Heroes of the Storm – Dev Q&A Part 4 Transcript


Kevin: Right. We have got time for maybe one or two more questions. This one from Andrew Fox @_andyfox_ — “For a game focused on team play, what are you thinking regarding tools to help find players to play long-term?” I know we have some of these in the game already like “Join friends,” though very few.

Browder: I think our social systems are still, I mean, this is hard for people to know what is real and what is not real in the game. I think if I were to go over to the guys working on this system and they would say it’s very rudimentary, our social systems, very — again, we can barely put these out.

Ok. We can do this; because we want to get the game out and get testing, we can do so much more on this, I could do a whole Q&A on just the social systems.

Khoo: Can we do that in like our next show? We should do that sometime in the future.

Browder: For us we want to create certainly channels that we can meet people in there. We have talked about ideas of friend finders, where you can find the people who play at the same time of day as you, who have the same kind of skill. I don’t know which one of these are going to stick. what we can actually do; but it is a very real concern, and we would be very excited to do better.

If you look at the evolution of World of Warcraft, you’ve seen great improvements over the years in terms of how they get you into the guilds, how they get you into groups. All this stuff; and so we are going to try and take some pages from their book on how they’ve accomplished those tasks; but I think you also see from us an evolution of this.

You will see from us, we have something in now that really doesn’t do much for you except get you a general chat that says: “Good luck, buddy.” I hope you find somebody who is even close to your skill level. So we have got something that doesn’t really work; but it kind of does, and then we are just going to add and add and add and feel it out and try to be real about it. I think the concern is real and I think the value is real, much more so than StarCraft.

Where StarCraft was generally focused on 1v1 and you would have obviously a team player; but 1v1 was a big focus of that experience for our community. In this case, obviously, it is a team-focused game. So we really want to get you into a team of people you know that you respect, that you synergize with, and have a good time with.

Kevin: Awesome. Let’s take one more. Our final one from Alan Widmann @hotted89 — “What do you guys think of the pace of the game? Do you guys think it’s a bit slow or is it as desired?” What are your thoughts on pacing?

Browder: I think we are still discussing. We have gotten some feedback. Like we thought like it was pretty good. We have gotten some feedback that it’s a little slow, and now we are starting to look at that and go: “Huh! Is it a little slow?”

And I think we are going to do some tests even today on what we can do to speed up the game. Does it feel better? Does it feel worse? It is going to be a balance. Right? Because you want to be in that scenario at the beginning of the game where there is not as much threat, with things moving a little faster and at the end of the game, well it move pretty fast for me at the end of the game sometimes. I don’t know if the team fight is going to be faster.

Cooper: We have kind of experimented both ways with this. We’ve had it slower. We’ve had it faster, and we kinda stuck to where it is at right now; because it felt like it was complicated enough and complex enough that you had to really focus on what you were doing; but there was still time to adjust to what the enemies were doing and stuff like that. So…

Browder: We have got leveling in the field as well, that we know is a factor. Once you really understand what the talents do for you, and once you understand what the enemy talents are doing for them, and what your allied talents are doing for them, and how it all comes together–

Cooper: … Oh, and the map mechanics.

Browder: Ahh, and don’t forget the map. Right? And I am doing all this math in my head, and it is like: “Whoa!”

Khoo: Get on a mount and go. Use the healing fountain, and go. And there’s the cooldown.

Browder: Do you go for the Grave Golem or do you go for the tribute? There is enough going. It is not a slam dunk just to say: “Dude, let’s juice it up 20%. Let’s just be done with it.”

We want to feel it and play it and think through it and we do want to hear this feedback. I think it has been really valuable feedback for us. I don’t know if we would even be looking at this today if the community hadn’t given us this feedback.

Kevin: Right guys, well, fair enough. Let’s wrap this thing up and get into a game. Do any of you guys have any shout out to any of your team mates or any last words before we jump off?

Khoo: Yeah, a big shout out to everyone who is playing. You guys really are exciting. Thank you for all the interest in the game and honestly, and — we talked about it at BlizzCon, well this is really BlizzCon the game, the excitement for Blizzard and all of the characters has really made this possible it’s really the first step that we are making toward a super-awesome game.

Cooper: I just want to give a shout out to everyone who has worked so hard on this game, not just design, art, but everyone.

Browder: It has been an absolute joy. It has been really fun seeing a lot of the StarCraft streamers and pros coming over and playing games against these guys. We have been watching them on TV for years now, and be able to play with these guys. Everyone who has played in the alpha, thank you so much. You guys have given us so much great feedback and given us such great games it is really allowing us to improve this product.

Kevin: Well, alright. Very good. Well, we are going to jump right into the game. Let’s just take one final look at the straw poll. Yes, it has been decided. Richard will be playing Diablo in the game. We are going to be jumping over to that real quick.


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