Abathur – Jack the Ripper Build Guide

Abathur was the first Heroes of the Storm Specialist hero created by Blizzard Entertainment. He is the only hero who stays mostly at the base, and from there the player uses a lot of map awareness checking on all friendly players and supporting them in a range of different ways from healing, to shielding, stabbing enemy players, planting toxic nests, providing players with vision of key areas of the map, empowers minions, protects structures, sends out Locust minions, and his ultimate talent allows Abathur to clone a player and use their abilities against enemy players.

Abathur is the jack of all trades, but in this build Abathur is Jack the Ripper. Stab. Stab. Stab.

Have you been in a battleground where you successfully escape those chasing you and out of nowhere you die? That’s the long range of Abathur’s stab.

Talent Build

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20


At level 1, chose the Eradicate Minions talent. Spike Burst is essential to assist with killing lane minions to gain team experience. Later on, Eradicate Minions will help with collecting skulls at the Haunted Mines, or seeds in the Garden of Terror battleground.

At level 4, you get a talent for your Stab ability. Barbed Spines increase Stab damage by 20%. This is the ability you will use the most when you apply Symbiote to a friendly player, structure or minion.

At level 7, chose the Needlespine talent. This will increase the range of your Stab by 33%. The reason you die out of the blue is the crazy range this talent gives Abathur. Especially, if Abathur quickly jumps to a minion and Stabs you at very low health.

At level 10, Ultimate Evolution allows Abathur to clone a friendly player. The best options to clone are Nova, Zeratul, and Tychus.

Two Novas can seriously destroy an enemy team from afar with Triple Tap. Two Tychus means two Thors wrecking havoc. Two Sgt. Hammer can do a load of siege damage. How about Two Jaina or two Illidans? You get the picture.

At level 13, chose the Spatial Efficiency. You get a second charge of Stab. To put that in perspective, at level 13 Abathur’s Stab can do 213 damage. That’s a total of 426 damage (2 charges). That’s 1/5th of Jaina or Illidan’s Health. Stab has a 3 second cooldown. For that reason, I call this the Jack the Ripper Build. Stab. Stab. Stab. Deadly.

At level 16, choose Adrenaline Boost. This talent doesn’t offer any damage boost, but it helps your host stay alive longer when he/she is in need of fleeing away by adding a 40% movement speed boost to Carapace (the ability that shields the host). Of course, that can also be helpful when Zeratul, Muradin, or Tyrael (for example) leap away from reach when they are nearly death. Boost your host’s speed with Adrenaline Boost and stab the crap out of them.

Finally, at level 20, choose Evolution Master to decrease the cooldown to 90 seconds, and increase the clone’s duration to 60 seconds.

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