Heroes of the Storm Sombra Teaser?

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment posted an enigmatic teaser via Twitter. A dog wearing a wrestle mask, a sign that says Nexusmania, Christmas lights, and possibly a Mexican horn (corneta).

Nexusmania and the wrestling mask reminds me of the Wrestlemania (professional wrestling event). As a child in the early 80s, I remember watching a lot of Lucha Libre in Puerto Rico with wrestlers from Mexico, USA, and other latino countries. This teaser gives me a strong lucha libre vibe. Either way you look at this teaser, it is alluding to México.

There is nothing in the Blizzard portfolio that hints the most to México than El Dorado and Sombra.

Blizzard is possibly signaling two or more things here:

1. Lucha Libre (Wresting) skins.
2. The introduction of Sombra as the newest Overwatch hero joining the Nexus.
3. El Dorado map.

Heroes of the Storm’s Rise of the Raven Lord Comics Available

Blizzard Entertainment published the Rise of the Raven Lord comics, the first step to introducing the Nexus’ lore, as described at the PAX East 2018 panel.

What I learned is that there are other realms beyond Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo. Some of the minions seen in the Nexus, each come from other worlds as well. The Raven Lord has been in the Nexus thousands of years, and has peeked into each of the other universes from his lair. He is in search of something that could help stop a upcoming threat to the Nexus.

It is also revealed there is a Dark Nexus, and to coincide with that revelation, Blizzard has announced the Dark Nexus skins for Alarak and Gul’dan.

There are new characters: Neeve (who seems to serve Lord Raven), and Orphea (who is mentioned, but not seen in the comic).

The comic ended with a cliffhanger, so it’s a bet we will continue to see more of the Rise of the Raven comics in upcoming weeks.

PAX East 2018 Heroes of the Storm Interview | Deckard Cain

PAX East 2018 introduced us to Deckard Cain as the next hero come into the Nexus. In Blizzplanet’s interview with Heroes of the Storm production director Kaeo Milker, and senior game designer Matt Villens, the developers discussed details of the new hero Deckard Cain — his basic abilities, heroic abilities, and a few of his talents. Watch the video interview after the break.

I also forwarded some of our followers and Reddit’s questions including when Deckard Cain is coming to the PTR, what to expect with the lore content coming later this month, and what the future holds. You can check out Deckard Cain’s talents in our page here.

Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain is a new support hero with access denial abilities like Horadic Cube (slow) and Scroll of Sealing (root). During our interview, the developer said Deckard Cain is coming to PTR within the next couple of weeks. Follow us on Twitter @blizzplanetcom for the video interview (once it’s ready).

During the PAX East 2018 press event, I had the opportunity to play as Deckard Cain vs AI for 28 minutes. Deckard Cain is super fun to play as providing healing potions every 3 seconds. You can have 5 potions on the battlefield at a time, and later you can make the healing potions give a huge heal if the player waits a few seconds before picking it up. The healing potion looks visually bigger when it’s ready for that huge heal. In addition, a level 20 talent: Bottomless Flask, refills the healing potion every 5 seconds — imagine dropping five Healing Potions at Sgt. Hammer. He is sitting there wrecking from afar, and getting healed every 5 sec just by standing on the Bottomless Flask.

I played in the Cursed Hollow map, and that gave me plenty of chokepoints to use Horadric Cube to slow enemies long enough to cast Scroll of Sealing to root them in place.

The hero ability Lorenado is the best ever. It is vector targeting, which means I can push enemies away or I can pull them toward my team — in any direction wished. Is that low health Zeratul running away into his enemy base? Lorenado him out of his base for that extra hit to kill that Zeratul.

How about a team fight where many are low health and running away at the tribute? Horadric Cube to slow them, Scroll of Sealing to root them — which allows Jaina to Ring of Frost, or Kel’Thuzad to Shadow Fissure, or better yet… D.va to land her Self-Destruct in its full damage radius for giggles, and if anyone is still alive at that point… throw the lorenado to push the enemies back to your team… come-to-papa-style. Respect your elderly, dudes! Deckard Cain rocks.

