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The Butcher is a melee assassin hailing from the Diablo universe. His abilities make him one of the most fearsome heroes to fight against. He can charge, slowdown, and stun. When players hear in the distance the words: “FRESH MEAT!,” they run the heck away. His hero talents: the Lamb to the Slaughter and Furnace Blast are very dangerous too.

The Butcher Guide



Deal 50 damage and slow enemies by 50% fading over 2 seconds. Your next Basic Attack will strike immediately.

Mana: 50
Cooldown: 4 sec

Butcher's Brand

Deal 30 damage to an enemy and cause your Basic Attacks against them to heal you for 75% of the damage done for 5 seconds. Healing doubled versus Heroes.

Mana: 60
Cooldown: 14 sec.

Ruthless Onslaught

Charge at an enemy, becoming Unstoppable and gaining Movement Speed. If you reach the target, they are stunned for 1 second and take 60 damage.

Mana: 75
Cooldown: 20 sec.

Fresh Meat

Nearby Minions drop 1 and Heroes drop 3 Fresh Meat when they die, which you can pick up to gain 1% bonus Attack Damage. Can hold up to 25 Meat. All Meat is lost on dying.


  • hamstringInvigorationIf Hamstring hits a Hero, half of the Mana cost is refunded and the cooldown is reduced by 1 sec.
    blockBlockPeriodically reduces the damage received from Hero Basic Attacks by 50%. Stores up to 2 charges.
    hamstringChop MeatIncreases the damage of Hamstring by 50% to non-Heroic targets, and Minions killed by Hamstring drop 3 stacks of meat.
    fresh-meatVictualsHeal for 3% of our Maximum Health when you collect Fresh Meat. Meat continues to drop at maximum stacks.
  • hamstringFlail AxeIncreases the length of Hamstring by 40%.
    ruthless-onslaughtUnrelenting PursuitReduces the cooldown of Ruthless Onslaught by 40% upon impact.
    hamstringCheap ShotHamstring does 100% more damage to targets affected by a slow, root, or stun.
    envenom-iconEnvenomActivate to poison an enemy Hero, dealing 210 damage over 10 seconds.

    Cooldown: 60 sec.
  • hamstringBrutal StrikeAfter using Hamstring, your next Basic Attack deals an additional 50% damage.
    butchers-brandInsatiable BladeIncreases Butcher's Brand's healing from 75% to 100% of your Basic Attack damage.
    fresh-meatAbattoirIncreases the maximum number of Fresh Meat to 35, and you only lose half upon death.
    ruthless-onslaughtFinal AssaultIncreases Ruthless Onslaught's range by 33%, and causes you to lunge at the enemy when close to impact.
  • furnace-blastFurnace BlastAfter a 3 second delay, fire explodes around you dealing 335 damage to enemies.

    Can be cast while using Ruthless Onslaught.

    Cooldown: 90 sec.
    lamb-to-the-slaughterLamb to the SlaughterThrow a hitching post that attaches to the nearest enemy Hero after a 1 second delay. This deals 90 damage and causes teh enemy to be chained to the post for 4 sec.

    Cooldown: 60 sec.
  • burning-rageBurning RageDeal 12 damage per second to nearby enemies.
    ruthless-onslaughtSavage ChargeRuthless Onslaught deals bonus damage to Heroes equal to 15% of their current Health.
    butchers-brandCrave FleshWhile an enemy is affected by Butcher's Brand, you gain 30% Movement Speed.
    spell-shieldSpell ShieldUpon taking Ability Damage, reduce that damage and further Ability Damage by 50% for 3 sec. Can only trigger once every 30 sec.
  • hamstringCrippling SlamHamstring's slow no longer fades out, and the duration is increased by 25%.
    enragedEnragedReceiving damage that reduces you below 50% of your maximum Health causes you to become Enraged for 10 sec. You gain 40% Attack Speed and reduce the duration of slows, stuns, silences, and roots against you by 75% while Enraged.
    fresh-meatBlood FrenzyFresh Meat also increases your Attack Speed by 1% per stack.
  • furnace-blastFires of HellFurnace Blast explodes a second time 3 seconds after the initial explosion.
    lamb-to-the-slaughterSlaughterhouseLamb to the Slaughter now chains all enemy Heroes in range.
    nexus-bladeNexus BladesBasic attacks deal 20% more damage and slow the target for 1 sec.
    bolt-of-the-storm-iconBolt of the StormActivate to teleport to a nearby location.

    Cooldown: 40 sec.

  • the-butcher-300px

    An unrelenting hacking echoed off the walls of the Cathedral and as Prince Aiden made his way through its depths, the sound only grew louder. There were no screams, just that dreadful sound... over and over.


    The Butcher hails from the original Diablo video game (1996). As Adria said: "The Butcher is a sadistic creature that delights in the torture and pain of others." He could be found at the second floor of the Tristram's Cathedral. Archbishop Lazarus led a group of townsmen to the Butcher's lair pretending to go in search of Prince Albrecht. Lazarus abandoned them to be slaughtered by the Butcher. Prince Aidan defeated him, but he returned in Diablo III.

    Class: Melee Assassin

    Difficulty: Medium

    Cost: 15,000 heroes-of-the-storm-gold-icon | $9.99


    Myriam: "A monster of insatiable appetites stands between you and your goal. It is an unnatural thing, raised from the depths by sorcerous means.

    You will survive it, of course, but I recommend keeping your mouth tightly shut.

    On no, no, no. I mean, there will be a lot of demon blood flying around. I hear it tastes like rotten meat."

    A reference that Magda and the Coven resurrected The Butcher through a sacrifice ritual to fend heroes off while they held Tyrael captive beneath Leoric's Manor.

  • Flesh Carver



    Master Butcher



    Iron Butcher




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