GamesCom 2016 – Chu8 chats w/ Travis McGeathy & Machines of War Gameplay

During GamesCom 2016, Streamer Chu8 interviewed Heroes of the Storm lead systems designer Travis McGeathy to talk about the new Machines of War expansion. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Braxis Hold will be in the PTR at the end of August.
  • MVP of the Game will be introduced, and improved over the next few months.
  • Healers and Tanks have a chance to be MVP
  • Travis would like to see clans and social support in the future, but no announcements

In the Warhead Junction map, the nuke tooltip says the following:

NUKE: After channeling for 1.5 sec, launches a nuke dealing 2750 damage in a large area (30% max Health to Heroes). Damage is doubled to targets inside the center ring. If interrupted, nuke goes on a 10 sec cooldown. Max 1 per Hero.

Chu8 also played Machines of War during the 4.5-hour long stream. Below you can watch the VOD.

The interview takes place in the timeline at 03:30:00.

Watch live video from chu8 on


GamesCom 2016 – Heroes of the Storm: Machines of War Roundup

Blizzard Entertainment announced the new Heroes of the Storm: Machines of War expansion introducing StarCraft-themed Battlegrounds (Warhead Junction & Braxis Holdout), new skins: Kerrigan skin (Queen of Ghosts), the Butcherlisk, Raider Rexxar, and two new Heroes: Overwatch’s Zarya and StarCraft II’s Alarak (Tal’darim Highlord).

New Heroe


New Skins & Mounts


Taiwan Li-Ming Striker (Olympics)


Auriel Guide

For survivability and efficiency you should tag along with heavy-DPS heroes like Greymane, Tracer, Cho’gal, Kerrigan, Illidan, Sgt. Hammer, Butcher, or with tank-heroes. Varies depending your team composition. A good Build to try:

Swift SweepRepeated OffenseEnergized CordResurrectRepelling StrikeReservoir of HopeAngelic Flight



It is through the archangel Auriel that the power of hope flows into the fabric of creation. Her eternal light illuminates even the darkest souls. Seeking harmony in all things, she is a mediator, a counselor, and when the need arises, a fearless warrior.


Sacred Sweep

Sweep the area with sacred power, dealing 80 damage to enemies and an additional 160 damage to enemies caught in the center.

Cooldown: 8 sec

Ray of Heaven

Consume your stored energy and heal allied Heroes in the area for the amount of energy consumed.

Cooldown: 4 sec

Detainment Strike

Deal 100 damage to the first enemy Hero hit and knock them back. If they collide with terrain, they are also stunned for 1.25 sec and take an additional 100 damage.

Cooldown: 14 sec

Bestow Hope

Passive: 40% of the damage you deal to Heroes and 8% dealt to non-Heroes is stored as energy.

Bestow and allied Hero with Hope. While they remain near you, damage they deal causes you to gain energy. You can only have Bestow Hope on 1 ally at a time. You can store up to 505 energy.

Cooldown: 1.5 sec


  • swift-sweepSwift SweepIncreases the cast speed of Sacred Sweep by 50%.
    increasing-clarityIncreasing ClarityQuest: Every time Sacred Sweep hits a Hero in the center, increase the center damage by 3, up to 60.

    Reward: After hitting 20 Heroes, the center damage bonus is doubled to 120.
    righteous-assaultRighteous AssaultReduces the cooldown of Sacred Sweep by 2 sec for each enemy Hero hit, up to a total of 4 sec.
    searing-lightSearing LightRay of Heaven also deals damage to enemies in the area equal to 30% of the energy consumed.
  • swift-sweepMajestic SpanIncreases the radius of Sacred Sweep by 20%.
    heavy-burdenHeavy BurdenWhen an enemy Hero is stunned by Detainment Strike, their Movement Speed is slowed by 35% for 3 sec after the stun.
    repeated-offenseRepeated OffenseQuest: Every time Detainment Strike stuns a Hero, increases the stun damage by 10, up to 100.

