Bow before him, mortals!

The time has come for the arrival of Ragnaros the Firelord

You have likely already seen our recent post detailing Ragnaros and his abilites, difficulty and skill set. Here’s some extra information about the Firelord and why you should care.

Who is Ragnaros?  Ragnaros is the master of all fire elementals. He originally appeared in World of Warcraft in the Molten Core raid as the final encounter.  Ragnaros wields the mighty Sulfuras and rains fire down upon his enemies. He strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies when he shouts, “By fire be purged!”

Why should I care?  According to Blizzard they wanted Ragnaros to have a truly “raid boss” feel and a lot of work went into accomplishing this. Ragnaros has two sets of abilities. One in his hero form and a separate set of skills when he takes on his raid boss form through his trait “Molten Core”, temporarily physically taking the place of an allied keep or a destroyed enemy keep. Ragnaros fulfills a unique space as an anti push melee assassin.

He is effective against team’s that attempt to push a lane hard because he will provide the keep with a separate health bar and can defend until reinforcements come. He could be seen as an effective counter to Sylvanas because her trait will not affect him in the same way it would a keep.

He can wreak devastation and chaos upon an enemy team attempting to escape by pincering them.
(Credit to MFPallytime)

He can also siege the enemy team from relative safety during an objective or hard push a lane by utilizing his heroic “Lava Wave”. His heroic will actually soak xp regardless of whether or not somebody is in the lane!

But is Ragnaros for me?  Well, if you enjoy melee assassins who are somewhat on the squishier side but with some healthy sustain, two forms and two sets of abilities, a unique trait with strong play potential and good wave clear you’re going to enjoy Ragnaros. He’s a hero with that larger than life feel who can turn fights through a well timed Lava Wave or with clever use of Molten Core. If you’re looking for some old school WoW nostalgia you’re going to enjoy hearing Ragnaros demand, “Be gone from my realm!” or if you just like fire you’re going to enjoy scorching your enemies. Once again Ragnaros shows Blizzard isn’t afraid to push the envelope with heroes. Until next time, see you in the Nexus!

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