Heroes of the Storm – Dev Q&A Part 4 Transcript


Browder: I think one of the things which is challenging for our players in this game right now is that the game in many ways looks finished. It looks like it has come a long long way; and so you look at it — you may think, well I guess this is it; and for us this is just the beginning. We are planning on redoing all the UI for talents, and how that is laid out.

This is literally a pass we felt that we could put in front of the public and not be totally ashamed; but we didn’t really love it. So we want to do a whole pass, and then that one will be under a round of feedback and probably create another pass depending on how well we do with that next version.

I think the same thing would apply — I don’t know if you guys would agree or not — to the content itself. We put a lot of work into this content; but it is still going. Right? We are still here, ready to make changes. Still here, ready to add more choices. We are still here, ready to make these choices sharper, more interesting, more difficult to choose to create more builds across these characters.

Kevin: That’s an interesting question. You said possibly more choices, is that something we are going to be seeing, even more than what you have?

Cooper: Absolutely. Definitely. We have some new characters in the technical alpha right now that have anywhere from above 3 to 5 choices. I think in our next release we are going to try– actually maybe not our next release but at some point we are going to try level it up to 4 to 5 talents a Hero; but we could go to 6. We could go to 7. We don’t know where the ceiling is on there.


Khoo: Personally, I think we have found the fun with the type of choices that you can make as players. I can see us having, not just like 4 or 5 choices; but up to like 10. But then, of course, you would have to figure out: What talents you want to bring into the game? How does that UI work? Like the crawl before we walk, before we run. It is really really exciting. The possibilities that we have out there.


Kevin: Awesome. Very awesome. Let’s take some questions from the community. Let’s see what they have to say. What questions they have. If you are out there and you would like to submit your question for these gentleman, you can do that on Twitter using the hashtag #HeroesQA.

Also, you know what? Let’s take a quick look at that straw poll as you are in the booth there maybe you can fire that thing up. I would love to take a look at the current situation or status around that.


If you are out there, and you would like to vote on the gameplay session — which we will be getting to after the Q&A portion, please do that. The straw poll is showing Diablo is winning, commandingly. So if you like Diablo you can go and toss your coin in the hat there or any of the other two heroes as well. Try to get them in the fight.

Right. Let’s head over to Twitter, and take our first question. First question… this one from HiddenTro11 @Blizzheroes You are halfway through a game and you don’t like what talents you have picked have to offer, can you reset them mid-game?

Browder: Right now, no. We have talked about this frequently enough, and I am sure the discussion will continue whether this is appropriate. There are reasons we have chosen to start out this way; and one of those big reasons is if I am seeing that Matt is going a certain way… that is meaningful to me; and to have him suddenly change that on me can be very disruptive; and how do I know that he has changed it and what has he changed it to, and building knowledge of the choices both what my allies are choosing and what my enemies are choosing going throughout the game and as that knowledge builds I am keeping it in my head. I am tracking it.

It’s a stunlock Muradin. it’s a stunlock Muradin. I have got to be careful to not get too close to it; and then suddenly halfway through, he switches; and that could be very disruptive. So that is our feeling on it. I don’t know if you guys feel differently.

Cooper: I think too, that the really short-action-packed games having to reset and make 6 or 7 choices and go go go… I think that is going to be really challenging for the players doing it; but of course like you mentioned, like the players playing against like —

Browder: If you are going stunlock, we as allies, I need to know that.

Cooper: Does Uther all of a sudden respecs his ultimate and ohh … how do I play differently around that and so on. So it’s definitely a concern for us for sure.

Kevin: Cool, interesting. Let’s take another one. This one here is from Olivia Grace @BlizzHeroes How did you deal with the balance between utility talents that you “have to” take – e.g. +dmg and fun talents?

We kinda heard a little bit about this in your earlier conversation but any other thoughts on this one?

Khoo: One of the things I sort of alluded to earlier was that we found that we felt like we had a little too many obvious damage choices. As you saw from the presentation, there is a bunch of like utility but power. It just really promotes a lot of different types of gameplay. So we still have a bunch of straight up damage talents when you look at it on paper like that; but there is far fewer of them.

Browder: There is only really one core at the beginning for level one for most heroes, actually just straight up “I want health”. OK. Here is the one, just take it, please take it and go; and after that it gets into very situational things where you are thinking about: “Well, am I going to be in a scenario where I want to hit two heroes with a Stormbolt? Am I on a map where that is likely to occur? Awesome, what if I am on Dragonshire where we seem to be split up as a team? Maybe a piercing attack on Stormbolt is not as meaningful.”


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