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Muradin Hero Week




Once a mentor to Prince Arthas, Muradin was unable to prevent him from becoming the Lich King. Muradin hails from the Warcraft universe, and has traveled far and wide across Azeroth. In Heroes of the Storm, Muradin takes on the role of a durable Warrior who excels at diving into the heat of battle and disrupting enemies, while protecting teammates. This fearsome dwarf will fight beside you until his last breath, and he’s just the Bronzebeard you’ll want by your side as you brawl in the Nexus!

BackgroundDuring the Second War, Muradin served as an official liaison between Lordaeron and Khaz Modan, and in time grew close to the Royal Family. As Arthas grew up, Muradin took it upon himself to teach the young Prince all he knew about fighting, and the two became close companions.

As Arthas began to slip into madness while in pursuit of the cursed sword, Frostmourne, Muradin pleaded for the young prince to listen to his counsel as he had so many times before, but Arthas refused to listen, and Muradin became Frostmourne’s first victim at Arthas’s hand. After recovering from a mild case of amnesia, he is now the representative of the Bronzebeard clan for the Council of the Three Hammers since the “diamond-ization” of his brother, King Magni.

For an even more in-depth look into this steadfast dwarf and his abilities, make sure to check out Muradin’s Hero Page!

  • Muradin can take a beating, so don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers. “Dwarf Toss” [E] outputs damage when Muradin lands. Feel free to use the ability as a way to engage opponents.
  • “Haymaker” [R] is great for knocking opponents away from your squishy teammates, like Valla or Tyrande. Feel free to use Haymaker as a means of buying teammates more time around tributes.
  • Muradin’s Combat Trait, “Second Wind,” can be instrumental in a long team fight around the shrines on Dragon Shire. Dish out your damage, walk away, allow Second Wind to activate, then dive back in for the killing blow!


Muradin may not have a tall stature, but his starting skin in Heroes of the Storm is ready for whatever the Nexus can throw at him!



The newest Muradin alternative skin we’re revealing is one that brings pride to the longstanding Bronzebeard name.

  • Magni Muradin – It was hard for Magni to swallow his pride and accept Moira as member of the Council of Three Hammers, but he knew his deceased brother Muradin would have wanted peace in Ironforge






While they don’t hail from Azeroth, the first dwarf-like characters to appear in a Blizzard game were Erik the Swift, Baleog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout: the Lost Vikings (1992)!

The mighty dwarves have long been key players in Azeroth’s history, and their first formal appearance in the Warcraft universe was in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. The Bronzebeard brothers themselves themselves were introduced in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002).

During the events surrounding Warcraft II: Tide of Darkness and the Second War, King Tereneas Menethil II managed to gain the allegiance of various human kingdoms as well as the Bronzebeard Dwarves of Ironforge, the Wildhammer Dwarves of Aerie Peak, the Gnomes of Gnomeregan, and the high elves of Quel’Thalas. Together the leaders of the seven human kingdoms and representatives from Khaz Modan and Quel’Thalas would come to form the Alliance of Lordaeron.

During the Second War, Muradin served as an official liaison between Lordaeron and Khaz Modan, and in time grew close to the Royal Family. As Arthas grew up, Muradin took it upon himself to teach the young Prince all he knew about fighting. The two became close companions until Arthas became corrupted by Frostmourne and took up the mantle of the Lich King

Arthas was blinded by revenge, and although he knew that there would be a terrible price if he took up the blade, he so it anyways. When he did, the blade’s curse unexpectedly struck down Muradin. Arthas believed his friend to be dead and left to take on Mal’Ganis.

Unbeknownst to Arthas, however, the blow to Muradin had not been fatal. It had instead stricken him with total amnesia, and was later taken in by a group of Frostborn dwarves. In time, he was given the name Yorg Stormheart, after a legendary Frostborn warrior, and would become King of the Frostborn.

To avenge Muradin, Magni forged the Ashbringer to oppose Frostmourne, Arthas, and the undead.

  • “I was an adventurer, too, until I took a shard o’ ice tae the noggin.” –Muradin

Through a quest chain in World of Warcraft, players were able to discover the secrets behind Yorg Stormheart’s true identity, and assist with reuniting Muradin with his brothers Brann and Magni Bronzebeard.