    Reward: After stunning 10 Heroes, increase the damage by an additional 100.
  • bursting-lightBursting LightReduces the cooldown of Ray of Heaven by 2 sec.
    glimmer-of-hopeGlimmer of HopeCollecting a Regeneration Globe reduces the cost of your next Ray of Heaven by 35%.
    energized-cordEnergized CordIncreases the energy stored from Auriel's Basic Attacks to 100% of the damage against Heroes and 30% of the damage against non-Heroes.

    Does not affect your Bestow Hope ally.
    empathic-linkEmpathic LinkAuriel stores 25% of damage taken by allies with Bestow Hope.
  • resurrectResurrectChannel on the spirit of a dead ally for 3 sec, bringing them back to life with 50% of their max health at the location where they died.

    Cooldown: 90 sec.
    crystal-aegisCrystal AegisPlace an allied Hero into Stasis for 2 sec. Upon expiration, Crystal Aegis deals 592 damage to all nearby enemies.

    Cooldown: 60 sec.
  • swift-sweepBlinding FlashEnemies hit by the center area of Sacred Sweep are blinded for 4 sec.
    increasing-clarityConverging ForceEnemies hit by the outer area are pushed slightly toward the center.
    heavy-burdenPiercing LashDetainment Strike now pierces and hits all enemies in a line.
    repeated-offenseRepelling StrikeEnemies hit by Detainment Strike are knocked back 35% further.
  • searing-lightReservoir of HopeQuest: Each max energy Ray of Heaven Auriel casts increases the max amount of energy that can be stored by 75.
    empathic-linkWill of HeavenAllies with Bestow Hope gain 20% Attack Speed.
    wrath-of-heavenWrath of HeavenAllies with Bestow Hope gain 10% Ability Power.
  • resurrectLight SpeedIncreases the healing of Resurrect to 100% of the ally's max Health, and they also gain 200% increased Movement Speed that decays over 4 sec.
    crystal-aegisDiamond ResolveWhen Crystal Aegis expires, it grants a shield that reduces damage taken by 50% for 4 sec.
    angelic-flightAngelic FlightActivate to fly to a chosen location.

    Cooldown: 45 sec.
    shield-of-hopeShield of HopeActivate to grant all nearby allied Heroes a shield for 3 sec equal to 50% of the amount of Health they are missing.

    Cooldown: 45 sec


Gameplay Video

Swift Sweep allows Auriel to do faster hit-and-run attacks with Sacred Sweep. This is the main generator for her hope resource.

Repeated Offense increases the damage of her Detainment Strike stuns. This ability allows you to knock enemy Heroes against a wall or object to stun them for a few seconds. You should stick to a friendly heavy-DPS player or tank (i.e. Sgt. Hammer, Kerrigan, Cho’gall, Diablo). Stunning the enemy allows your team to secure a kill.

Energized Cord increases the amount of energy Auriel can store, which is good for healing several times in hairy encounters such as defending an objective.

Resurrect can be tricky, but you can bring a friendly DPS or tank hero back to life to continue defending an objective.

Repelling Strike is crucial for unexpected knock backs against a wall for a guaranteed stun. It pushes them 35% further.

Reservoir of Hope further expands your max energy storage capacity.

Angelic Flight is more an utility talent than one that allows you to escape pursuit. Don’t waste it. You are better off mounting up and fleeing after hitting an enemy with Detainment Strike. Angelic Flight takes longer than mounting up, and you might end up getting killed while casting it. Instead, use Angelic Flight in situations where you need a quick heal at the base, and go back to your team using this talent. Or when you respawn, to reach your team quickly, use this ability. In addition, if your team is struggling to kill an enemy hero who is fleeing, you can use Angelic Flight to move ahead of the enemy hero, then swat him back into your team with Detainment Strike. They won’t see that coming.

In this video, I managed to top my team and even the enemy team with 32 assisted kills.


NECA announced Heroes of the Storm 7” Scale Action Figures – Series 3

NECA announced the upcoming Heroes of the Storm 7” Scale Action Figures – Series 3 featuring Jim Raynor and Sylvanas. These will ship on November 2016. Pre-orders are now open.

