BlizzCon 2017 Heroes of the Storm: What’s Next Panel Transcript

Community Q&A

Matt: Back in October, we had a community summit where we invited out quite a few different professional players, streamers, shoutcasters, and they came in checked out a lot of this content, and gave us feedback on it so we can continue iterating. Of course, we are here at BlizzCon, everything I just talked about is playable here. You guys can check it out. Let us know what you think.

Near the end of November, we will be moving to an extended 3-week PTR that will roll into December, as well. Everyone in our community will be able to play all of this on the PTR; and let us know your feedback. Let us know what you think. None of this is set in stone. We want to get your feedback. We want to make good changes.


The goal is to launch all of this in December at the start of a new rank season. So this will give players the opportunity to play with all these changes for an entire rank season. And then also fall in between our HGC pro-seasons; so that the professionals will have a little bit more time to learn the changes before they start competing again next year.

Alright. That’s everything we have for you guys today, thank you.

Alan: We got a question over there?



Question 1: My question is: are you considering to do a queue back to Hero League? There is currently a queue in Team League with twos and threes, but is it ever possible to for Dual League to be backways with solo queue?

Travis: We are not currently, ever is a really long time, we are always looking to evaluate these things; but right now we like these Solo queue for Hero League, and our efforts on making Team League a better experience overall.



Question 2: I have asked different questions the last four years. I usually ask about unique death animations for certain characters, but this year I want to ask you another question. Hypothetically, if McCree were to join Heroes of the Storm, would you remove his cigar; and if you don’t, would you give Tychus back his cigar?

Alan: …

Travis: Will we give Tychus, McCree’s cigar?

Alan: (laughs) Yes, exactly. We will give Tychus “McCree’s cigar.” Yeah.



Question 3: Hi, I play on a 4K monitor. You guys created some amazing emoji. I get them in little boxes all the time, and I can’t see them at all; because they come out as tiny little specks on the 4K Screen. Is it possible to get text feeling added to the chat window?

Travis: Yeah. It’s a known issue, and something we’d like to correct.



Question 4: I had a question that with the game getting as big as it is, and with the introduction of Voice Chat in 2018, if you guys are planning on anything to promote positivity within the community — say: personal commendations beyond just an MVP screen where you just click and upvote, and then get out of the game.

Alan: Yeah. That is something that we have been pursuing for a little while now. We are exploring different ways of doing that. We did that at the MVP screen, we can upvote people, but I agree that there is probably more opportunities where we can make a more meaningful system to really call out those players that did an awesome job in the game, or promoting good fun experiences within the game. So it’s something we are looking at. We don’t have anything in specific right now, but absolutely. We think it would be a cool addition into the game.



Question 5: Hey, you guys. Great to see you again. I have a question concerning interactive environment effects like the conveyor belt in the Volskaya Foundry. As a Chromie man who likes to run triple-Time Trap, you can imagine how excited I was when I started lining them up, and they are just freezing people all around. Is that a feature you guys are thinking of expanding in new maps, as far as passive map events that aren’t tied to the game objectives?

Matthew: So we have a battleground team that is always looking to push the boundaries within our battleground experience; and John Deshazer is our Lead Battleground Designer. I think he has been wanting to add conveyor belts for quite some time now, and they just happened to make a lot of sense on Volskaya Foundry. So I am sure those guys are also looking for new ways, and new opportunities to promote awesome battleground design.

Alan: I will just add that we are always trying out new things. We always want to try crazy ideas, and see where it goes. So we will see what happens.



Question 6: In regards to your removing of the towers, have you also considered about the repositioning of the Healing Fountains so that they are not exposed.

Matthew: The battleground team has been looking at the layout of the different structures, and they have made some changes. I don’t know if they have totally updated all the Healing Well locations, but that is feedback we have heard before of players who specifically go into snipe Healing Fountains early on in a match.

It is not something we see commonly. So it’s not a huge concern for us, and there is some gameplay there for both players; but it is something we can continue doing as well going forward.



Question 7: Hey, guys. I love your game. I just had a question about Quick Match team comps where sometimes you get like an actual team comp: one tank, three damage, one healer; and sometimes like me you get: three tanks, one damage, one healer. So I was just wondering if there was any plans to address Quick Match team comps, like how you have Dungeon Finder in World of Warcraft. So do you have any comments about that?

Travis: So the Quick Match is an interesting piece for us. It’s meant to be a little bit the Wild West. And the big things that are important to us for quick matches is that players can play the hero they want, and then we can make games for them quickly. And that kind of runs contrary to be able put together the perfect teams all the time.

In fact, we have run models to try to make games that are all meta. For instance, every game has a tank and a supporter in them, and the queue times explode… they get really long. So we are trying to find a good balance there all the time between games that are entertaining. But we are OK with surprises as well.

So we are continually tweaking them. We have made some updates in the last year, and expect to be making more over the next few months too.

Alan: Yeah, Actuall, if you have watched our Quick Match meta rules, we have been continually kind of tweaking them as time has gone on. I think it is good feedback. It is feedback that we receive regularly. So it is something we will look at. But absolutely, Quick Match is a place for you to kind of jump in with the hero you want to play, and if you do truly want like that perfect team comp, I’d suggest Unranked Drafts, or even Ranked modes as well.



Moderator: That was the last question.

Alan: OK. (laughs) It has been said… Thank you guys very much.

Announcer: Thank you for attending the Heroes of the Storm: What’s Next Panel. Up next Community Night.

BlizzCon 2017 Heroes of the Storm: What's Next panel transcript
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