Sylvanas Guide

Sylvanas is an undead high elven hero who hails from the Warcraft III and World of Warcraft universe. In Heroes of the Storm, Sylvanas plays the role of Ranged Specialist. Her main focus is to push, but she can also be an integral part of a team to dispense a few takedowns.

Sylvanas Guide

In this Sylvanas Guide, I recommend a talent build focusing on minions and mercenaries. She can solo them with ease, and in mid-game she kills bunches of minions in less than 3 seconds.


Aggressive Push Build





Withering Fire

Shoot the closest enemy for 28 damage. Stores 5 charges.

Gain 1 charge on nearby enemy Minion or Mercenary deaths, and 3 charges on nearby enemy Hero deaths.

Charge Cooldown: 2 sec

Shadow Dagger

Deals 14 damage and an additional 54 damage over 2 sec to target unit. The effect spreads to nearby targets.

Mana: 75
Cooldown: 10 sec

Haunting Wave

Send forth a wave of banshees dealing 41 damage to all targets. Reactivate to teleport to the banshee's location.

Mana: 75
Cooldown: 11 sec

Black Arrows

Basic Attacks and Abilities stun Minions, Mercenaries, and Towers for 1 sec.



  • withering-fireWith the WindIncreases Withering Fire's range by 25%.
    shadow-daggerLost SoulReduces the cooldown of Shadow Dagger by 2 sec.
    withering-fireBarbed ShotWithering Fire deals 200% bonus damage to Minions and Mercenaries.
    black-arrowCorruptionBasic Attacks against Structures destroy 2 Ammunition.
  • black-arrowParalysisIncreases duration of Black Arrows by 100%.
    withering-fireOverflowing QuiverWhenever you would gain a Withering Fire charge from killing a Minion or Hero while at maximum charges, it is automatically fired.
    haunting-waveRanger's AmbushUsing Haunting Wave to teleport refills all charges of Withering Fire.
    envenom-iconEnvenomActivate to poison an enemy Heoro, dealing 778 damage over 10 sec.
  • black-arrowUnstable PoisonMinions and Mercenaries that die under the effects of Black Arrows explode, dealing 255 damage to nearby enemies.
    shadow-daggerLife DrainShadow Dagger heals you for 80 each time it spreads to a new enemy.
    follow-throughRemorselessAfter using an ability, your next Basic Attack within 3 sec deals 25% additional damage.
    mercenary-lordMercenary LordSiege and Bruiser Mercenaries near your hero deal 50% more damage.
    haunting-waveShade FormHaunting Wave grants Stealth for 3 sec. Activating the teleport does not break the Stealth.
  • wailing-arrowWailing ArrowShoot an arrow that can be reactivated to deal 500 damage and Silencing enemies in an area making them unable to use Abilities for 2.5 sec. The arrow detonates automatically when it reaches maximum range.

    Cooldown: 90 sec.
    possessionPossessionForce an enemy Minion to fight for you. It gains 20% attack Damage. Costs 5 charges to convert a catapult Minion.

    Charge Cooldown: 12 sec.
  • black-arrowOverwhelming AfflictionBlack Arrows now also applies to Heroes, slowing their Movement Speed by 5% for the duration. Stacks up to 5 times.
    withering-fireEvasive FireYou gain 10% Movement Speed for 2 sec whenever an enemy is hit with Withering Fire, stacking up to 30%.
    withering-fireSplinter ShotWithering Fire hits a second target for 64 damage.
    spell-shieldSpell ShieldUpon taking Ability Damage, reduce that damage and further Ability Damage by 50% for 3 sec. Can only trigger once every 30 sec.
  • haunting-waveWindrunnerAfter you teleport from Haunting Wave, you can cast a second one for free within 2 sec.
    shadow-daggerCold EmbraceShadow Dagger makes enemies Vulnerable, taking 25% more damage, but the range of Shadow Dagger is reduced by 25%.
    will-of-the-forsakenWill of the ForsakenActivate to become Unstoppable and gain 30% Movement Speed for 3 sec.

    Cooldown: 60 sec.
    blood-for-bloodBlood for BloodActivate to deal 10% of target enemy Hero's Max Health and heal for twice that amount.

    Cooldown: 60 sec.
  • wailing-arrowDeafening BlastEnemies at the center of Wailing Arrow's explosion take 50% more damage and are silenced for twice as long.
    possessionDark Lady's CallIncreases maximum number of charges by 3, decreases recharge time by 4 sec, and 5 charges can be used to convert enemy Mercs.
    fury-of-the-stormFury of the StormEvery 5 sec, your next basic attack will deal an additional 200 damage to the target, and 500 damage to all nearby Minions and Mercenaries.
    bolt-of-the-storm-iconBolt of the StormActivate to teleport to a nearby location.

    Cooldown: 40 sec.


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