Kel’Thuzad Build

Kel’Thuzad has faithfully served the Lich King both in life and after death. Reanimated as the Archlich of the Scourge and given domain of the Dread Necropolis, Naxxramas, Kel’Thuzad remains Arthas’ most trusted advisor and master of the cold dark.

Role: Ranged Assassin
Difficulty: Hard


Barbed Chains

Phylactery of Kel'Thuzad

Glacial Spike

Shadow Fissure

Chains of Ice

Power of Icecrown

Might of the Scourge


GamesCom 2017 Kel’Thuzad coming to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard Entertainment officially announced Kel’Thuzad is coming to the Nexus. During the GamesCom 2017 livestream, they released the Call of Kel’Thuzad animated cartoon — a collaboration between Titmouse Animation, Peter Kunshik Chung (Diablo III: Wrath director), and Blizzard’s Kevin M. Johnson (Creative Content Lead). Talents will be revealed this Wednesday. Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Kel’Thuzad’s abilities are: Death and Decay, Frost Nova, and Chains of Kel’Thuzad. His Heroic Abilities are: Frost Blast and Shadow Fissure.

The spotlight video will be revealed on Wed August 23 during the GamesCom 2017 Blizzard livestream.



  • Crypt-Queen Zagara
  • Deathknight Sonya
  • Dreadlord Jaina
  • All shall feel the touch of despair as the darkest secrets of the Nexus are revealed… Drawn to the immeasurable power found within the Nexus, Kel’thuzad, Archlich of Naxxramas, has turned several of the noblest Heroes against their allies, and he will not stop until all become minions of the cold dark!



    Garrosh Build

    As the new warchief of the Horde, Garrosh is a proud and vicious warrior who rules with an iron fist. His hatred for the Alliance burns like wildfire, and he will stop at nothing to destroy them. By his axe, the orcs will reclaim their rightful glory.


    Garrosh Build

    This build was used by TPsign (Tempest) at the HGC Korea 2017 — Phase 2 Part 1 – Game 1 – Mighty v Tempest on August 25, 2017.


    Unrivaled Strength

    Thirst for Battle

    Into the Fray

    Warlord's Challenge

    Double Up


    Death Wish


    Unrivaled Strength


    Into the Fray

    Warlord's Challenge

    Double Up

    Mortal Combo

    Titanic Might

    Unrivaled Strength can be fun at the start allowing you to throw an enemy into the towers’ range, or even to trap them behind the gate. Indomitable allows you to survive while escaping to safety, or while fighting in melee range with a 1.5 sec Unstoppable buff, especially if the enemy triggers an Ultimate hero ability. Into the Fray is an active ability that allows you to throw a friendly player to a nearby enemy target, or to a safe spot if they are dying. The Hero talent Warlord’s Challenge silences nearby enemies, and taunts them for 1.5 sec. Double Up adds another layer of survivability as an active ability by increasing bonus armor by 100% for 3 sec. Mortal Combo is a passive that is triggered when you use Groundbreaker and within 2 sec you follow up with Wrecking Ball, reducing Wrecking Ball’s cooldown by 10 sec. That means you can cast Wrecking Ball again 6 sec later. Titan Might now throws 2 nearby enemy or friendly players when using Wrecking Ball.


    Garrosh and New Skins in Development

    Garrosh will soon join Heroes of the Storm along with what looks like a celebration of the StarCraft: Remastered launch with new StarCraft-themed skins: Templar Li-Ming, L800 ETC (Marine skin), and Anu’balisk.

    There is new color variations for existing skins:

    • Demon Hunter Valeera (2)
    • Lo’gosh Varian (1)
    • Swarm Abathur (1)
    • Pack Leader Dehaka (1)
    • The Butcherlisk (1)
    • Hellblade Samuro (1)
    • Emberlord Zul’jin (2)
    • Highlord Alarak (1)
    • Goliath (2)

    Garrosh also has a variant skin named Mad Axe Garrosh (donning some goblin gizmos), and a new bike mount (Road Roar).

    Burning Crusade Hero coming to the Nexus?

    Blizzard Entertainment teased today the next Heroes of the Storm Hero with a simple video clip showing the Dark Portal. But that’s no common Dark Portal. Here is a clue: the Red Dark Portal was added in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. But this is a GREEN Dark Portal… originally added in World of Warcraft vanilla, but it was opened for access to Outland in the Burning Crusade expansion (2007).

    So either we are getting a red herring, and the hero is based on Warlords of Draenor (cough, Garrosh), or the BlizzHeroes Team is signaling a Burning Crusade expansion hero.

    We know from Overwatch that the Fighters of the Storm 2.0 shows Garrosh. Even says she is a Garrosh main player. However, if we are looking at a Burning Crusade expansion hero, then there are some peculiar candidates: The most notorious one is Khadgar.

