Blizzplanet Review: Chromie in Heroes of the Storm

Chromie in Heroes of the Storm is an excellent long-range assassin hitting targets far from their normal view range. She is tiny, but packs a heavy punch with the appropriate Talent spec. Sadly, her main ability does no damage to minions, but she’s a force to be reckoned with against Heroes. Casting Sand Blast can be tricky and requires practice due to its 1 sec delay. Sometimes the enemy player moves away before the Sand Blast cast goes through. So it’s bit of luck and timing, and guessing the direction where the enemy might go. These are her main abilities.

sand-blastSand BlastAfter 1 second, fire a missile that deals 855 damage to the first enemy Hero hit. Mana: 20. Cooldown: 3 sec.
dragons-breathDragon's BreathFire a blast into the air that lands after 1.5 sec, dealing 965 damage to eenmies in an area. Enemies cannot see where the blast will land. Mana: 70. Cooldown: 14 sec.
time-trapTime TrapPlace a Time Trap that arms and Stealths after 2 sec. The first enemy Hero to touch it will be put into Stasis for 2 sec. Only 1 trap can exist at once. Mana: 50. Cooldown: 18 sec.
timewalkerTimewalker (Passive)You've traveled to the future, and as such, will learn your Talents 1 level earlier than your teammates!


Chromie: Assassin DPS Talent Build

My favorite build can do a lot of damage if Chromie is unattended by enemy players.

[tooltip tip="Compounding Aether: After hitting 25 Heroes with Sand Blast increase its damage by 100."]sand-blast[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Piercing Sands: Sand Blast will now hit the first two Heroes in its path."]sand-blast[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Dragon's Eye: Dragon's Breath does 25% more damage to enemies in the center."]dragons-eye[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Slowing Sands: Place a sand vortex that greatly slows enemies inside it. The longer it is active the more it slows, up to 50% after 5 sec. Mana: 4 per sec. Cooldown: 5 sec"]slowing-sands[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Reaching Through Time: Increases Sand Blast and Dragon's Breath's range by 25%."]reaching-through-time[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Shifting Sands: Hitting an enemy Hero with Sand Blast increases your Ability Power by 10% for the next 10 sec. This bonus can be stacked up to 50% and the duration is refreshened whenever you damage enemy Heroes with Sand Blast."]sand-blast[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Past and Future Me: After casting Sand Blast, leave an echo of yourself behind. The next time you cast Sand Blast, the echo also casts an untalented Sand Blast that does 50% damage."]sand-blast[/tooltip]



chromieOne of my favorite strategies in the Towers of Doom map after level 10 can be seen below. When we are attempting to claim the bottom tribute, I immediately seal the wider enemy entrance with Slowing Sands. Any enemy attempting to go through there will get slowed down, and my team can do serious damage. If someone manages to get through, he has to deal with slow sands again in order to escape. Placing a Slowing Sands there forces the enemy to go through the narrower, more dangerous entrance. That’s a bottleneck, and only one player at a time can go through it.

I also place a Time Trap at the narrow entrance. It’s likely you can win that tribute as it discourages the enemy from trying once an enemy player dies to this setup.



Here is another setup in the Battlefield of Eternity using Slowing Sands and Time Trap to control the flow, and prevent ambushes.



There is a variation of this build where instead of Slowing Sands, you pick Temporal Loop as a Ultimate talent. Basically, the enemy player affected by it will get teleported back to the spot where you first applied the debuff. In that case you press R + W + Q combo, which applies Temporal Loop to the target, followed by a Dragon’s Breath and a Sand Blast.

I am having a great time playing as Chromie, and have marked her as a favorite. Is this build good? Let me put it this way: I own 51 Heroes in Heroes of the Storm. Of those 50, 15 are level 10. 21 are level 9. I have Chromie currently at level 9 and she is my second MOST KILLS AS hero, with a 52% WIN RATE. Give her a try, and practice.

My Statistics below:

Screenshot2016-05-27 11_55_50



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