Abathur Build

Abathur build used at HGC winning matches in USA, Europe and Asia. Abathur, the Evolution Master of Kerrigan’s Swarm, works ceaselessly to improve the zerg from the genetic level up. His hate for chaos and imperfection almost rivals his hatred of pronouns.

Abathur Build

Mene - Team Dignitas BlizzCon 2017 Quarter Finals - Game 2 – Team Dignitas v Team Expert -- Nov 6

Pressurized Glands

Adrenal Overlord

Vile Nest

Ultimate Evolution

Soma Transference

Envenomed Spikes



Abathur Abilities


Symbiote (Q)

Spawn and attach a Symbiote to a target ally or Structure. While active, Abathur controls the Symbiote, gaining access to new Abilities. The Symbiote is able to gain XP from nearby enemy deaths.

Cooldown: 4 sec.

Toxic Nest (W)

Spawn a mine that becomes active after a short time. Deals 159 damage and reveals the enemy for 4 sec. Last 90 sec. Stores up to 3 charges.

Cooldown: 10 sec

Locust Strain (W)

Spawns a Locust to attack down the nearest lane every 15 sec. Locusts last for 25 sec, have 300 health and deal 35 damage with each Basic Attack.

Cooldown: 15 sec.

Symbiote Abilities


Stab (Q)

Shoots a spike towards target area that deals 124 damage to the first enemy it contacts.

Cooldown: 3 sec.

Spike Burst (W)

Deals 125 damage to nearby enemies.

Cooldown: 6 sec.

Carapace (E)

Shield the assisted ally for 163 . Lasts for 8 sec.

Cooldown: 12 sec


Abathur Talents

Pressurized GlandsIncreases the range of Symbiote's Spike Burst by 25% and decreases the cooldown by 1 sec.
Survival InstinctsIncreases Locust's Health by 50% and duration by 40%.
Regenerative MicrobesSymbiote's Carapace heals the target for 71 Health per sec over 4 sec.
Envenomed NestToxic Nests deal 75% more damage over 3 sec.
Prolific DispersalReduces the cooldown of Toxic Nest by 2 sec and adds 2 additional charges.
BallistosporesIncreases Toxic Nest's range to global and increases duration by 25%.
Sustained CarapaceIncreases the Shield amount of Symbiote's Carapace by 40% and allows it to persist after Symbiote ends.
Adrenal OverloadHeroic Symbiote hosts gain 25% increased Attack Speed.
NeedlespineIncreases the damage and range of Symbiote's Stab by 20%.
Vile NestToxic Nests slow enemy Movement Speed by 40% for 2.5 sec.
Networked CarapaceUsing Symbiote's Carapace also applies an untalented Carapace Shield to all nearby allied Heroes, Minions, and Mercenaries.
Calldown: MULEActivate to calldown a Mule that repairs Structures, one at a time, near target point for 40 sec, healing for 100 Health every 1 sec. Grants 1 ammo every 3 sec.

Cooldown: 60 sec.
Ultimate EvolutionClone target allied Hero and control it for 20 sec. Abathur has perfected the clone, granting it 20% Spell Power, 20% bonus Attack Speed, and 10% bonus Movement Speed. Cannot use their Heroic Ability.

Cooldown: 70 sec.
Evolve MonstrosityTurn an allied Minion or Locust into a Monstrosity. When enemy Minions near the Monstrosity die, it gains 5% Health and 5% Basic Attack damage, stacking up to 40 times. The Monstrosity takes 50% less damage from non-Heroic enemies. Using Symbiote on the Monstrosity allows Abathur to control it, in addition to Symbiote's normal benefits. This Ability can be reactivated to automatically cast Symbiote on his Monstrosity.

Cooldown: 90 sec.
Assault StrainLocust Basic Attacks cleave for 50% damage and explode on death for 106 damage.
Bombard StrainLocust's Basic Attacks become a long-range siege attack that deal 70% more damage.
Spatial EfficiencySymbiote's Stab gains 1 additional charge and its Cooldown is reduced by .5 sec.
Soma TransferenceSymbiote's Spike Burst heals the host for 67 Health per enemy Hero hit.
Envenomed SpikesAbathur's Symbiote's Spike Burst also slows enemy Movement Speed by 40% for 2 sec.
Adrenaline BoostSymbiote's Carapace increases the Movement Speed of the target by 40% for 3.5 sec.
Locust BroodActivate to spawn 3 Locusts at a nearby location.

Cooldown: 45 sec.
Volatile MutationUltimate Evolution clones and Monstrosities deal 142 damage to nearby enemies every 3 sec and when they die.
Evolutionary LinkAs long as the Ultimate Evolution is alive, the original target of the clone gains a Shield equal to 25% of their max Health. Refreshes every 5 sec.
Evolution CompleteMonstrosity gains the ability to Deep Tunnel to any visible location once every 25 sec.
HivemindSymbiote creates an additional Symbiote on a nearby allied Hero. This symbiote mimics the commands of the first, but does half damage and shielding.
Locust NestActivate to create a nest that periodically spawns Locusts. Only one Locust Nest can be active at a time.

Cooldown: 45 sec


Abathur Features


From their conception, the zerg have been driven to pursue the perfection of their race through merciless, predatory evolution. If the Overmind has been the force behind this directive, the being known as Abathur was born as the instrument of its will.

Abathur is an old organism, long serving as an “evolution master” – a guiding hand spinning the strands of zerg DNA into mutations of existing zerg and entirely new strains. Left to its own devices, Abathur’s approach to evolving the Swarm is unorthodox: consuming living tissue, and dissolving it into genetic components able to be quickly reassembled (often painfully).

Abathur’s methods are far from the only means of evolving the Swarm, but the creature has refined them over years of wanderlust following the death of the original zerg Overmind. During its time on Char, the detached, meticulous Abathur modified any zerg it stumbled across, and grew fixated on diversifying the Swarm.

As much as a hive creature can, Abathur sees itself as personally responsible for the continuation of the zerg. It undertakes each experiment as though the survival of the species depended on it alone, and tolerates no evolutionary backstep. Abathur will push the swarm forward…and change it utterly in the attempt.


Abathur is one of the heroes introduced in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. His main function in the Swarm is to dissect, gene-splice and genegineer advanced upgrades for the different Zerg units. He was formerly created by the Zerg Overmind in planet Zerus to evolve the zerg DNA strains and those of the races assimilated into the zerg.

In Heroes of the Storm, Abathur plays a very intriguing and innovative role. Abathur is a support character where the player doesn't fight directly one-on-one against other players. Abathur can teleport to various explored locations throughout the map to assist other friendly team players with special buffs and abilities.





"Must evolve. Swarm not good enough. Not."

"Perfection. Deep in the core. In strands."

"Pronouns. Unclear."

"Teammates. Much to improve. Reanimated tissue. Humanoid-beast hybrids. Inefficient. Unacceptable."

"Work harder. Better. Make faster. Stronger. Evolution never over."

"Perfection. Goal that always changes. Can pursue, cannot obtain. Similar to Ashbringer."

"Anger. Product of stress. Adrenaline. Clicking. No clicking, no anger."

"Design must be simple. Elegant. Implementation, less so. Sequences must change. Intent static, product fluid. Always can improve. Stressers reveal flaws. Flaws reveal potential. Always improving. Good."

"If evolution product of design, is evolution... evolution? Hmm. Line of thought not productive. Hmm."

"Abilities of organism Abathur well-designed for Alpha. Likely to change. Entity Blizzard notorious for iteration."


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