BlizzCon 2018 Heroes of the Storm: What’s Next Panel Transcript


Matt: Hey, guys! So just really quick before we dive into questions, it looks like we only have about 5 minutes left. So we’re only going to be able to take a handful of questions.

Joe: Yep!

Fan #1: Hi. I’m actually asking on behalf of this gentleman right here. He was the gentleman from BlizzCon 2015, who asked for the clock on the dashboard screen. Thank you for that. His dashboard screen question this year is about post-game analysis note section. Could that be a reality?

Joe: Such a great question. So post-game stat tracking is one of the many things we’d like to start looking at as part of the education system in Heroes of the Storm in 2019. We’ve got, right now there are APIs built in place that some sites take use, that are very minimal. There’s a lot more we want to do in terms of investment on that as well. So look forward to seeing some of these changes. I don’t have a date for them, but look forward. These are things we are talking about. These are stuff that we want to include in the game. Good question.


Fan #2: MMR Question, about how old does the MMR you keep in your account before it gets rid off, sort of, you have someone who has been in the alpha, is these stats from the alpha gone?

Joe: So if the last time a player played during the alpha It was. Like, let’s say it was like years ago when the last time you played the game, your MMR doesn’t like erode over that time. Different points in time during the different seasons of Rank Play, the idea of reseeding a player back to ranked competitive play differently. Most recently, we tried to go back and use the last good MMR that we had, the last known MMR we had, going back to the previous seasons. And that’s when we decided to seed players back in it.


And one follow up question with the armor stacking, Tyrande talent… that’s her stack spell armor, how does that will work on the new stacking system?

Matt: Yeah! So, our design team went through all of those abilities and talents. And for characters that a talent allowed it to stack with itself, we’ve kept a lot of those. It’s just if Tyrande is giving you armor, Yrel won’t also be able to give you armor to stack from two different sources. So we’ve kind of gone through, and done it on a case-by-case basis.


Fan #3: Super pumped about the UI updates around armor. So, really appreciate that. What other things are you thinking about, about improving clarity? One thing that comes to mind is merc camps, and understanding when they get those merc camps.

Joe: Yeah! That’s a good question, actually. This is a thing that the, like the live balance team talks about, the hero team talks about, the UI teams talk about, my teams talk about. So, showing like merc timing is the thing we’ve talked about. We’ve actually done a lot about experimenting with, like reducing the size of, like health bars and hero selection rings, doing more to kind of reduce clutter onscreen.

We experimented with like things we do, like the maps themselves, like reducing maybe the number of bushes and things that we find. Just to kind of. Just to see what it feels like to play the game with a slightly more… I don’t want to say barren.

Matt: Streamlined.

Joe: Yeah! A little more streamlined experience. It’s been interesting. There aren’t anything specific to announce yet, but it’s–


Anything with the hero selection screen? There’s a lot of heroes now.

Joe: So right now what we’re doing is, we have changes we’d like make to the heroes select screen. We actually… I can’t talk about the feature yet. There’s a feature that we’re talking about. Features like the very different interface that we’re probably. I’m talking about looking at later next year. I don’t want to mention anything just yet. It’s Blizzard soon™ right now.


Fan #4: So last year, we got a lot of incredible stuff, and I’m really happy to be seeing it coming this year; but are the things that– especially, the rank changes… are they set, like it’s going to happen, we’re going to see them soon, or is it another thing that you’re just looking at?


Joe: No. These are things we’re actively working on. We’re going to be releasing them over the course of 2019, across the seasons all over. Not like dropping everything in one patch. We want to adjust things out, see how every individual change makes an impact, and then continue to go from there. But we are committed to these changes.


Awesome! Also you showed a Dark Nexus Dehaka skin, I’m still waiting for that.

Kaeo: Noted.

Joe: Noted. We got time for one more.


Fan #5: Hey, guys. I really like the XP and catapult changes, but I wanted to know how specifically one of those two affect Towers of Doom, specifically?

Matt: So Towers of Doom and Alterac Pass don’t have catapults in the traditional sense. So, that’s a great question. I believe on Towers of Doom is one of our closer back and forth maps because of winning the map objective doesn’t necessarily give you a big experience lead. In fact, it doesn’t give you any experience.

If I want to say on that battleground, we might have actually kept the Towers and the Fort and Keeps XP the same, and not spawn catapults. On Alterac Pass, we do spawn the Reaver minion, which is basically the equivalent of the catapult on that battleground, but we had to tune it down significantly because early on it was like, the first time you killed a Fort, you were pushing the Keep hard.


Right. Awesome! Thanks.

Matt: Thank you. It looks like we’re out of time guys.

Kaeo: Sorry, we ran out of time.

Matt: Thank you.

Joe: Thank you very much for coming. Catch us at the Con.


BlizzCon 2018 Heroes of the Storm: What's Next panel transcript
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