Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Summit: Genji and Hanamura Map Preview

On March 28, during my attendance at the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Summit (held in Laguna Beach, CA), I had the opportunity to see Genji (the new hero coming to the Nexus), and played the revamped Uther in the new Hanamura map. Blizzard Entertainment was kind to send me a recording of my Uther hands-on gameplay to share with you for this preview. We have the Genji abilities & talents, upcoming skin concept art, Genji gameplay screenshots and video showing Genji in action, but also the new Uther revamp gameplay video.



Blizzard Entertainment provided us video clips of Genji to share with you some of his basic and heroic abilities.


Long range, Genji’s auto-attack launches a single shuriken as three-time rapid-fire shots.

Close range, Genji slashes the target three times per second with his sword.

Genji’s active trait is named Cyber Agility. If you need to escape enemy attacks, or need to surprise the enemy from a bush or across a wall, click the trait, and Genji jumps high in the air, and lands a few yards forward.

Genji’s Q ability is named Shuriken. Throw 3 Shuriken in a spread pattern, damaging up to three targets. The ability stores up to three charges, and its cooldown replenishes all charges at the same time.

Genji’s W ability is named Deflect. Like in Overwatch, Genji is protected, and any damage blocked during 1.25 sec causes Genji to deflect an attack toward the nearest enemy, prioritizing Heroes and dealing damage.

Genji’s E ability is named Swift Strike. Like in Overwatch, Genji dashes forward, dealing damage with his sword to all enemies in a straight line. Enemy heroes who die within 2 seconds after being hit by Swift Strike cause the cooldown and Mana cost to be refunded for more mayhem.

Now let’s take a look at the Heroic Abilities. Dragonblade unleashes a series of six blade-strikes that inflict heavy damage to nearby enemies.

X-Strike is a new heroic ability that slashes an area with a large X, dealing damage to all enemies hit by the X. Very ideal to use in maps with narrow areas like Cursed Hollow and Dragonshire.

Below are Genji’s abilities and talents, Hanamura-themed skins, screenshots and the revamped Uther.

Shuriken (Q)

Throw 3 Shuriken in a spread pattern.

Stores up to 3 charges. Shuriken's cooldown replenishes all charges at the same time.

Deflect (W)

Become Protected for 1.25 sec. Any damage blocked during this period causes Genji to throw a Kunai toward the nearest enemy, prioritizing Heroes and dealing damage.

Swift Strike (E)

Dash forward, dealing damage to all enemies in a line. Enemy Heroes who die within 2 sec after being hit by Swift Strike cause the cooldown and Mana cost to be refunded.

Cyber Agility (Trait)

Activate to jump to target area.



Swift as the WindHitting an enemy Hero with Swift Strike increases Genji's Movement Speed by 30% for 3 sec.
Agile DismountWhile mounted, the range of Cyber Agility is increased by 70% and its cooldown is reduced by 5 sec.
PathfinderJumping over terrain with Cyber Agility increases Genji's Movement Speed by 25% for 6 sec.

Shuriken MasteryQuest: Hit enemy Heroes with Shuriken.

Reward: After hitting 35 Heroes, Shuriken damage is increased by 30.

Reward: After hitting 75 Heroes, Cyber Ability now refunds 2 charges of Shuriken.
Dragon ClawAfter Genji blocks 432 damage with Deflect, he may activate Dragon Claw to deal 187 damage to all nearby enemies.
Strike at the HeartEnemies hit by the end of Swift Strike take an additional 144 damage over 2 sec.
Augmented GuardWhen Deflect ends, Genji gains a Shield equal to 50% of the damage blocked for 4 sec.
Perfect DefenseDeflected damage reduces the cooldown of Deflect by 2 sec, up to a maximum of 10 sec.
DodgePassive: Genji dodges 1 Heroic Basic Attack every 5 sec. Stores up to 3 charges.
Cyber ShieldUsing Cyber Agility grants 50 Spell Armor for 2 sec.

DragonbladeUnleash the Dragonblade.
X-StrikeDeal heavy damage in a cross shape.

ShinganHitting an enemy with all 3 Shuriken deals 120 bonus damage.
Flow Like WaterEach enemy Hero hit with Swift Strike reduces its cooldown by 3 sec.
Double JumpCyber Agility stores 2 charges but its cooldown is increased by 5 sec.

ReflectDeflect also deals an additional 33% of the damage blocked.
Final CutAfter 1 sec, Swift Strike deals an additional 130 damage to all enemies in the area.
Steady BladeEach enemy Hero hit by Swift Strike increases the damage of the next Swift Strike by 20%. This bonus stacks up to 3 times.

The Dragon Becomes MeEach time Dragonblade hits an enemy Hero, the duration of Dragonblade is increased by 1 sec.
Living WeaponEach enemy Hero hit by X-Strike reduces its cooldown by 12 sec.
Nanosteel ShurikenShuriken now pierce all enemies hit.
ZanshinQuest: Block 6500 damage with Deflect, including damage blocked so far.

Reward: Deflect hits all nearby enemy Heroes.



It can’t be Hanamura without the pink cherry blossom trees, dojos, and massive bells; but the environment isn’t the only Hanamura trait. The Hanamura map also has mercenaries themed around the ancient japanese culture: like a samurai golem, and the oni-masked ninja three-packs.

Like in Overwatch, you must escort a payload. This payload moves slowly from either the top or the bottom of your base, and is escorted to the center top or bottom of the map (depending where yours started). Upon escorting the payload to the destination, two missiles are launched into the air, striking the enemy’s core. The core in this case, is a serpent dragon statue.



Genji and Hanamura are not the only content coming in Heroes 2.0. New Hanamura-themed skins are coming your way. Here you can see the concept art for Hanamura Auriel, Hanamura Zarya, and Oni Genji.


Follow the links below to watch a video of the talent-redesigned Uther in the Hanamura battleground.

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