In the prelude to the Cataclysm, King Magni Bronzebeard believed a mystical tablet created by the ancient Titans would make him “one with the mountain” and this would help him ease the troubled, earthquake-stricken lands. Unfortunately, “one with the mountain” was more literal than anyone could have expected, and when Magni activated the tablet, it unleased a terrible curse that fused his statue-like form into the diamond heart of Ironforge.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, the ruling body of the Council of Three Hammers was formed to reunify the dwarven clans and to give them representation in Ironforge. The Bronzebeard clan would come to be represented by Muradin, the Wildhammer clan by Falstad Wildhammer, and the Dark Iron clan by Magni’s daughter Moira Thaurissan.

  • “My older brother Magni is king of the dwarves. My younger brother Brann is a renowned explorer. If I didn’t kick so much ass, I’d feel a tad awkward.” –Muradin

Brann Bronzebeard is brother of King Magni Bronzebeard and Muradin Bronzebeard. Brann was one of the founders of the Explorers’ Guild, and Brann is considered to be one of the greatest explorers, anthropologists, archaeologists, and linguists to ever wander Azeroth.

  • “They say diamonds are forever, which I hope isn’t verra long, fer me brother’s sake.” –Muradin

If you own the Magni Bronzebeard skin for Muradin, your “Avatar” [R] ability will have a diamond appearance!

  • “I’m King o’ the Frostborn! Not tae be confused with Frostmourne.” –Muradin
  • “The Bronzebeards are masters o’ three things: brewin’, battlin’, and braidin’ beards.” –Muradin



Since the first appearance of the Bronzebeards in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, many talented artists have sought to illustrate these brave and iconic dwarves. Below are six fantastic pieces of fan art featuring Muradin Bronzebeard and other dwarves, which were submitted by talented artists from around the globe.


“Muadin Bronzebeard” by SiaKim “Muradin Bronzebeard” by Paulo Henrique S.B. (Pulyx)



“Muradin Bronzebeard” by Jay Zhao (Michael Jay)



“Mountain King” by Diana Elefteridis (kalis) “Muradin” by DarkTod “Warcraft Fanart Sketches” byNikolaiOstertag “Muradin” by u369



“Muradin Bronzebeard – WoW” by JRettberg


The Bronzebeard clan and their dwarven bretheren have had a longstanding history within the Warcraft universe, and their participation in various battles and notable events have shaped Azeroth’s past and present.

For many long centuries, three dwarven clans— the Bronzebeards, the Wildhammers, and the Dark Irons— lived united in Ironforge under the wise rule of High King Modimus Anvilmar. When Modimus passed away from old age, tensions boiled over among the clans, and war erupted for control of the city.

Thus began the War of the Three Hammers, a savage conflict that raged for many years, during which time the Bronzebeard clan won sole ownership of Ironforge and expelled its rivals. The war severed relations among the clans, and they went on to forge new destinies apart from one another.

When the orcish Horde invaded Azeroth, Ironforge’s dwarves offered to join the Grand Alliance. Led by King Magni Bronzebeard, the city’s resilient inhabitants proved to be the backbone of the Alliance forces, helping to secure victory after victory against the orcs. Ever since that time, Ironforge’s dwarves have remained an invaluable part of the Alliance.

If you’re interested in learning more about Muradin, Magni, and other dwarves, make sure to check out the following related content:

You can check out some official art and screenshots featuring Muradin, Magni, and other dwarves below:






Muradin as first seen in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Muradin as seen in World of Warcraft


















“Hi, Arthas. Remember me? We have unfinished business.”

We hope you’re enjoying our lively Muradin week! What’s been your favorite part so far, and what else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!


Murky – Li Li – Brightwing – (April Fools!) Pajamathur – Tyrael – Tychus


Murky Hero Week

RAWGLAWGLAWLEAHG Confirmed.. i mean its Murky Week! Upcoming patch will let us play Murky!



Murky’s history, like that of much of the murloc race in the Warcraft universe, is shrouded in mystery. Murlocs evolved for survival in the dangerous aquatic environments of Azeroth, giving Murky a uniquely persistent presence. At face value this petite murloc may not appear to be as formidable as other Heroes, but in Heroes of the Storm, Murky takes on the role of a Specialist who wears down opponents by repeatedly respawning from his cleverly-hidden eggs a few second after being killed. Just when you thought you got rid of him, he’s baaaack!

BackgroundMrgglglbrlg rmrmgllg mrggggm. Mrrglglgy, mgllglgl mgggrrmgl? MRGGGLGLLM! Mrrggllgggllggll mrrglrlg mrrg mrrg mrrrg.