Check out Deckard Cain’s Abilities and level 1-20 Talents below. Afterwards watch our PAX East 2018 interview with Kaeo Milker & Matt Villers about Deckard Cain.

Healing Potion (Q)

Throw a Healing Potion on the ground that heals the first allied Hero that comes in contact with it for 239.

Limit 5 active Potions.

Mana: 20
Cooldown: 3 sec

Horadric Cube (W)

Throw a Horadric Cube, dealing 83 damage to all enemies in the area and Slowing them by 35% for 1.75 sec.

Mana: 40
Cooldown: 14 sec

Scroll of Sealing (E)

Unfurl an enchanted scroll, forming a triangle that deals 156 damage to enemies inside and Roots them for 1.5 sec.

Mana: 40
Cooldown: 16 sec

Fortitude of the Faithful (Trait)

When at least 1 other allied Hero is nearby, Deckard gains 10 Armor and his Basic Abilities recharge 50% faster.

Scroll of IdentifyQuest: Hitting an enemy Hero with Scroll of Sealing reveals them for 8 sec.

Reward: After hitting 20 Heroes, Scroll of Sealing also reduces Armor by 15 for 4 sec and the reveal duration is doubled.
Field StudyEach enemy Hero hit by Scroll of Sealing grants 15% Spell Power for 14 sec, up to 30%.
SapphireActivate to increase the Slow of the next Horadric Cube by 25%.

Only 1 Gem may be active at a time.

Cooldown: 30 sec
Potion of ShieldingWhenever an ally is healed by a Healing Potion, they gain a 158 Shield for 6 sec.
Rejuvenation PotionHealing Potions restore 10 Mana and heal for an additional 126 over 4 sec.
RubyActivate to make the next Horadric Cube spawn 3 Lesser Healing Potions from each enemy Hero hit, healing allied Heroes for 222 when picked up. Lesser Healing Potions last for 10 sec.

Only 1 Gem may be active at a time.

Cooldown: 30 sec.
Cube MasteryEach enemy Hero hit by Horadric Cube reduces the cooldown of Scroll of Sealing by 3 sec.
Kanai's CubeHoradric Cube reduces damage dealt by 30% for 4 sec.
EmeraldActivate to make the next Horadric Cube reduce healing received by 75% for 4 sec.

Only 1 gem may be active at a time.

Cooldown: 30 sec
Stay Awhile and ListenAfter 1 sec, Channel for 3 sec, putting enemy Heroes in front of Deckard to Sleep while Channeling, and for 2 sec after.

Enemies can only be put to Sleep once per cast, and Sleep's effects end instantly if they take damage.

Mana: 60
Cooldown: 70 sec
LorenadoCreate a swirling lorenado that travels in the targeted direction, continually knocking away enemies that come into contact with it. (Vector Targeting)

Mana: 40
Cooldown: 45 sec
Super Healing PotionIf a Healing Potion isn't picked up for at least 2 sec, it heals for 75% more.
Potion of RevivalWhen a Healing Potion is picked up, it also heals all nearby allied Heroes for 30% of the healing amount.
Ancient BlessingsActivate Fortitude of the Faithful to empower nearby allied Hero Basic Attacks for 8 sec, causing them to deal an additional 127 damage in an area and heal for 190 for each Hero hit.
Scroll of Stone CurseScroll of Sealing deals 200% more damage when hitting at least 2 Heroes.
Safety in NumbersIf at least 3 allied Heroes are nearby, Fortitude of th Faithful grants an aditional 10 Armor and causes Deckard's Basic Abilities to recharge an additional 50% faster.
Horadric StaffEvery 5 sec, Deckard's next Basic Attack Stuns Heroes for 0.75 sec.
Respect the ElderlyStay Awhile and Listen Silences and Blinds enemies for 2 sec upon waking up from Sleep.
Morenados!Lorenado's cooldown is reduced by 5 sec every time an enemy Hero is knocked back. This effect can only occur once per 0.5 sec.
Bottomless FlaskAfter use, Healing Potions recharge after 5 sec.
Perfect GemsReduce the cooldown of all Gems by 25 sec and the cooldown of Horadric Cube by 5 sec.

