BlizzCon 2016 Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive Panel Transcript

Panel Q&A

I have a question about death animations. I don’t want to see Ragnaros rag doll, and I don’t like seeing Diablo rag doll, or any other Protoss character rag doll. You guys have an amazing art team, and I know you got a million things in your backlog; but I feel there is a minimal effort, maximum reward on something as small as death animations. So I asked this question last year, and a lot of people seem to like it when I talk to them. Is there ever going to be death animations in your game?


Phill: It’s a feature that we definitely want to implement, it’s just the prioritization of it, and when we can get it in. Thank you for the feedback though. I appreciate it.

Ed: I like the Ragnaros dropping down with the thumb up. That’s a good one.



These multiclass heroes that you are talking about making now, there are some of my favorites in the genre with heroes such as Windrunner and Natalya from other games. While these jack-of-all-trades heroes often sound good on paper, one of the biggest difficulties when designing them is to maintain an iconic and powerful feeling compared to heroes with a more static. Can you comment on the sort of challenges a multiclass hero brings to development, and do you feel that you have conquered all these challenges with Varian?


Kent-Erik: Sure, when making him multiclass what we really wanted to do was we wanted to make you lock into a specific choice. So after you make those choices at 4 and 10, you can’t change and you are statically bound for the rest of that game into those choices. You don’t have all the access. You don’t have like a Swiss army knife that has all these tools. You are locked into those specific choices. I think that is going to do a lot to keep Varian in the places where he needs to be per each game. Thank you.



So Samuro has entered the Nexus, and he has arguably had one of the strongest impacts of any hero that has come in to Heroes of the Storm. How do you feel about his launch and why do you think he is having such a strong effect on bans; and he’s basically first banned all the time. I just kind of want to get your feelings about where you think he stands right now?


Alex: Yeah, he does a lot of damage that’s why he gets banned a lot. Overall, he is just probably stronger than we want, in fact we have some nerfs coming in next week. Yeah, quick match rejoice. We are going to tone him down some. That is the majority of it. He is just too strong.



When you are creating character skins, I’m thinking of a big burly hero like Diablo, I know you are you trying to keep a similar silhouette so that when you see the hero you always know it is Diablo. Would we ever see a Diablo III skin where it is still Diablo, but it is kind of skinnier in different parts without the same silhouette? The other question is I’m thinking of scale. You talk about putting Ragnaros next to all the other characters to see how big and burly he is, so what happened to little Azmodan who my other favorite boss is taking up 75% of your screen and is really giant?


Ed: He is a really good example because he’s got such a strong silhouette by himself that we can kind of shrink him down and you’ll never not think that that’s Ragnaros. So some heroes can kind of break the rules a little bit, but other ones they have very similar heroes to them that we try to make sure that we always have a separation.

Phill: In regards to that Diablo III skin, it is almost done.



When are we going to get some more Blizzard Classic love like the Lost Vikings’ evil alien emperor, the Rock’n Roll Racers?


Kent-Erik: I think that is something we are super excited about. We also have to ask the question like how many people actually played Blackthorne? I know in this audience there had better be about 80% of you guys, I want to see some raised hands for Blackthorne here. It’s definitely something that’s on our radar like we have that little B button in the heroes select screen, so we haven’t forgotten about it. Give it time.



First of all level 20 Artanis, thank you for that. You mentioned earlier when you showed the picture of Varian with all the other characters, you said almost all of them are already in the game. I noticed Zul’jin was in there. Any chance of that?


Phill: You noticed that Amani warbear in the opening ceremony? Good eye.

Kent-Eric: That’s a nice bear.



A number of other Blizzard games like StarCraft and Diablo have clan or guild systems, are there any plans for that, and if not do you have any thoughts on that for helping foster community in the game?


Kent-Erik: Oh my gosh, I want that yesterday. Like so badly. We are definitely working towards clans. I can’t say when it will come out because we’re going to do it right. We’re going to work really hard do it right. We have lots of really cool ideas for stuff you could do with clans. None of which I can say because it will probably all change tomorrow, but it’s definitely on the forefront of our mind. We want to do it.



Thanks, I love your game. Do you ever plan on introducing any kind of MMR decay, because there’s literally zero movement at the top from the people who go away for a long time and they come back to the game. There is no downside to that. The second question is… Where is Alleria? Sylvanas has been in the Nexus alone long enough.


Kent-Erik: I mean have they even found Alleria in Azeroth? As for MMR decay, for that question with the clans, we have the State of the Game panel at 4:00pm (I think). It is on the main stage at 4:00pm. Definitely, check it out. The guys who work on that stuff will be there. I know they are talking about clans and I think that they will talk about MMR, and MMR decay. It is something we are actively looking at how we can continue to make the ranked play system even better. I’m a hardcore ranked guy myself, I’m playing it every day, and I definitely want to see these things in there as well. I think we have time for one more question.



My question is around spectator mode. That is one of my favorite things from a previous MOBA I played, and I think it would be really good for watching other people play in eSports, and that sort of thing?


Kent-Erik: I guess live spectate also would be really awesome. It is like the same team though, I’d be working on clans and in-game voice chat and MMR stuff. Again, it’s something I’ve been dying for, for like two years like “come on, live spectate, I want to watch my friend before I jump into a game.” We’d like to do it, definitely.


Erik-Kent: One more, one more.

Ed: Bring the Murloc.

Erik-Kent: You are so dedicated.

Phill: Get that murloc over here.

Erik-Kent: We love murlocs at Blizzard.

Boy, This is weird, and really awkward, because I was going to ask the same question. I have been commentating for the past couple of years, since Alpha, and I have been wondering when we would be able to live spectate. I really want that because it is hard to kinda find some random games HOTS slots.


Eric-Kent: We will do.



Phill: Thank you, guys.

Eric-Kent: Thank you, all.

BlizzCon 2016 Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive Panel Transcript
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