The origins and history of the murloc race are shrouded in mystery. A large part of this is because their lore is passed down their own oral tradition, which is almost incomprehensible to most other sentient races, but also because murlocs generally have very little tolerance for other races. Murlocs often congregate in heavily populated coastal settlements, and are more than willing to assist each other when threatened. While many have debated on their intelligence, there is reason to believe that their use of weaponry and uncanny fighting abilities may actually imply that they possess a rather sinister racial intellect.

Like the enigmatic origins of the murloc race, Murky’s past is also veiled in a variety unanswered questions. Who is he? Where does he come from? He dies again and again, and yet each time, returns to life from his egg. Stranger yet, when he emerges, he looks and sounds precisely the same. Does he possess unspeakable powers? Could he be immortal?

The world may never know.

  • Murky’s “Spawn Egg” [D] can be placed anywhere on the Battlegrounds. Hide your egg behind bushes or uncommon areas to maximize the potential of the egg not being found.
  • Make sure to use “Pufferfish” [Q] when the enemy isn’t paying attention. The Pufferfish can be targeted down by enemy Heroes, so placement is key!
  • Use “Safety Bubble” [E] as a safe way to reach enemies trying to turn in coins on Blackheart’s Bay. The slightest delay can allow teammates the time to setup a proper team fight around the turn-in point.


Murky may not have an imposing presence, but his starting skin in Heroes of the Storm means business!



The newest Murky alternative skin we’re revealing is one that any Terran sympathizer or StarCraft enthusiast is sure to appreciate!

  • Grunty Murky – Alright, fess up… Who put the murloc in that power armor? Sammy? We talked about this… Guys, this is real cute and all, but how the heck are we supposed to get him out of there?



The original concept art for the Heroes version of Murky!





  • Murky can’t speak English, but he can write it.
  • Aside from the makrura that share the murloc language, the Protoss are the only ones who understand Murky. Literally. You have to be a mind reader to translate the gurgling.
  • In Nerglish, “Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle” can mean either “lil’ Timmy fell down a well” or “Brightwing’s about to eat your face.”
  • Murky’s favorite snack is the pufferfish, which also makes for a dangerous weapon!
  • Murky starts to stink after three days.
  • Licking a murloc will grant you visions, usually of you being mauled by an angry murloc.
  • Murky doesn’t like tartar sauce.
  • Murlocs were responsible for the death of Warchief Vol’jin’s father!
  • The Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain performed the song I Am Murloc at BlizzCon 2007. The song appears on the band’s fictional album ‘Udder Chaos’.

“I Am Murloc” Music Video

  • Players in World of Warcraft are able to summon a variety of cute and fearsome murloc pets that can be used in Pet Battles!
  • “He just keeps coming back. And I thought the zerg were persistent!” –Jim Raynor
  • “When Murky tells you to “clam up” it doesn’t mean what you think it means. Trust me.” –Tychus Findlay
  • “If at first you don’t succeed, die, die again!” –Murloc marching orders
  • “DING! 100,000 kills. Notice I didn’t say honorable.” –Murky
  • “I’m the gift that keeps on giving.” –Murky



Since their first appearance in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, many talented artists have sought to illustrate the enigmatic murloc race. Below are six fantastic pieces of fan art featuring Murky and other lively murlocs, which were submitted by talented artists from around the globe.


“Murky Plush” by Sofakitty “Murloc” by Izuael

“Murloc Video” by Mikael AnderssonFredrik Lindbom, and Kevin MacLeod



“Murlocr” by Isra “Captain Cookie” by Rui Zhang (linxz)



“”Run away!” by Yanmo Zhang(章彦末


Murlocs may appear colorful and somewhat simple to the casual observer, but they actually became unwittingly responsible for the shape of the present-day Horde in the Warcraft universe! Murloc attacks on the Darkspear troll tribe spurred the Warchief Thrall and his orc warriors to drive off the marauding murlocs and to form an alliance between the Darkspear Trolls and the Orcish Horde which lasts to the present day. This alliance between orcs and trolls would come to form the heart of the modern day Horde, who would later be joined by the tauren, Forsaken, blood elves, goblins and most recently, some members of the Pandaren race.

If you’re interested in learning more about murlocs, Murky, and the mystifying world they inhabit, make sure to check out the following related content:

You can check out some official art and screenshots featuring Murky and other murlocs below:






Murlocs as first seen in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos A murloc encampment in World of Warcraft













“You can kill me, but I’ll just keep coming back.”

