Heroes of the Storm Tracer Screenshots Surface

Europe forums MVP Ankhar informs sighting of new Tracer screenshots in an interview with Dustin Browder by IGN Latinoamerica.

Here’s a brief translation (possibly inaccurate) of some of her abilities (from spanish).

  • Blink (Q): Move quickly a short distance. Includes 3 charges (6 sec cooldown).
  • Quick Melee (W): Damage the closest opponent. Hitting non-heroes grants 5 charges of Pulse Bomb (8 sec cooldown).
  • Recall: Travel back in time to the location you were 3 seconds before. It also reloads munitions and clears debuffs (30 sec cooldown).

Heroic Abilities

Pulse Bomb (R): Plant a bomb to an opponent causing area-of-effect damage and twice damage to the primary target. Pulse Pistols recharge this heroic ability.


Dehaka Voice Over Quotes

These are all the voice over quotes said by Dehaka when you click him over multiple times. I am missing a few I couldn’t decipher. Feel free to reach me out with the missing ones.

dehaka“So much essence.”
“Do not aggravate me.”
“I wonder how this your essence.”
“I must collect essence, it is the core of my being.”
“It is essential. We are the zerg.”
“Your essence will be assimilated.”
“Resistance is futile.”
“I consume this essence.”
“Probably should have evolved wings.”
“Change. Change. Spare some change.”
“Every evolution is a choice.”
“Every change affects the final outcome.”
“So when the choice is yours, click on the right one.”
“You think I change too much? No such thing.”
“This is not even my final form.”
“Primal zerg do not have a psionic connection. Do not need it.”
“My pack has texting family plan.”
“So many kinds of different essence.”
“Hundreds and more arrive every year.”
“Gotta collect them all.”
“Overmind tried to control the zerg. To direct and harness evolution. Life will not be contained. No. Life finds a way.”
“I follow Queen of Blades to collect essence.”
“Travel across sector, but left Leviathan only once to destroy Terran machines.”
“Should have been more proactive.”
“Have changed much since following Queen of Blades. Almost cannot recognize me.”
“Yes? Good.”


“Your essence will make me strong.”
“Come to me. I will collect your essence now.”
“I adapt. You do not. I live. You will not.”


Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Review: Dehaka

Dehaka is currently playable in Heroes of the Storm PTR servers. He is a melee zerg warrior with kinda unconventional abilities. His first ability is Drag (Q) which lashes out at the first enemy it hits doing damage, and dragging him for 1.75 sec. The Constriction talent (level 7) increases that to 2.25 sec. At level 16, you have the choice to either add a 50% slow for 2 sec (Paralyzing Enzymes) or to increase the tongue range by 20% (Elongated Tongue).

Screenshot2016-03-21 20_07_14


The second ability, Dark Swarm, is an AOE aura that lasts 3 sec. That’s a big deal for a Warrior.

The third ability is Burrow. Dehaka becomes immobile and invulnerable while he is under the ground. At level 4, you have two options: Lurker Strain or Numbing Eruption. The first one adds stealth for 5 sec after emerging from Burrow. Imagine doing this in one of the hidden vents, coming at the enemy in stealth then hitting Dark Swarm out of nowhere. Perfect ambush hero during team fights. Numbing Eruption knocks enemies back and slows their speed by 30% for 2 sec.

Dehaka has no mounts. Instead, he can burrow and appear at bushes or dark vents only. He can’t emerge in open areas, which gives you an idea of the design purpose for Dehaka as an ambusher.

Same as Diablo, Dehaka collects and stores essence from dead minions and heroes. However, Dehaka uses it to heal himself by pressing a button.

The two heroic abilities are Isolation and Adaptation. Isolation silences and slows the first target it hits, and reduces his vision for 6 sec. Adaptation heals Dehaka for 60% of the damage received. It is not an instant heal, however. You press the ability, and you get healed 5 seconds later.

To put that in context, say you are at the tribute map. There’s a bunch of enemies there fighting your team. You teleport to a nearby bush. Hit Adaptation, then Dark Swarm. 5 seconds later when you are nigh death, your health goes up out of the blue and a few spare secs later you can Dark Swarm again, hit your trait heal to survive. Pretty sleek if you have a healer in your team to support you.

His alternate skin available in the Bundle is Mecha Dehaka, which gives him a Protoss-ish look.

Screenshot2016-03-21 20_10_02


Dehaka — Gameplay Video



2016 Heroes of the Dorm on March 19

The 2016 Heroes of the Dorm (Round of 64) rolls out on WatchESPN, Twitch and YouTube this Saturday, March 19 at 7 a.m. PT. Then tune in on Sunday, March 20 at 7 a.m. PT for Round of 32. Our eSports manager, Lauralania, will attend this event to keep you updated.

Brackets can be submitted for the bracket challenge through Friday, March 18. Further details here.



Blizzard Entertainment Trademarks TESPA

Blizzard Entertainment trademarked TESPA as shown in the image below. The filing date is February 26, 2016. Visiting the TESPA website at the moment of this posting gives a “502 Bad Gateway” error message. However, going to the https://compete.tespa.org (beta) is functional. Blizzard had trademarked Compete some time ago, and back in 2013 TESPA joined Blizzard, but this TESPA trademark is fresh off the oven. More details once a press release is announced.

