Blizzard Entertainment added Anduin to the Heroes of the Storm PTR, as new playable hero, on April 22, 2019.

The hero model uses the exact face of the voice actor, Geordie Holibar, as seen in the BlizzCon 2018: Faces of War (Behind The Scenes of Battle for Azeroth cinematic).

In this incarnation, Anduin is a Healer of medium difficulty.

His kit is dominated by healing and assist abilities with Flash Heal and Divine Star as the main healing sources. However, Divine Star initiates as a linear damage dealing ability that returns back to Anduin as a much larger wave of healing that affects friendly players in the path of return.

His trait is Leap of Faith, which pulls friendly players to Anduin, negating enemy damage and incapacitation.


As a young man, Anduin sought peace as a priest of the Holy Light and an envoy of the Alliance. After his father, Varian, fell to the Burning Legion, Anduin took up the crown as High King of the Alliance. He soon learned that peace must be fought for, even in the Nexus.

Flash Heal (Q)

Cast for 0.75 seconds to heal an allied Hero for 260.

Mana: 30
Cooldown: 4 sec

Divine Star (W)

Send light that deals 140 damage to enemies and then returns to Anduin, healing allied Heroes for 130 in a wider path. Healing increases by 25% per enemy Hero hit.

Mana: 45
Cooldown: 9 sec

Chastise (E)

Shove a swell of light forward, dealing 145 damage to the first enemy Hero hit and Rooting them for 1.25 seconds.

Mana: 40
Cooldown: 10 sec

Leap of Faith (Trait)

Faith instantly pulls an allied Hero to Anduin's location, granting them Unstoppable while they travel.

Cooldown: 80 sec
RenewBasic Attacks against Heroes empower the next Flash Heal to also heal for 120 over 5 seconds.
Pursue of GraceDamaging an enemy Hero heals the lowest Health allied Hero near Anduin for 29.
Bold StrategyAnduin gains his other level 1 Talents, but Flash Heal's cooldown is increased by 1 second.
Moral CompassDivine Star fires Basic Attacks at 2 Heroes close to its apex for 70% damage.
Holy ReachAfter hitting an enemy with Chastise, Anduin's next Basic Attack has 50% more range, 50% more damage, and heals allied Heroes near Anduin for 105.
Inner FireIncreases Attack Speed by 20% and Basic Attack range by 15%.
Binding HealCasting Flash Heal on an ally heals Anduin for 105.
Power Word: ShieldIf Divine Star hits an enemy Hero, gain a Shield that absorbs 217 damage for 4 seconds.
Blessed RecoveryIf Anduin loses more than 8% of his max Health at once, recover 15% Health over 3 seconds.

This effect has a 10 second cooldown.
Holy Word: SalvationAfter 0.5 seconds, Channel to invoke the Light for 3 seconds. While nearby, allied Heroes heal for up to 25% of their max Health and are Protected.

Mana: 70
Cooldown: 80 sec
LightbombImbue an Allied Hero with the Light. After 1.5 sec, it explodes, dealing 222 damage to enemies and Stunning them for 1.25 sec.

The target gains a Shield that absorbs 207 damage per enemy Hero hit. Lasts for 5 sec.
Speed of the PiousWhile Divine Star is traveling, gain 30% Movement Speed.
Enchant Boots - Lion's SpeedGain 5% Movement Speed. This bonus is tripled while Leap of Faith's cooldown is available.
Push Forward!Damaging an enemy Hero grants 3% Movement Speed for 6 sec, up to 15%.
Evenhanded BlessingsIf Flash Heal is cast on a different target from its last, refund 40% of its cooldown.
Holy NovaAfter Anduin catches Divine Star, it explodes, healing nearby allied Heroes for 187 and damaging enemies for 187.
Inner FocusActivate to reset the cooldown of Flash Heal and its next cast heals for 40% more.

Cooldown: 20 sec
LightwellSummon a Lightwell that periodically heals a nearby allied Hero for 141. The well only fades after healing 10 times or when recast.

This cooldown is reduced by 1 sec each time Anduin heals an allied Hero.
Light of StormwindHoly Word: Salvation healing is increased to up to 30% of max Health and upon ending, allied Heroes gain 40% Movement Speed for 3 sec.
Glyph of FaithLeap of Faith gains a 2nd Charge.
Varian's LegacyBasic Attacks burn enemies for 191 damage over 3 sec and Anduin heals for 50% of the damage dealt.
Desperate PrayerActivate to desperately heal an allied Hero for 1184, but kneel for 2 sec, unable to act.

Using Desperate Prayer places Flash Heal on a 10 sec cooldown.

Cooldown: 40 sec

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