We hope you’re enjoying our lively Murky week! What’s been your favorite part so far, and what else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!


Li Li – Brightwing – (April Fools!) Pajamathur – Tyrael – Tychus

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Heroes Tech Alpha Patch Notes, This Week’s Hero Rotation – April 29th

This Week’s Hero Rotation

Week of Tuesday, Apr. 29, 2014:

  • Barbarian
  • Demon Hunter
  • Illidan
  • Malfurion
  • Sgt. Hammer
  • Brightwing (Unlocked at Level 7)
  • Raynor (Free for all players in all game modes. More info here.)


Heroes Tech Alpha Patch Notes

 We’re in the process of releasing a new patch for the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha. Complete patch notes can be found below, and keep your eye on the April 29 Maintenance thread to find out when the Nexus is back online.


  • Custom Games have been disabled.
    • Attempting to create a Custom Game will now cause the following error message to display: “Error: Custom Games are not allowed.”

Heroes and Talents

  • Gust of Healing
    • Cooldown increased from 30 to 60 seconds
    • Healing pulses reduced from once per second over 5 seconds to once per second over 4 seconds.


  • Spend 20 stacks to Bribe a single Mercenary.
  • Maximum Bribe stacks that can be held at once reduced from 60 to 50.
  • A bribed Mercenary will cower in defeat, and a coin will appear above its head until the rest of the Merc Camp is Bribed or captured normally.


  • Metamorphosis Health scaling reduced from 150 (+78 per level) to 150 (+50 per level.)


  • Inspire cooldown increased from 12 to 15 seconds.
  • The Art of War slow search radius decreased from 8 to 5.

Bug Fixes

  • A bundle’s individual components can no longer be purchased separately if that bundle is already owned.
  • Blur effects no longer cause game screens to appear solid red when Shaders are set above Low on a Mac.

Progression System

  • Fixed an issue which incorrectly awarded 2000 Gold upon reaching both levels 4 and 5. Gold is no longer awarded at level 4, though level 5 still grants 2000 Gold.
  • Hero Quests were granting fewer experience points than intended, and now award the following XP amounts:
    • Quest 1: 150,000 XP
    • Quest 2: 300,000 XP
    • Quest 3: 750,000 XP
    • Quest 4: 1,125,000 XP
    • Quest 5: 2,250,000 XP
    • Quest 6: 3,000,000 XP

    (Please note: Neither of these progression system fixes are retroactive. If you earned 2000 gold by reaching level 4 before today’s patch, it’s yours to keep. Further, you will not receive additional XP to compensate for Hero Quest completed prior to today’s patch, but completing a Hero Quests from now on should reward the XP values above.)

Heroes and Talents

  • Tassadar’s Force Wall now correctly blocks pathing.
  • Li Li’s Blinding Wind can no longer affect Grave Golems.
  • Corrected an issue which caused Sgt. Hammer to deal less attack damage in Siege Mode than intended.
  • Several abilities and talents are now properly usable between the upper and lower levels of Haunted Mines.
    • Abathur – Symbiote
    • Brightwing – Phase Shift
    • ETC – Stage Dive
    • Nova – Precision StrikeTalents
    • Clairvoyance
    • MULE
    • Tyrande – Celestial Wrath


The Art of Xuezhi Wang, Magiclefty

A wonderful Heroes of the Storm  Community Creation.


The inhabitants of the Nexus and their visitors come in all shapes and sizes. From the smallest baby murloc up through the looming presence of the Lord of Terror, there are an impressive assortment of personalities that crave to test their skills on the many Battlegrounds scattered about the Nexus.

Illustrating Blizzard heroes vying for dominance is no easy task, but artist Xuezhi Wang, Magiclefty has created a number of impressive pieces of art featuring familiar heroes from the farthest reaches of Azeroth, Sanctuary, and the Koprulu Sector doing just that. In this Community Showcase, we wanted to share with you a small sample of this artist’s impressive body of work. Source


How many Blizzard heroes and creatures can you identify in the illustration above? Make sure to click it in order to see the full image!

“Little Guys with Big Minds” “Shielding from the Death”

“I Am the Swarm”

Interested in seeing more of Xuezhi Wang, Magiclefty’s work? Make sure to check out his gallery onDeviantART.

Are you working on any Blizzard fan creations or Heroes fan art? Make sure to tell us all about them over in our Community Creations forum!


