Anub’arak build

Anub’arak build used in HGC and other Heroes of the Storm eSports events by the top pro gamers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Anub’arak build – eSports

Gondar - Blossom HGC KR - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 1 – Rrr v Team BlossoM -- Sept 16

Nerubian Armor


Subterranean Shield


Burning Rage


Lucky - TheOne HGC CN - Phase 2 Week 8 - TheOne vs Start Over Again - Game 1 -- Sept 11

Regeneration Master

Bed of Bards

Subterranean Shield


Burning Rage


zugrug - Freedom HGC NA - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 3 – Gale Force Esports v Team Freedom -- Sept 10

Nerubian Armor

Shed Exoskeleton

Subterranean Shield


Burning Rage




Anub’arak Features


Deal 104 damage. Stuns for 1 sec.

Mana: 65
Cooldown: 12 sec

Harden Carapace

Gain a Shield that absorbs 328 damage over 3 sec.

Mana: 30
Cooldown: 7 sec

Burrow Charge

Burrow to the target location, dealing 100 damage and briefly stunning enemies in a small area upon surfacing, slowing them by 25% for 2.5 sec.

Burrow Charge can be reactivated to surface early.

Mana: 65
Cooldown: 14 sec

Scarab Host

Using an Ability spawns a Beetle which lasts for 8 sec, attacking nearby enemies for 21 damage.

Anub’arank Talents

Resilient ScarabsBeetles have 50 Spell Armor
Nerubian ArmorEvery 12 sec, gain 30 Spell Armor against the next enemy Ability and subsequent Abilities for 1.5 sec, reducing the damage taken by 30%.
Regeneration MasterQuest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases your Health Regeneration by 1 per sec, up to 30.

Reward: After gathering 30 Regeneration Globes, you also gain 500 Health.
Bed of BarbsCreate a bed of spikes along Impale's path that slows enemies by 25% and deals 25 damage per sec. Spikes persist for 3.5 sec.
Shed ExoskeletonHarden Carapace grants 30% increased Movement Speed for 3 sec.
UnderkingIncreases Burrow Charge range by 20% and damage by 100%.
Legion of BeetlesAutomatically spawn a Beetle every 8 sec. Can be toggled on and off.
Chitinous PlatingWhile Harden Carapace is active, taking damage from enemy Abilities reduces its cooldown by 1 sec, up to 3 sec.
Subterranean ShieldBurrow Charge also grants a 454 point Shield for 5 sec.
Leeching ScarabsBeetles gain 20% bonus attack damage and they heal Anub'arak for 50% of their damage with each attack if he is nearby.
Locust SwarmDeal 92 damage per sec to nearby enemies. Each enemy damaged restores 31 Health. Lasts 6 sec.

Mana: 75
Cooldown: 100 sec
CocoonWraps target enemy Hero in a cocoon, rendering them unable to act or be targeted for 8 sec. Allies of the Hero can attack the cocoon to break it and free them early.

Mana: 70
Cooldown: 60 sec
Burning RageDeal 38 damage per sec to nearby enemies.
Urticating SpinesCasting Harden Carapace will also deal 133 damage to nearby enemies. Deals double damage against Heroes.
Acid Drenched MandiblesAttacking a Hero that is slowed, rooted, or stunned increases Anub'arak's Basic Attack damage by 70% for 3 sec.
EpicenterIncreases Burrow Charge impact area by 60% and lowers the cooldown by 1.25 sec for each Hero hit.
DebilitationEnemy Heroes hit by Burrow Charge have their Spell Power reduced by 50% for 4 sec.
Beetle, JuicedEvery 3rd Basic Attack against enemy Heroes spawns a Beetle.
Hive MasterGain a permanent Vampire Locust that attacks a nearby enemy every 3 sec. The Vampire Locust deals 335 damage and returns to heal Anub'arak for 81 health.
CryptweaveStaying near the Cocoon allows Anub'arak to extend the duration by up to 4 sec per Cocoon.
Nullification ShieldActivate to gain 60 Spell Armor for 5 sec.

Cooldown: 60 sec
RewindActivate to reset the cooldowns of your Basic Abilities.

Cooldown: 60 sec


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