Blizzplanet Takes a Spin with the Heroes of the Storm 7-Day Stimpack

There has been a few discussions around the community about the Stimpack. I won’t take a side on the controversy. I purchased the 7-Day Stimpack for a hands-on experience to share my findings with you.

First, the 7-Day Stimpack lasts 7 real days, and not time played. For time played I mean– you play 4 hours today. Three days later you play 4 hours. A week later you play 5 hours. That’s a total of 13 hours played, but that’s not what counts, it is the 7 days of this week.

”Stimpacks increase the amount of experience earned per match by 100% and gold earned per match by 150%. If you currently have an active Stimpack, purchasing or receiving an additional Stimpack will extend your current Stimpack duration. Stimpacks start to deplete at the time of purchase and will not pause if you are logged out of the game, or if you are logged in but not actively playing. Maintenance does not extend the duration of a Stimpack.”

The scheduled maintenance times for Heroes of the Storm™ are listed below by region:

  • Americas Region: Tuesday 1:00AM PST – 11:00AM PST
  • Europe Region: Tuesday 4:00PM PST – Wednesday 2:00AM PST
  • Asia Region: Wednesday 1:00PM PST – 10:00PM PST


In terms of Gold, when you win a game you earn 30 Gold. With the Stimpack you earn 75 Gold instead. Below you can see two screenshots of the scoreboard after winning a game. The first one is without Stimpack. The second is with Stimpack.

When I purchased Stimpacks, my Valla was a few XP into level 9. I was over 4 million XP away from level 10. Usually the gap between level 9 and level 10 takes several days and several hours of gameplay. I would say between 5-7 days, 3-4 hours each day. Probably somewhere around 30-40 games from level 9 to reach level 10. With Stimpacks, I reached level 10 in 1 day. I was sitting at 6 days of Stimpacks left.

Screenshot2014-12-20 23_55_27

Not just that — in the next 24 hours after getting Valla to level 10, I also purchased Murky with Stimpacks on and all it took me to reach level 3 was to play one single game (Wow!!!). Usually it takes a few games to accomplish that without Stimpacks. I left playing Murky at level 5 to earn 500 gold (all heroes level 5 earn 500 gold bonus). After that, on the same second day I decided to play as Muradin who was left for many days at level 6 and with stimpacks I drove him to level 8 in no time. To put that in perspective, I woke up at 10:30am today and started playing as Muradin. I started writing this article at around 1:40pm. So it took me probably 2-3 hours to go up two levels.

I had a few breaktimes though– to check email, and read some comics and science news articles though. What? I’m a geek… so?


Some players don’t like to buy Heroes with cash. Some might have the Pokemon mindset (Gotta have them all!) and wish to collect several heroes. The bundle packs with a bunch of heroes and skins sometimes cost $39.99 or some high numbers below that. Maybe you don’t care about the skins and only want to collect the Heroes. You don’t have to buy them with cash if you don’t want — but let’s be realistic … you dont’ want to spend an eternity playing game after game to earn the gold for your collection of heroes.

Let’s put it into perspective. The last account wipe was done on September 28, 2014. Today is December 21.

My goal with Heroes of the Storm is to collect all the Heroes. Gives me a sense of accomplishment and of securing real estate: “This is mine, and it cost me sweat and blood.” I was able to purchase 15 Heroes out of 32, so far. How did I accomplish that? My recommendation is to play all the Heroes available in the Free-Heroes-Week and level them up to level 5. All of them.


32 Heroes by 500 gold each (at level 5) = 16,000 gold
Add to that the daily quests which grant randomly 200 gold up to 800 gold.
Add to that each game rewards 20 gold (winners get a 10 gold bonus: 30 gold total)

Now — it took me 84 days since September 28th’s last account wipe to accomplish buying 14 Heroes with gold (forgot I purchased Jaina for $9.99), and to have six level 10 Heroes.

I am disabled and don’t have a job — which gives me a lot of time of spare time to play. Put that in context with the available time you have to play the game, and you might be able to extrapolate how long it will take you to match my achievements and progress. Doesn’t look so bright, I guess. Thus, I recommend the 7-Day or 30-Day Stimpack to help you reach your goals in Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm closed beta begins on January 13. Are you ready? Better check out your account and set the beta opt-in for Heroes and Overwatch.

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