Brightwing Hero Week

Another week, another new hero spotlight! Blizzard Entertainment provided further details about the one of the four new heroes revealed last week at PAX East 2014.

The spotlight now falls upon Brightwing, the faerie dragon.



Cute does not equal harmless, and Brightwing the Faerie Dragon is a mischievous little dragon with a big appetite who hails from the Warcraft universe. In Heroes of the Storm, Brightwing takes on the role of a high-mobility Support healer, so you’ll definitely want to stay on her good side when you battle in the Nexus!


BackgroundThe Faerie Dragons of Ashenvale are known for their playful demeanor, seemingly disappearing at a whim. The mischievous Brightwing is no exception, often materializing out of nowhere to save her allies, or simply to mock her foes. But don’t let her endearing appearance and upbeat attitude fool you: this brightly-colored, fluffy-antennaed, fairy-winged dragon has a fondness for fluttering through the meadow… and slaying enemy Heroes for the fun of it!

For an even more in-depth look into this feisty personality and her abilities, make sure to check outBrightwing’s all new Hero Page!


  • Instead of using a mount, Brightwing is able to teleport to an ally Hero using “Phase Shift” [Z]. This mobility-focused ability can be especially useful on Dragonshire, where Brightwing’s “Phase Shift” can help teammates secure objectives on the other side of the map.
  • Stay near your teammates! Brightwing’s combat trait “Soothing Mist” will automatically heal any allies next to her after a short amount of time.
  • “Arcane Flair” [Q] has a short cast time, so try using it as a zoning tool, rather than simply as a source of damage.
  • Use “Polymorph” [W] on huge targets such as Tassadar’s Twilight Messiah, Stitches, or Diablo!


Brightwing’s starting skin is a colorful addition to the menagerie of playable Heroes available in Heroes of the Storm. Just watch out – if she sends a thoughtful smile your way, she might be imagining how you’d taste slathered in BBQ sauce!


The newest Brightwing alternative skin we’re revealing is one that any aspiring royalty or butterfly aficionado is sure to appreciate!

  • • Monarch Brightwing – Just like the flawless butterfly from which she takes her name, Monarch Brightwing has many ways to sting. Kneel peasant! For you face the Monarch! And her wrath is cruel…




  • Brightwing comes from a long line of Faerie Dragons who first appeared in Warcraft III’s expansion Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, which premiered in 2003!
  • Faerie Dragons have also been called Sprite Darters and Fey Dragons.
  • While Faerie Dragons are not true dragons, they have a longstanding history within Azeroth.
  • Entrusted with protecting the Emerald Dream, Faerie Dragons have the unique ability to phase out of reality.
  • Faerie Dragons have long shared a kinship with the Night Elves, and after the second invasion of the Burning Legion, Malfurion Stormrage summoned Faerie Dragons from the realm of the Emerald Dream in order to help purge the Night Elf forests of demonic magics.
  • While Faerie Dragons were once called into service briefly during the night elves’ hunt for Illidan, the vast majority of them have since returned to the Emerald Dream. The only large populations left on Azeroth are located in the untainted forests of Feralas and Ashenvale, but some can also be found in Mount Hyjal, the Stonetalon Mountains, Tirisfal Glades, the Blade’s Edge Mountains, and even in Pandaria!
  • Despite Brightwing’s apparent preference for eating her playmates, in the World of Warcraft quest, “Food for Baby“, Agnar Beastamer reveals that Sprite Darters are actually omnivores.
  • In the World of Warcraft quest “Inciting the Elements,” players in Mount Hyjal are told to use tasty Juniper Berries in order to gain the trust of local Faerie Dragons so that they can reveal the location of stealthed enemies nearby. It’s like a game of hide and seek – berries for blood!
  • Players within World of Warcraft are able to summon a Faerie Dragon companion pet by obtaining aSprite Darter Egg.
  • The Sprite Darter Pet Journal entry from World of Warcraft reads – “These adorable critters love snuggling with their owners after a long day of brutal, bloody battle.”
  • Additionally, you can take to the skies of Azeroth atop a chroma-shifting Enchanted Fey Dragon in-game mount within World of Warcraft!
  • While few Faerie Dragons choose to speak, Brightwing has quite a lot to say!
  • Brightwing believes that nature is magic, and friendship is delicious!
  • Her favorite games are Heartstone, Hide and Eat, and Starving Starving, Faerie Dragon!
  • “The Emerald Dream is not a dream and has no emeralds. Deep thought. Head hurts now.” – Brightwing
  • A silly hunter tried to tame Brightwing once. Once.