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PAX East 2018 Blizzard Entertainment Schedule

The PAX East 2018 website has revealed its programming schedule. Blizzard Entertainment will be there to hold a Heroes of the Storm panel, and a StarCraft 20th Anniversary panel. Check out the schedule below.

I will be attending PAX East 2018, so make sure to follow us on Twitter @blizzplanetcom and Facebook.com/blizzplanetcom for updates. Support my travel arrangements via Patreon or PayPal.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Demo
Booth #18019
April 5-8, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT
Inside the Forge: Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm in 2018
Thursday, April 5 -- 12:30PM - 1:30PM
Albatross Theatre

Do you remember the moment when you first experienced a Blizzard game? Can you remember the character you played that cemented your love for Blizzard? Join the Heroes of the Storm development team to discuss the magic behind creating characters that leave a lasting impression. Get a front row seat for the introduction of one of the most unlikely Heroes from Blizzard’s history to join the Nexus yet and learn how the lore of Heroes of the Storm will add the larger Blizzard universe.
StarCraft 20th Anniversary
Thursday, April 5 -- 5PM - 6PM
Albatross Theatre

Blizzard Entertainment invites you to join them as they revisit the impact that StarCraft has had on the gaming and esports community. Special guests will be in attendance to share their stories and hear yours.


Heroes of the Storm Patch 30.2

Another wave of bugfixes have been deployed for the Maiev patch 30.2 for various heroes.


  • Genji: Fixed an issue preventing certain cleave attacks, such as Malthael’s Basic Attacks and Xul’s Cursed Strikes, from removing stacks of Genji’s Dodge.
  • Ice Block: Fixed an issue allowing certain Abilities to be cast during Ice Block, including Jaina’s Ice Blink, Brightwing’s Storm Shield, and Malfurion’s Astran Communion.
  • Jaina: The Wintermute Talent now correctly causes Jaina’s Water Elemental to mimic her Basic Abilities.
  • Lunara: The Galloping Gait Talent no longer grants a permanent Movement Speed bonus.
  • Tyrael: The Stalwart Angel Talent’s tooltip now displays the correct values for its duration and Armor.
  • Maiev: Casting Spirit of Vengeance just as a Core is destroyed will no longer cause the Spirit to cease animating.
  • Nova: Fixed an issue causing Holo Decoys to deal slightly more damage than intended after learning Lethal Decoy.
  • Rehgar: The Rising Storm Talent will no longer increase Lightning Shield’s damage versus non-Heroic enemies.

Maiev Goes Live in Heroes of the Storm

The latest Heroes of the Storm patch introduced the new hero Maiev, and the return of the Lunar Festival special event with new rewards: Cute Lunar Skyrocket Spray, Lunar Warcrest Banner, Cute Lunar Guardian Portrait, and the Lunar Skyrocket Mount.

Those who pre-purchased World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will also notice the mount reward is now available as soon as you login into Heroes of the Storm.

Maiev only had two changes done compared to her PTR version. Her trait, Vault of the Wardens, now provides 10 Armor instead of 15. Her level 16 talent Armored Assault was adjusted as well to reflect her trait change (When Maiev has more than 15 10 Armor of any kind, all Physical Damage dealt is increased by 35%.).

Read the Patch Notes below:

Maiev Build

Maiev Shadowsong stood watch over the imprisoned Betrayer for ten thousand years, and hunted him relentlessly after he was released. Some say she’s determined; others say she’s obsessed. Either way, she will stop at nothing to ensure the security of her world.

Fan of Knives (Q)

Deal 187 damage to enemies in a crescent area.

Hitting at least 2 enemy Heroes with Fan of Knives reduces its cooldown to 0.5 sec, and refunds its Mana cost.

Mana: 30
Cooldown: 4 sec

Umbral Bind (W)

Maiev's next Basic Attack cleaves and applies a tether to enemy Heroes hit for 2.5 sec. If a tethered Hero moves too far from Maiev, they are pulled toward her, dealing 114 damage and breaking the tether.

Mana: 55
Cooldown: 12 sec

Spirit of Vengeance (E)

Send a shadow of Maiev outward that will return to its cast location, dealing 104 damage to enemies along both paths. Deals 100% more damage to enemy Heroes.

