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Heroes Rising – Part 2 – Online Qualifiers

Heroes rising is “A community event unlike any other in eSports history, Heroes Rising is a crowdfunded Heroes of the Storm tournament series.” The Heroes community has successfully funded this event and has now blown past every stretch goal they have set. The ten featured teams will now have players selected for an all star showmatch to be streamed on Friday, January 8th, there will now be an upgraded stream featuring Jimmy Blocksom and Josh Howard, as well as an event to celebrate the success of the event on Sunday with everyone able to attend. This event is free to attend so if you are in the Santa Ana area make sure you see it live. In the previous article we talked to the event staff and the invited teams and how they were looking forward to this first North American tournament.

Tiffany Chiu eSports Arena speaks for eSports Arena 

“The immense amount of support that the Heroes of the Storm community has generated for Heroes Rising is, to me, truly humbling. I am so excited and honored to have this opportunity to create this tournament for all the players and fans. The eSports Arena team has been working day and night to make Heroes Rising the best that it can be, and we are so pumped! I can’t wait to see who will be crowned the champions.”


Team Blaze is widely known in and out of the Nexus with top tier plays and a particularly fun twitter account where they are never afraid to speak their own mind. Expressing their confidence moving forward they go on to say:

“Tem Blaze is looking forward to its first of many LAN events this 2016 season. Team Blaze has had a solid, stable roster and is looking forward to show off our innovative gameplay at Heroes Rising. #TeamBlazeFighting”

“This unshakable confidence is exactly what can be expected out of this team as we look forward to seeing them blazing their way into 2016.”

Team Blank qualified in the online event and went right into analysis. This is what they have to say about moving forward into this event and how they’ve prepared themselves to fight with fellow titans in the Heroes competitive scene.


Mimi Linch the manager of Blank says ”We’re really excited for the opportunity to compete in our first LAN tournament as a team. Having said that, we’ve been putting a lot of effort into researching strategy and honing our individual skills as players – we are coming into this tournament extremely well prepared. We plan on coming into the scene as a very strong team in 2016, and can’t think of a better way of doing that than performing well at the Heroes Rising tournament.”

Bob Ross Fan Club has been heavily dominating the field of play and are a huge fan favorite inside the eSports community. The world will be watching them and their newest edition to the team Fan Yang previously on Cloud9. They join the many teams who are making adjustments to their rosters to come out full force in this New Year.

“We’re extremely excited to be attending Heroes Rising at eSports Arena for our first event of 2016. Bob Ross Fan Club has been going through a roster change, but we’re confident in placing top two with the addition of Fan to our lineup. It really means a lot to not just our team, but the whole professional scene to see the community willing to help fund the player’s livelihood in the off season. We hope you guys are pleased with our showing and thank you for all of the support you’ve given us thus far!”

“Team Ovo talked to us about how they felt internally and externally going into the Heroes Rising event including the difficulties and challenges they’ve had to overcome”

“The team feels really good going into Heroes Rising. We honestly probably have the hardest bracket out of all the teams going to the event, but we’re not sweating it. Team morale is really good, we never get mad or argue and we always have a level head. This causes us to always have a clear mind under pressure. We know we’re the underdogs in the eyes of the community, but we’re confident if we stick to our game plans and play our very best we can take down any team. We have extremely talented mechanically players on our roster so as long as we make good decisions, draft correctly, and play at our best we can get the wins. Either way we’re really looking to prove ourselves in the NA scene and let people know we’re going to be a team to beat in 2016 and we can’t wait!”


King of Blades came right out of left field appearing in the scene and have been having great success with jumping into the fray right away. The team talks about themselves and their future goals.

“King of Blades is a new, up and coming professional team and organization.  We’d like to set the standard on how a professional team acts on and off of the stage.  Moving forward, we believe it is only a matter of time until eSports is universally recognized as a true sport.  In that event, our players will set the example of how professional athletes present themselves in this industry.  Our team and organization was built in order to uplift the gaming community as a whole through our creation of the Storm Lords tournament and to make Heroes of the Storm one of the greatest games in eSports. “


That gives us a look at the ten teams moving forward into Heroes Rising the crowdfunded community event being hosted at eSports Arena in Santa Ana California. The event is 100% free to attend and as stated earlier has already met and gone past their stretch goals. There is still time to fund this event please check out the links below to see how you can make this an amazing way to kick off 2016.


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Heroes Rising – Invited teams Part 1


esports-arena-logoIf you love eSports and you live in Santa Ana you are likely already familiar with eSports Arena. They are North America’s first dedicated eSports facility and they have already been taking the area by storm with their fantastic events. They’ve crowdfunded yet another amazing Heroes of the Storm tournament, taking place on Saturday, January 9th at 11:00 am and January 10th at 8:00 PM PST. The crowdfunded money has been put to good use, flying prominent Heroes teams out and creating a hefty prize pool to boot! They’ve raised enough to make the event absolutely free to attend for everyone. It will also be live streamed at With 5 days remaining to back the project they have already exceeded their goal and are now looking to hit stretch goals to make the event even more enjoyable, such as All-Star show matches and even an after-party!


The arena’s staff has a particular love affair with Heroes of the Storm, and this event was brought to life by Tiffany Chu, Mellina Kong and other amazing members of the community. The tournament brings in teams that were both directly invited and teams that placed in an online qualifier. It’s the first tournament of the year for many of these teams and they all want to show what they have to offer coming into this new year.


Before the North American Storm

This weekend’s tournament had some of the most exciting matches I have ever had the privellege of watching but before we entered the bay doors at the Las Vegas convention center I was awarded the opportunity to speak with some of the teams. I wanted to get an in depth look of what the players were thinking and feeling before the tournament began. In this column the focus will be going over some of the players thoughts not only on the matches that were coming up but some if the insights they had for the game and some of the things they would like to see implemented and can give you an insight to the thoughts going through these top teams minds.


The Professionals speak about Heroes of the Storm

How long have we all been a part of the Blizzard universe? For some of us we have been with it from it’s birth in the early 90’s and watched it blossom into the mature adult it is now. Blizzard has created multiple universes that enticed, enthralled, and captivated our hearts.

Lauralania interview Heroes of the Storm community

What is it that makes Heroes of the Storm such an Earth-shattering game in such a short amount of time? Blizzard has listened to its fans and brought the best heroes and villains from all across the realms together in a fight for supremacy.

Experienced Blizzard gamer, the gold making mage, Elvinelol said: "Heroes of the Storm is awesome for any Blizzard franchise lover! All those iconic characters from other games we all love and played!"

This statement holds true. No matter what game you have enjoyed from Blizzard Entertainment, there is something for everyone. For those who have no experience with Blizzard games it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the characters without being overwhelmed by all the different lore. With matches ranging anywhere from 10-30 minutes on average, it makes it easy to engage for all ages and audiences.

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