Over the years, many talented artists have illustrated Faerie Dragons, Sprite Darters, and other Fey Dragons from the Warcraft universe. Below are two fantastic pieces of fan art and a cosplay featuring these colorful creatures, which were submitted by talented artisans from around the globe.


Sprite Darter” by IgorSan



Sprite Darter” by Noxychu Cosplay by Cosplay Py – Photography by Brent Allen Thale


Faerie Dragons have a longstanding history within the Warcraft universe, and their participation in various notable events is certain to have had a hand in shaping both Azeroth’s past and present. If you’re interested in encountering more of Brightwing’s kin, make sure to check out the following Blizzard games:

You can check out some official art featuring Faerie Dragons below:








“I love to play with my food, so we might as well be friends!”

We hope you enjoy Brightwing week! What’s been your favorite part so far, and what else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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Bundle Packs now available in Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard Entertainment launched today patch 29867 for Heroes of the Storm. The patch has introduced Bundle Packs to the Shop for those wanting to save money, better buy now!

To prepare you for glorious battle in the Nexus, we’ll be testing a series of bundle packs in Heroes of the Storm, each of which allows you to save at least 60% on select heroes, skins and mounts.

The screenshot below shows the Shop Bundle page where you can choose to buy the Warcraft Bundle, StarCraft Bundle or Diablo Bundle. There is an option to buy a Heroes of the Storm Bundle which contains a large bulk of all three franchises.


Check out this heavy payload of bundle deals below:


Starter Bundle –  Regularly $96.40.  Now $29.95!   Perfect for new recruits to the Nexus.

  • Elite Tauren Chieftain (includes Glam Metal E.T.C. Skin)
  • Stitches (includes Psycho Stitches Skin)
  • Nova (includes Roller Derby Nova Skin)
  • Gazlowe
  • Sgt. Hammer
  • Malfurion
  • Rainbow Unicorn Mount (“Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!”)



Warcraft Bundle  –  Regularly $49.98.  Now $19.95! – Mount up with the mighty warriors of Azeroth.

  • Falstad
  • Arthas (includes Lich Prince Arthas Skin)
  • Uther  (includes Lumberjack Uther Skin)
  • Warhorse Mount



Diablo Bundle  –  Regularly $47.45.  Now $18.95! – Bolster your hero collection with these battle-hardened veterans of the Eternal Conflict.

  • Witch Doctor
  • Tyrael (Includes Demonic Tyrael Skin)
  • Diablo (Includes Lurkablo Skin)




StarCraft Bundle  –  Regularly $49.98.  Now $19.95! –Save 60% and rollout with arguably the fiercest members of the Zerg, Protoss, and Terran races.

  • Kerrigan
  • Tassadar
  • Tychus (includes Infested Tychus Skin)
  • Cyberwolf Mount



These bundles are available now in the in-game Shop. So, if you’re in the Technical Alpha, be sure to lock in your favorite hero pack today!  We’ll see you soon in the Nexus.

From the Bullpen: Hero Lethality

Dustin Browder discusses more about decision making in Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a game that’s focused on strategy and team work. Our game is all about objectives, and working with and against the map and the enemy team in order win. Because each match features lots of tactical team fights, we’ve made some very specific choices about how quickly heroes can be killed. In general, our game is balanced around the team fight, and our tough heroes are designed to survive ferocious bursts from three to four enemy players. We are creating an experience where a team has a chance to do a few things before people start dying. Source


During the early part of the game, all heroes have all three of their main abilities unlocked and ready for use. We are also fairly generous with mana and energy costs so your abilities can be used fairly frequently. During this stage of the game, a surprise attack can kill low-health enemy heroes. If you take advantage of terrain, you can create ruthless two on one battles that can bring down an enemy. Warrior heroes (ETC and Muradin, for example) can be difficult to kill, even in two on one situations, since they have many abilities that allow them to control the battle. Once their mana gets low, warrior characters become much more vulnerable.


In the mid game, the objectives on the map start to become much more important. Players are probably levels 10 – 12, and heroic abilities are now a part of any serious engagement. Warrior heroes are even more difficult to kill, and support heroes are more powerful. Warriors in this part of the game need to be able to survive the focus fire from two or more enemies long enough that they can get a heal or use some of their abilities to break up an enemy formation. Support characters often have area-of-effect healing options, or other powerful support abilities that can help their entire team in a variety of ways.