Reactivate to Blink to the shadow's location.

Mana: 50
Cooldown: 10 sec


Leap into the air, becoming immune to all hostile effects for 0.75 sec.

Passive Maiev has 15 Armor.

Cooldown: 8 sec

Bonds of JusticeQuest: Each tether applied to a secondary target of Umbral Bind permanently increases Umbral Bind's pull damage by 15.

Reward: After applying 5 tethers to secondary targets, increase Umbral Bind's pull damage by 75.

Reward: After applying 10 tethers to secondary targets, increase Umbral Bind's cleave damage by 30%.
Pursuit of VengeanceEach Hero tethered by Umbral Bind reduces the cooldown of Spirit of Vengeance by 1.5 sec.
Naisha's MementoActivate to make primary Basic Attacks bounce between nearby enemies by up to 2 times, dealing 30% more damage to bounce targets. Lasts 8 sec.

Recharge Naisha's Memento by hitting at least 2 Heroes with a single Fan of Knives.
Pin DownQuest: Hit 3 enemy Heroes with a single Fan of Knives.

Reward: Increase Fan of Knives damage by 15%.

Reward: Each additional time 3 enemy Heroes are hit by a single Fan of Knives, gain an additional 5% damage, up to 30%.

Reward: Hit 4 enemy Heroes with a single Fan of Knives to instantly gain all Rewards.
Blade DanceUsing Fan of Knives deals 63 Physical Damage to enemies around Maiev.
Sudden VengeanceUsing Blink within 0.35 sec of Spirit of Vengeance hitting an enemy Hero causes the shadow to explode, damaging all nearby enemy Heroes for 5% of their max Health.
Elune's WrathHitting at least 2 Heroes with a single Fan of Knives causes the next Fan of Knives to drop a star on targets that deals 101 damage when it impacts.
Bonds of CorruptionEnemy Heroes pulled by Umbral Bind have their Physical Armor reduced by 25 for 3 sec.
Ruthless SpiritSpirit of Vengeance's damage is increased by 3% per Minion, Mercenary, or enemy Summon hit, and 24% per enemy Hero hit.
Containment DiscThrow a glaive in the target direction. If an enemy Hero is hit, Containment Disc can be reactivated to remove their vision and Time Stop them for 4 sec.

Containment Disc automatically activates 6 sec after hitting a Hero.

Mana: 60
Cooldown: 65 sec.
Warden's CageSummon 8 Warden Avatars as a cage around Maiev. After 1.5 sec, enemy Heroes that come in contact with an Avatar consume it and are knocked to the center of the cage. Warden Avatars last 7 sec.

Mana: 80
Cooldown: 80 sec.
Bladed ArmorEach enemy Hero hit by Fan of Knives grants 5 Armor for 5 sec, up to 20 Armor.
Chain GangTethering at least 2 enemy Heroes with Umbral Bind grants 35 Armor for 4 sec.
Shadow ArmorBlink grants 25 Armor for 2.5 sec. Maiev's Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes refresh this duration.
Cruel ChainUmbral Bind grants 25% Movement Speed for 2.5 sec. In addition, each time Maiev deals damage to tethered targets, Umbral Bind's pull damage to all targets is increased by 40%, up to 200%.
Vengeful KnivesFor each enemy Hero Spirit of Vengeance hits, Maiev's next Fan of Knives deals 1% max Health as bonus damage to enemy Heroes.
Armored AssaultWhile Maiev has more than 10 Armor of any kind, all Physical Damage dealt is increased by 35%.
Shadow Orb: VengeanceActivate to reset the cooldown of Spirit of Vengeance.

Recharge Shadow Orb by damaging enemy Heroes with Spirit of Vengeance 5 times.
Shadow Orb: HuntressActivate to increase Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 40% for 5 sec.

Recharge Shadow Orb by dealing Physical Damage to enemy Heroes 10 times.
Shadow Orb: Shadow StrikeActivate to deal 164 damage to an enemy Hero, Slowing them by 30% and reducing their Armor by 20 for 4 sec.

Recharge Shadow Orb by dealing Spell Damage to enemy Heroes 10 times.

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