    However, there were several dungeons and many bosses. Karazhan, Zul’Aman, and Caverns of Time should be ignored, I assume. But Blizzard might surprise us. Among the most notorious candidates I can think of from the Burning Crusade expansion:

    • Auchindoun (Nexus Prince Shaffar, Exarch Maladaar, Talon King Ikiss, and Murmur were the top bosses)
    • Black Temple (We already have Illidan, but Teron Gorefiend sounds appealing)
    • Caverns of Time (Archimonde, Mal’Ganis, Mannoroth)
    • Coilfang Reservoir (the most notorious one is Lady Vashj)
    • Gruul’s Lair (Gruul as a giant hero sounds interesting.)
    • Hellfire Citadel (Magtheridon and Kargath)
    • Isle of Quel’Danas (Kil’jaeden)
    • Karazhan (We already have Medivh)
    • Tempest Keep (We already have Kael’thas. None of the bosses feel right for Heroes of the Storm)
    • Zul’Aman (We already have Zul’jin)

    Stukov Build

    Stukov is a Melee Support hero in Heroes of the Storm. His kit offers AOE Healing, a linear projectile, and a AOE on selected location that deals damage per second and silences while channeling until canceled or interrupted. Stukov’s trait allows the player to detonate all viruses, affecting allies and enemies simultaneously. Allies get healed for 585 Health, and enemies explode for 117 damage and get slowed by 70% for 2 sec.

    Stukov build used in HGC and other Heroes of the Storm eSports events by the top pro gamers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

    Stukov build – eSports

    Splendour - Team Liquid HGC EU - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 2 - Team Liquid v Playing Ducks -- Sept 10

    Growing Infestation

    One Good Spread...

    Within My Reach

    Flailing Swipe

    Lingering Spines

    Pox Populi

    Controlled Chaos
    buds - Roll20 HGC NA - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 1 – Roll20® esports v Even in Death -- Sept 9

    Fetid Touch

    One Good Spread...

    Targeted Excision

    Flailing Swipe

    Reactive Ballistospores

    eye Infection

    Controlled Chaos
    Stukov Build by BSRambles

    Fetid Touch

    Top Off

    Targeted Excision

    Flailing Swipe

    Reactive Ballistospores

    Eye Infection

    Controlled Chaos


    Sun’s Out, Guns Out! Summer 2017 Brawl Event

    Blizzard Entertainment announced the upcoming Summer 2017 Heroes of the Storm Brawl Event where players spawn as Stitches and pull other players with their hooks. There are new skins, portraits, emoji, and sprays.


    Here is a video I recorded today showing this brawl. It is fun!


    New Brawl: Pull Party (5v5 Bikini Stitches)

    Stitches made some summer friends—nine other Stitcheses! (Stitchi?) Pull your five opponents across the pool without getting snagged yourself. Hooking an ally or enemy who is already being pulled will kill them instantly—in the case of an ally, denying the enemy team a kill!

    The first team to 20 kills wins.

    Complete three Pull Party matches to earn a Sun’s Out, Guns Out Loot Chest. In fact, though the Pull Party Brawl will only be available between June 30 and July 6, all Brawls will award Sun’s Out, Guns Out Loot Chests until July 28.


    Sun’s Out, Guns Out!

    Get Swole this Summer

    Tychus Findlay’s Bust Your %&# Workout is all the rage in the Nexus this summer. The greatest heroes in the Blizzard universe are pumping iron and slathering on sunscreen to hit the beach and bare their bulging muscles. Get in on the action with limited-time Skins and Mounts, a fantastic Brawl, and an unprecedented sweepstakes with prizes including tickets to BlizzCon!

    What are you waiting for? Get out there and Bust Your %&#!


    Uncover New Skins, Mounts and More

    Bedazzle your enemies with Tychus’s indomitable beach bod, lighten up with Tracer’s squirt gun-toting Slip ‘N Stream skin, or make an impression all your own with new Bikini Stitches tints. Plus, explore new Surfboard mounts and a treasure trove of Sprays and Portraits!

    During the summer event, all Loot Chests you earn through progression, Heroes Brawl, or by spending Gems will be Sun’s Out, Guns Out Loot Chests. (The one exception is Hero-Specific Chests, which will remain unchanged.)

    The limited-time Skins, Mounts, Sprays and Portraits shown above have a chance to drop from Sun’s Out, Guns Out Loot Chests.



    Fnatic wins 2017 HGC Mid-Season Brawl Grand Finals

    On June 19, Fnatic and Team Dignitas clashed to decide the victor in the 2017 HGC Mid-Season Brawl Grand Finals. Fnatic claimed victory in Sky Temple. Check out the hero build used by Fnatic during the last match (below the video embed). Download the replay here into this path:

    C:\Users\YourComputerName\Documents\Heroes of the Storm\Accounts\NumbersHere\Account-numbers\Replays


    Malthael’s Bargain Special Event

    The latest Heroes of the Storm Special Event is Malthael’s Bargain, where you must play 15 games with a friend to get two cross-game promotional rewards. There is a catch: you must play those 15 games with a Diablo hero. The first reward is Leoric’s Phantom mount for your Heroes of the Storm loadout, and an epic loot box. In addition, you will get the Ghost Kerrigan wings in Diablo III (hopefully, next server maintenance).

    Malthael's Bargain


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