In the end game (probably level 15+), the map objectives are now critical. Towns are now so weak compared to the power of the heroes that the only way to defend a town is with another hero. Bigger mercenaries or huge waves of the weaker mercenaries are common. Team fights are now the norm, with four to five heroes in every engagement on most maps. At this stage, Support heroes are very effective at keeping players alive. Warriors are tough, so they can survive burst attacks from an enemy team. Teamwork is required to overcome enemy formations that make good use of warrior and support characters.


In our alpha, these values have proven to be effective at creating the team-oriented Battleground game that we set out to make so many years ago. But we’re always willing to adjust our vision to make the best game we can. Further testing may show us a different way to go for game lethality, and we may change these values if we find through playtesting that this is not the most fun way to play Heroes of the Storm. Thanks again to everyone for helping us playtest the game.  =)

– Dustin Browder


Heroes of the Storm PAX EAST Preview

4 New Heroes will be revealed at the upcoming PAX East Event.


We’re gearing up to storm PAX East 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts and we’ve got more Heroes content for you than Stitches himself could consume. Read on to get a preview of everything awaiting you at the convention from April 11 – 13. Source

Heroes of the Storm: The Ultimate Blizzard Mashup

Take a break from real life and warp into the Nexus with our live discussion panel, Heroes of the Storm: The Ultimate Blizzard Mashup, in the Albatross Theatre at PAX East this weekend. During the panel, Game Director Dustin Browder, Senior Producer Kaeo Milker, and Senior Artist Phill Gonzales will be sharing a sneak peek at several exciting new heroes and skins, as well as answering questions from the audience. Once the panel wraps up, Kevin Knocke will join forces with Dustin Browder to get your heart racing with a fresh Heroes of the Storm showmatch commentary where you’ll be able to see the new heroes in action!

Whether you’re at PAX in-person or not, you’ll be able to catch the panel by tuning in to the live broadcast  at 10:30 a.m. EDT (7:30 a.m. PDT) on Friday, April 11.

Stop By and Play Heroes

While you’re cruising around the show floor, don’t forget to visit us at Booth #848, because we’ll be rockin’ all weekend long with swag giveaways,  Heroes shoutcasts, and interviews with PAX attendees — but that’s not all. We’ll also have a full-blown Heroes of the Storm play area, featuring a special, PAX-exclusive build where you can get some hands-on experience with a couple of brand new heroes! Come hang out at the booth to pick up a few goodies and get your brawl on with other attendees.

Enter to Win Heroes Goodies

Don’t worry if you’re not able to make it to Boston this year, because we’re bringing a bit of the PAX East experience directly to your front door. We kicked off our PAX Pack Giveaway earlier this week, and you can enter to win an epic assortment of Heroes gear by interacting with the official Heroes of the Storm Facebook and Twitter pages. Head here to enter and get all the juicy giveaway details.

Stay Tuned for More!

We’ll be recapping every bit of Heroes action from PAX right here on the official Heroes of the Storm website, so make sure to check back in frequently throughout the weekend to get all the latest details. What’s more, you may wish to check out Heroes on Facebook and Twitter this weekend, because we’ll be sharing Heroes booth coverage, videos from the convention, and much more so that you can stay on top of Heroes news in real-time over the next few days.

That’s a wrap for our pre-PAX coverage, because we’ve got a plane to catch. Join us on the live stream during the panel and, if you’ll be at the show, be sure to say hello at Booth #848.

We’ll see you at PAX!


From the Bullpen: Team XP and Leveling

Dustin Browder Shares Thoughts on Team Leveling and XP in Heroes of the Storm

When we first set out to make Heroes of the Storm, we had an idea of how the game should play. We imagined Support characters as pure healers moving to help their allies. We imagined Siege characters (now called Specialists) charging into battle, and clearing away enemy armies and fortifications with ease to make way for friendly forces. We imagined heroes claiming objectives like the Dragon Knight, or collecting Doubloons to gain the power of characters like the undead pirate, Blackheart.


When we first started, we had individual hero leveling like many games in the genre. We liked how it forced players to split up into different locations, and coming together was a cost and a risk. We also liked how individual experience rewarded players for doing well, and really encouraged players to do their best; knowing that they were falling behind if they started to give away too many victories.


