Heroes of the Storm – Dev Q&A Part 4 Transcript


Kevin: Let me ask you a question. The choices are awesome and obviously add for a variety of gameplay. As you guys moved away from the choice of attack damage, or spell damage, how did you guys handle that? Did you just change the way characters or heroes scale throughout a game now in order to allow more of these choices?

Cooper: Now that is a great point. In the previous system, we had every time your hero would level up you would gain maybe 80 health or some damage and so on; and you would be picking some stat choices along with your other talent choices.

So if you went all the health talent choices. you would end up with a lot of health with very little damage. So when we went away from that system we took the majority of that power and we added it back into the level curve.

So now as you level up, a tank is going to be tankee at the end of the game just from leveling up; but there are also going to have some meaningful amount of damage.

So Arthas and Illidan, in the previous system if Arthas didn’t pick any damage he is going to be welling away on those minions and not really doing anything. We are all like … what if he picks 5 damage talents right?

So in this new system that is all kind of baked into the leveling curve and it give us a little bit more control over it and we know there is a range in which tanks should be in and it kind of makes more sense into who those characters are.

Khoo: In the previous stat orientated system we found it was like comparing apples to oranges. Do you want stats or do you want cool mechanics and at the end of the day we think there are more things, there is more gameplay surrounding the mechanics.

I mean, stats are technically always going to be good for you; but they are not as fun to play with. They feel like this weird mathy problem.

Kevin: Awesome so let’s take a look at the next slide here

Cooper: So this is the level 16 Muradin talents. Again we have 5 choices to choose from and there are different talents depending on what play style he is going for.


The Imposing Presence can make him a lot harder to kill because as enemies auto-attack him they are slowed so given the team fight they can really gun it up. Executioner is going to play up the Muradin who is trying to do attack damage and of course Executioner procs whenever the target is stunned or slowed or basically any CC (Crowd Control) effect.

So with Muradin building into all these stuns with his auto-attacks and so on he can really get Executioner happening all more often than some other characters could like a Nova or something like that.

Heavy Impact was just a mobility spell that does a little bit more damage well now it starts stunning so you can jump right in to a team fight and to some extent this is almost like a heroic power on other characters or whatever but if you want to spec into this at level 16 it is a great choice; but the you might be giving up a little bit of your tankeeness.

Stoneform allows you to activate your trait in combat and it doesn’t matter if you start taking damage, you’re just going to get a lot of healing.

Rewind, well that can play in to really any build. You want to throw out twice as many Stormbolts. You want to Dwarftoss once and then a second time to Haymaker and then back? Well, whatever build you are trying to go for, Rewind is an active. So it’s something you are going to have to, it’s an extra button in your tool kit that you are going to have to make use of, but it can kind of play into any of these build and that is really exciting for us.

Kevin: Very cool guys.

Browder: I think we have just a couple more slides I want to show. If you go to the next one this is Supertemp or online and the UI guys gave it to me to show you here today and this is not what it is going to look like in the final.


It is literally a grey scale mock up so please please please do not think this is final art; but one of the things we are working on is the UI for the entire game.

We are going to have a big UI pass coming up where we are changing a lot of the in game UI and one of the things we are looking at is this talent UI so what you are seeing here is an example of how you would choose these talents …. maybe.

Again this is just something we are mocking up in this UI and one of the things we want to do is to have hotkeys to choose which talents you want to have. Right now the system we have is kind of big and it is kind of clunky; and we have had feedback from players that have accidentally clicked on it and get something they didn’t mean to get.

So now we want to be able to say: “Look, just hit Alt + 1; or whatever that hotkey ends up being to activate that talent.” There should be a way you can quickly choose your talents.

Now if you are new to the game or new to a character … that is not enough information. So if you go to the next slide, I can show you what that experience would be like.


So if you want to, you can bring up a full-on description of these talents like we’ve got here on this mock up. This is all of the text and a lot more detail. So when you first sling a character you can engage with this UI; but once you are experienced you can use the one shown previously where you hit a quick hotkey and you are off to the race; and of course, if you have forgotten one of the hotkeys you can still mouse over those, wait which one was this again? Oh yeah good, you are going to hit your hot key and go.


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