Blizzard Entertainment Trademarks TESPA


Toy Fair NY 2016 – NECA Heroes of the Storm Series 2 Action Figures

During the weekend, I attended the Toy Fair NY 2016 as press to scout some of the known Blizzard Licensed Partners. My first stop was the NECA booth which each year shows something new.

NECA Heroes of the Storm


NECA displayed at their booth the 7″ scale Arthas, Stitches, and Tyrael action figures inside the unopened packages. You can order them now:


This year NECA didn’t display prototype samples of upcoming Heroes of the Storm action figures — at least not physically, but they did have a few images on cardboard showing the Heroes of the Storm Diablo prototype, as well as some of the Heroes that might be coming soon from NECA: Raynor, Brightwing, Murky, Sylvanas, Thrall and Diablo.

Keep an eye on future announcements.


2016 Heroes of the Dorm Announced

Blizzard’s Epic College Esports Clash is Back! Students Battle for Tuition in Heroes of the Dorm™ 2016. More than $500,000 in tuition and other prizes up for grabs. Follow the action live on ESPN networks, fill out brackets on HeroesoftheDorm.com, and win big!


IRVINE, Calif.– Student gamers across the United States and Canada are hereby invited to storm the Nexus as proud representatives of their schools in Blizzard Entertainment and Tespa’s 2016 Heroes of the Dorm™ competition! Featuring Blizzard’s acclaimed online team brawler Heroes of the Storm™, Heroes of the Dorm is the ultimate collegiate esports tournament, bringing together gamers from colleges and universities coast-to-coast in a celebration of teamwork, sportsmanship, and friendly competition—with members of the winning team earning free tuition for the rest of their college career! Eligible students can create or join a team today by heading to www.heroesofthedorm.com.

Esports fans will be able to follow the action on ESPN networks, who will once again deliver live coverage of the events on television and digital platforms—including early rounds on ESPN3 and the Heroic Four and Grand Finals telecast on ESPN2. Viewers will also have a chance to cheer on their favorite schools and win prizes of their own in the Heroes of the Dorm bracket challenge, which kicks off in the weeks ahead. Altogether, more than $500,000 in tuition and other prizes is on the line as part of this year’s event.

“Last year’s Heroes of the Dorm was an amazing experience for the students playing and everyone watching, and we’re excited to again offer college athletes an epic opportunity to team up and compete for scholarships in 2016,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “It’s inspiring to see players from last year’s championship team, the UC Berkeley Golden Bears, now thriving in pro esports careers—we look forward to seeing how this year’s competitors shape the future of competitive gaming.

Makin’ It Rain Tuition Money (and More)

When the Grand Finals conclude and the 2016 Heroes of the Dorm champion is crowned, each player on the winning team will walk away with up to $75,000 in tuition for their college career. Students interested in playing in this year’s tournament should get their teams together quickly—registration is open now through February 18, with online qualifiers taking place between February 20 and March 6. To create or join a team, or to find complete official rules, eligibility details, and prizing details, visit www.heroesofthedorm.com.

Watch Live on ESPN Networks

The inaugural Heroes of the Dorm tournament in 2015 marked the first time in history that a collegiate esports event was telecast live on ESPN2. Teams from more than 460 schools battled through grueling elimination rounds on a quest to claim the championship. All the intense action of this year’s Heroes of the Dorm competition, starting with the Round of 64, will be available for viewing, live on digital platforms and on television, through a renewed agreement with ESPN. The Round of 64, Round of 32, Round of 16, and Round of 8 portions of the tournament will be streamed live on ESPN3 across digital platforms and also on Twitch and YouTube, and the “Heroic Four” and Grand Finals showdown will take place in front of a live audience and will be aired on ESPN2 on April 9 and 10—be sure to watch live, because this is an esports event you won’t want to miss!

Tournament Stage Date Where to Watch Live
Round of 64 March 19 ESPN3, Twitch, YouTube
Round of 32 March 20 ESPN3, Twitch, YouTube
Round of 16 March 26 ESPN3, Twitch, YouTube
Round of 8 March 27 ESPN3, Twitch, YouTube
Heroic Four April 9 ESPN2
Grand Finals April 10 ESPN2

ESPN coverage of the event will also be available online at WatchESPN.com, on smartphones and tablets via the WatchESPN app, and streamed on televisions through connected devices. Additional programming details, including when you can watch VODs on YouTube of any matches you may have missed, will be announced in the weeks ahead.

Play the Heroes of the Dorm Bracket Challenge

Even if you’re not a college student, you’ll still be able to show your school spirit—and compete for a shot at winning some great prizes in the process—by participating in this year’s Heroes of the Dorm bracket challenge. The bracket challenge invites esports fans around the world to predict which of the top 64 teams will emerge victorious, and then share their brackets with friends and rivals, with $10,000 USD going to the most accurate bracket. More information on this year’s bracket challenge, including rules and complete prizing information, will be announced closer to the start of the Round of 64.

Heroes of the Storm brings together a diverse cast of iconic characters from Blizzard’s far-flung realms of science fiction and fantasy, including the Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® universes, and challenges them to compete in epic, adrenaline-charged battles. To learn more about Heroes of the Storm, head over to the official website at www.heroesofthestorm.com.

With multiple games in development, Blizzard Entertainment has numerous positions currently available—visit http://jobs.blizzard.com for more information and to learn how to apply.

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