We made a large number of tweaks to this system to make Support and Siege heroes work with individual leveling, and everything worked. –but then we ran into Abathur. Here was a hero who never went into battle at all. He hid back in base, and attacked the enemy from afar. This helped inspire us to consider the possibility of more extreme heroes in the future. What if we had more heroes who supported the team in strange ways?


We were also running into trouble where players didn’t want to leave a battle in order to engage with a map objective or help an ally. Moving to capture a Dragon Shrine was a very risky move if it cost you experience and you fell behind in levels. Players were too fearful to move away from enemy minions to actually engage with the various locations and characters on our Battlegrounds. When we played, we noticed that the players that were actually doing the most to help their team by fighting over Battleground objectives were often several levels behind.


Moving from one part of the Battleground to another to heal an ally or kill an enemy was also risky.  If you did it too often you would find yourself behind in levels. With individual leveling, all players had to stay in a lane next to a battle most of the time.


This was not the freeform strategic experience we were hoping for.


We started to experiment with team leveling. In this new system, many elements (like killing towns) give map-wide experience to the whole team, even if there is nobody near the town when it is destroyed. Enemy minions give experience so long as someone is nearby to collect the experience. If you have two heroes near an enemy minion when it dies you do not collect double experience. As long as you have a single hero next to a battle you are collecting the maximum experience from that battle for your team.


Team leveling solved a lot of problems for our game. Characters like Abathur just worked. All of our Battlegrounds were suddenly alive with possibility. Players had the freedom to go where they wanted to go, when they wanted to go there, with the knowledge that their allies were helping them by collecting the experience that minions created. At any given time one to three players on each team could be anywhere they wanted to be. They were free to roam to help their team, kill enemies, or complete map objectives with full knowledge that their allies were still getting maximum experience from the Battleground.


Teams that try to send all five players to one location can continue to do so, but at a severe cost.  If the other team is split up, the team that is all-in at one location will find itself falling behind in levels.


In the end, this was what it was all about. Creating an environment where it was easy to cross lanes to help one another, or kill an enemy. We want an environment where you can all run to a Cursed Hollow tribute, or everyone can do a mad-dash for a Dragon Shrine, secure in the knowledge that your allies have your back.


I hope that helps people understand what we are doing, and why. As always, your feedback for our Alpha is greatly appreciated, and has already helped us make Heroes of the Storm a better game.


Blizzard at PAX EAST 2014!

Blizzard Entertainment announced their schedule and plans for their exhibition at PAX East, an event celebrated in Boston.

Blizzard will be at Booth #848 showcasing a World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor demo, a hands-on playable version of the Hearthstone on iPad, a brand-new demo of Heroes of the Storm with new heroes not available yet in the Technical Alpha, and a panel to be presented at the Albatross Theatre on Friday, April 11 at 10:30a.m.

Calling all Heroes, we’ve got something new to show you, and we’re bringing it to PAX East! If you’re attending, be sure to grab your shield and sword and join us at BOOTH #848! Head over for your chance to play an all-new Heroes demo featuring brand-new Heroes (playable for the very first time only at PAX), live in-booth shoutcasts, and more! And don’t forget to arrive early and join Blizzard developers at the Albatross Theatre on Friday, April 11 at 10:30 a.m. EDT for Heroes of the Storm: The Ultimate Blizzard Mashup. If you’re not attending PAX East this year (or you’re already overloaded from all the epicness on display at the show), fear not— the entire panel will be streamed live on the official PAX Twitch channel. Source

For those who prefer their information in bullet format, here’s a big list of what all you can expect at this year’s Blizzard booth:

  • Warlords of Draenor hands-on demo featuring updated character models and the intro experience for the upcoming expansion.
  • Hands-on time with the in-development Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition™, playable on PlayStation 4.
  • A chance to find out what’s in the cards for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and play the mobile version on iPad.
  • A brand-new demo for Heroes of the Storm, featuring new Heroes playable for the first time anywhere outside of Blizzard.
  • Blizzard developers will be on-hand to chat about your favorite games.
  • Blizzard developers will also be giving a presentation at the Albatross Theatre on Friday, April 11 at 10:30 a.m. EDT titled Heroes of the Storm: The Ultimate Blizzard Mashup (streamed live on one of the official PAX Twitch channels for those not in attendance).
  • And did we mention there will be giveaways, prizes, and more? If not . . . there will be giveaways, prizes, and more!


Head on over to for panel schedules and hotel and travel information.


We hope to see you there!


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