For updates follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

NECA is proud to present the third series of 7″ scale action figures from Heroes of the Storm™, the popular online team brawler filled with favorite characters from Blizzard Entertainment’s vast video game universes!

Created in collaboration with Blizzard, these fantastic figures feature game-authentic sculpts and over 25 points of articulation for great battle poses. Series 3 includes Raynor (Starcraft™) and Sylvanas (World of Warcraft™). Raynor features a visor that opens and closes, and comes with C-14 Impaler Gauss rifle accessory. Sylvanas features a real fabric cloak and comes with bow and arrow accessories.



Gul’dan Guide

Gul’dan is a ranged assassin hailing from Warcraft II, and World of Warcraft. He has two resource mechanics as a Warlock: Drain Life and Mana Tap. These two may extend the time the gameplay time in the battlefield before going back to the mana well or teleporting to the base, however there is a downside to mana tap: it drains your life about 20-25%. That’s where one has to be careful not to get ambushed. Tracer and Greymane are better counters to Gul’dan.


Blizzplanet Review: Chromie in Heroes of the Storm

Chromie in Heroes of the Storm is an excellent long-range assassin hitting targets far from their normal view range. She is tiny, but packs a heavy punch with the appropriate Talent spec. Sadly, her main ability does no damage to minions, but she’s a force to be reckoned with against Heroes. Casting Sand Blast can be tricky and requires practice due to its 1 sec delay. Sometimes the enemy player moves away before the Sand Blast cast goes through. So it’s bit of luck and timing, and guessing the direction where the enemy might go. These are her main abilities.

sand-blastSand BlastAfter 1 second, fire a missile that deals 855 damage to the first enemy Hero hit. Mana: 20. Cooldown: 3 sec.
dragons-breathDragon's BreathFire a blast into the air that lands after 1.5 sec, dealing 965 damage to eenmies in an area. Enemies cannot see where the blast will land. Mana: 70. Cooldown: 14 sec.
time-trapTime TrapPlace a Time Trap that arms and Stealths after 2 sec. The first enemy Hero to touch it will be put into Stasis for 2 sec. Only 1 trap can exist at once. Mana: 50. Cooldown: 18 sec.
timewalkerTimewalker (Passive)You've traveled to the future, and as such, will learn your Talents 1 level earlier than your teammates!


Chromie: Assassin DPS Talent Build

My favorite build can do a lot of damage if Chromie is unattended by enemy players.




chromieOne of my favorite strategies in the Towers of Doom map after level 10 can be seen below. When we are attempting to claim the bottom tribute, I immediately seal the wider enemy entrance with Slowing Sands. Any enemy attempting to go through there will get slowed down, and my team can do serious damage. If someone manages to get through, he has to deal with slow sands again in order to escape. Placing a Slowing Sands there forces the enemy to go through the narrower, more dangerous entrance. That’s a bottleneck, and only one player at a time can go through it.

I also place a Time Trap at the narrow entrance. It’s likely you can win that tribute as it discourages the enemy from trying once an enemy player dies to this setup.



Here is another setup in the Battlefield of Eternity using Slowing Sands and Time Trap to control the flow, and prevent ambushes.



There is a variation of this build where instead of Slowing Sands, you pick Temporal Loop as a Ultimate talent. Basically, the enemy player affected by it will get teleported back to the spot where you first applied the debuff. In that case you press R + W + Q combo, which applies Temporal Loop to the target, followed by a Dragon’s Breath and a Sand Blast.

I am having a great time playing as Chromie, and have marked her as a favorite. Is this build good? Let me put it this way: I own 51 Heroes in Heroes of the Storm. Of those 50, 15 are level 10. 21 are level 9. I have Chromie currently at level 9 and she is my second MOST KILLS AS hero, with a 52% WIN RATE. Give her a try, and practice.

My Statistics below:

Screenshot2016-05-27 11_55_50



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