BlizzCon 2015 Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive Panel Transcript

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Phill: You guys saw this right? Cho’gall is the first heroic two-headed ogre in the Warcraft universe. In 1995, we introduced him in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, and if you guys don’t have a calendar that means you’ve missed 20 of Cho’gall’s birthdays; but when he was 17, we had vision sync meeting back in 2012 and we really, really gravitated towards Cho’gall.



The ogres are fantastic characters, his silhouette is amazing; he is one of the biggest characters we have and at the time we were blazing ahead like crazy people making as many characters as we could because we’re having so much fun blending these universes together in the Nexus.



This is a really, really early screenshot. Cho’gall had just gotten his tattoos done, and you can see a lot of details like team color and things that aren’t in the game now; but at this time this is a key example of what our roster was doing. We were just increasing the roster as quickly as possible and then we stopped, because we made a very significant decision to implement the talent system.



The talent system adds so much depth, so much creativity. It gives us tons of options for hero designs and then implementing the talent system, we downsized the roster to about 10 heroes for a while; and we really focused on making that talent system work. Cho’gall has been waiting 3 years to impress you guys.



So he’s here now and he’s very, very special because having a conjoined twin means we have two very-very distinct personalities. We have Cho who fancies himself a bit of a bruiser, and we got Gall who’s a lot more cast-oriented; and we looked at all that rich history in the vision sync meeting after discussing all the implementation plans, the design, the art, the effects, all those aesthetics, the implementation, and we said: “Okay, here’s what we have to work with.”

In Warcraft II, we have literally three pieces of artwork of Cho’gall. We have an in-game sprite that’s team colored purple and a unique portrait and a portrait drawing in the manual.



Okay is that it? No, it turns out he didn’t die in Warcraft II. He was hanging out in AQ40 getting hocked up on C’Thun’s brainwaves. He’s starting to mutate. They’re evolving his design which was really interesting.



He had some cool new armor that reflected his chieftain status of the Twilight’s Hammer clan, but he’s also starting to mutate. He’s on his way to becoming that epic raid boss that we fought in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and man he changed a lot.



He worked out, he’s in great shape; but he got body eyeballs, he got back spikes, he’s got worm beard and bird beak; he is going through some major, major design and visual changes; and something that we immediately identified was what depiction of Cho’gall do we want to use?



The ogre fantasy is something we’re very, very interested in immersing the players in. The fact that it’s two conjoined personalities working together, and we felt that it would be a lot more interesting to go to Cho’gall’s roots as an up-and-coming raid boss; and really gravitating towards that original ogre fantasy while incorporating a lot of those design elements that were manifesting on his way to becoming an ultimate evil.



Things like the armor design I pointed out, we were able to bring that onto the ogre and make him very, very cool; and the Twilight’s Hammer didn’t really exist in Warcraft II. It’s great to be able to borrow that weapon.

Borrowing things like this is a lot of the fun of designing these heroes visually and design-wise; and something that was a really fun experience was developing this master skin.



Like I said, Cho’gall fancies himself a bruiser and he’s got all that bruiser armor that we saw from the World of Warcraft ogre camps while Gall on the other hand is a caster and is very much looking like an ogre mage.

It’s so fun to develop these heroes to make all these decisions to bring them to the most heightened version of themselves in the Nexus; and the best thing about the master skin of Cho’gall is that nipple spike. Thank you so much! I’m going to turn it back over to Kent-Erik to talk about the hero design.



Browse these pages:IntroLunaraGenn GreymaneHero Design: Genn Greymane
Cho'gallHero Design: Cho'gallPanel Q&A

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