Heroes of the Storm: Recap Road to Americas Championship in Las Vegas, NV!

The time is almost upon us for the Heroes of the Storm: Americas Championship in Las Vegas, NV!. Blizzplanet will be there live to bring you the latest from the Americas Championship! Hope to see you all there!

When: Sept 19-20th, 2015

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Who is Competing:

Event Details

Eight Teams will battle it out for a chance to win $100,000 and win a ticket to the World Championship at Blizzcon in Anaheim, CA!

How did they get here? Read below as we recap who each team is and how they fought to get to the Top 8 in the Americas!

  • Brave Ozone is the team representing Latin America at the Americas Championship. A Brazilian team that did not lose a single match until the final in their qualifiers!

    Brave Ozone qualified for the Copa America final through the winners bracket defeating Furious Gaming 2-0. CNB esports qualified to the Copa America final through the losers bracket defeating furious gaming 2-1.

    A best of 5 Brave Ozone came in with a point advantage having qualified through the Winners Bracket but CNB esports quickly made that fade away winning the first match making it 1-1.

    CNB gained momentum by winning the second game but conceded the next bringing the Copa America Grand final to 2-2. In the end Brave Ozone emerged victorious and earned $10,000 plus a spot at the Americas Championship!

    Brave Ozone vs. CNB esports Club Copa America Grand Final

  • Cloud 9 is one of the 5 North American teams that will be present at the Americas Championship. Cloud 9 is not new to the eSports scene from Halo teams to League of Legend teams.

    They continue their popular rise in eSports with Heroes of the Storm! Cloud 9 qualified to the Americas Championship during the July Qualifiers.

    Although they lost the July Finals they qualified because Tempo Storm had already received their invitation the Americas Championship. They also cemented one of the great rivalries in Heroes of the Storm eSports: Tempo Storm vs. Cloud 9!

  • Cognitive is another of the 5 North America team that will be present at the Americas Championship.

    With Tempo Storm winning both the June and July final it meant that the 2nd and 3rd place teams at the July Open would qualify for the Americas Championship.

    Cognitive faced off against Complexity in one of the most exciting matches of the open to see who would Qualify to the losers final against Cloud 9 and in turn earning a spot at the Americas Championship!

    Having been sent to the loser bracket by Complexity this was a revenge match in the July Open for Cognitive gaming and they started of with a great game 1 win.

    Game 2 was either teams for the taking but in the end a couple of game ending mistakes by Complexity let Cognitive cement their place in the Americas Championship!

  • Complexity is another of the 5 North American teams present at the Americas Championship.

    Having been close to qualifying for the Americas Championship in July Complexity had to readjust their focus and make sure they gained an invite to the September Finals.

    Coming into the August open and three spots already secured Complexity would have to have some great wins to earn one of those two final spots.

    Tempo Storm and Cloud 9 again met at the August open Grand finals so this meant that the last two spots were reserved for those teams that made it furthest in the losers bracket.

    In what is soon to become another great rivalry in Heroes of the Storm eSports Complexity met up once again with Cognitive gaming with the July Open loss still fresh on their minds this match was their chance to claim revenge and also secure a spot at the Americas Championship.

  • Immunity White is the team representing the Australia/New Zealand Area after winning the Australia and New Zealand Championship and earning $10,000 in the process.

    They had a great final against Team Exile 5. They had previously lost to Exile 5 2-0 so it was their turn to turn things around and in a grand final no less.

    They won the Best of 5 series 3-1 ensuring that they would be ready for the Americas Championship.

    Unfortunately I was not able to find a VOD of the final.

  • Murloc Geniuses is another of the 5 North American teams present at the Americas Championship.

    Qualifying at the August Open they are one of the new up and coming teams ready to show their skills at the Americas competition.

    Since Tempo Storm, Cloud 9, Cognitive, and Complexity had already established their spot for the September finals there meant there was only one spot left.

    Murloc Geniuses ensured that the spot would be theirs by defeating Kappa Wolves in the lower bracket.

    Murloc Geniuses won 2-0 it was a very exciting match and will hopefully bring about more surprises at the Americas Championship specially because their first match will be against tournament favorite Tempo Storm.

  • Relic is the team representing Southeast Asia after winning the Southeast Asia Championship and earning $20,000 in the process.

    Their final was against Bibingka and did not lose a single game until losing one in the final. They won the Best of 3 final 2-1 with a very impressive win in the final match.

    With their great showing at the Champioship it will be exciting to see what they bring to the Meta for the Americas Championship.

  • Tempo Storm is the first team of the 5 that qualified for the Americas Championship and they did so in amazing fashion winning all three opens in the months of June, July, and August making them the first North American team to win the Triple Crown. Their matches against Cloud 9 are definitely some of the greatest Heroes of the Storm matches to see.

    They showed up to each open to assert their domination and they were able to do so in great fashion they only lost any games to Cloud 9. They definitely come into the Americas Championship as favorites to win but will they be able to pull it off is the question. I leave you here with their August Open win against Cloud 9!


Below are the June and July North American Open Recaps


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