Heroes of the Storm AMA Transcript – April 30, 2020

The Heroes of the Storm team held a public AMA over at the Reddit community to answer questions about the status of the game and things to look forward to.

Yes, there will be new heroes coming in 2020, and at least one is confirmed to be a tank. There aren’t any foreseeable plans for a support hero in 2020, but anything can happen.

It took me a considerable amount of time to curate and gather all the questions and answers from the Reddit AMA thread. Share your love via PayPal or Patreon.

Heroes of the Storm 49.3 Patch Notes

Blizzard Entertainment deployed Heroes of the Storm Patch 49.3 to address a couple of bug fixes, and as a heroes update.

You might want to sit and relax before reading the patch notes. There are a few nerfs and buffs.

Cho got a big buff to his trait with two new functionalities which gives him more survivability and sustain. Mal’Ganis got the nerf bat pretty hard across the board. Muradin got a slight buff to Dwarf Toss (E) and Heavy Impact (Level 7), but lost the Level 1 passive: Block. It was removed from the game.

Stitches got a healing buff overall from minion and heroes sources, and his level 13 and 16 talents were swapped.

Tyrael’s trait has an additional functionality that reduces his death timer by 10% per hero hit.

Deathwing, Malthael, Abathur, Auriel, Uther got hit by the nerf bat.

Jaina, Raynor, and Fenix got slight nerfs but good buffs to compensate. Read the patch notes below for other heroes not mentioned as well.

Deathwing Coming to the PTR Next Week

Senior game designer Alex Neyman responded via Reddit that the new hero: Deathwing, is coming to the Heroes of the Storm PTR the next week.

There is a new PTR balance patch coming earlier, however, this Friday, November 22.

BlizzNeyman: The PTR with Deathwing will be up next week. The Cataclysm is coming soon!
joshguillen: Great, thank you for letting us know! Users have been seeing Blizzard App notifications of a balance patch Friday, but only for some users. It’s also been said that Wednesday will be our patch day this week in a past reddit thread. Could you perhaps clarify this? Everyone is quite eager.
BlizzNeyman: The current plan is for a Balance Patch this Friday. We’re still ironing things out though. — source

Deathwing Lands on the Nexus

It is now official… Deathwing is coming to the Nexus.

Incinerate (W) – A circle-shaped AOE that scorches the enemy around Deathwing.

Onslaught (E): Makes Deathwing lunge forward to keep up with the enemy team as they run away from him.

He only has one Heroic and he gets it at level 1. It is called Cataclysm. He flies into the sky, scorching the ground as he flies forward. It can’t be used at the beginning of the match as it requires to complete the initial cooldown.

“You’ve felt the tremors of his approach; now prepare for the unmaking of your world as Deathwing descends upon the Nexus. Not content to lay waste to World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, The Worldbreaker has set his sights on the realms of the Nexus to spread his reign of death and destruction. The Hour of Twilight falls, mortals. Bow before The Destroyer, or burn beneath the shadow of his wings!”

New HoTS Hero Teaser: Deathwing or Siege Breaker?

Blizzard is teasing possibly a new hero is coming to Heroes of the Storm. According to Blizzard, we will find out on Tue, Oct 22 at 10:30 am PT on the Heroes of the Storm Twitch channel: twitch.tv/blizzheroes

The enigmatic image shows the Hanzo/Genji family crest with the dragon brothers motiff on a Hanamura wall. The crest has been slashed by three claws.

There is not many Blizzard IP heroes that we can guess here would be able to leave a three-claw mark on a surface.

One could be Genn Greymane, but he is already in Heroes of the Storm.

Deathwing in human form? Sure he might fit the bill. I recently wrote an article titled “Theorycrafting: Deathwing in the Nexus.”

Qhira the Realmless Bounty Hunter Lands on the PTR Nexus

Blizzard Entertainment opened the Heroes of the Storm PTR to introduce Qhira the Realmless Bounty Hunter. Qhira is a melee assassin.

“A sworn knight and holder of a singularity shard, Qhira’s only desire is to seek out others who may have escaped the destruction of her doomed home realm, Iresia. While she searches, she gets by as a bounty hunter – a job she loathes, despite her exceptional skill.”

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