resurrect and help secure the tribute for his own team.

March of the Black King excels at destroying groups of opponents who have low mobility and clumped up. Be careful though, as enemies with high mobility can easily sidestep his heroic and punish Leoric if he start swinging mindlessly.

Entomb is an excellent option for securing takedowns. As enemy heroes attempt to flee from a team fight, block them down so that your allies can easily land abilities. Timing and accuracy will be the keys to this heroic, so make sure you use it skillfully; or you might end up dooming a teammate.

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