Butcher Guide – Fresh Meat

This build makes the Butcher a fearsome DPS hero in a one-on-one combat at a lane, or in objective locations, however be careful when more enemy heroes show up. Remember the Butcher is not a tank, and as such you must rely in hit and run tactics when surrounded by more than two enemy players.

[tooltip tip="Invigoration: If Hamstring hits a Hero, half of the Mana cost is refunded and the cooldown is reduced by 1 sec."]hamstring[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Flail Axe: Increases the length of Hamstring by 40%."]hamstring[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Abattoir: Increases the maximum number of Fresh Meat to 35, and you only lose half upon death."]fresh-meat[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Lamb of the Slaughter: Throw a hitching post that attaches to the nearest enemy Hero after a 1 second delay. This deals 90 damage and causes the enemy to be chained to the post for 4 sec.

Cooldown: 60 sec."]lamb-to-the-slaughter[/tooltip]
[tooltip tip="Crave Flesh: While an enemy is affected by Butcher's Brand, you gain 30% Movement Speed."]butchers-brand[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Blood Frenzy: Fresh Meat also increases your Attack Speed by 1% per stack."]fresh-meat[/tooltip][tooltip tip="Nexus Blades: Basic attacks deal 20% more damage and slow the target for 1 sec."]nexus-blade[/tooltip]

Invigoration isn’t very useful in the first minutes as you focus more on gathering fresh meat at the lane to increase your damage. Later on, mid-game, other talents may benefit from Invigoration which costs no mana. More on that shortly.

Flail axe increases the length of Hamstring 40%. Combined with Invigoration every 3 seconds and at no mana cost — Hamstring helps your teammates kill a fleeing enemy player. Flail Axe helps you escape by slowing down your enemy every 3 sec at a long range. Eventually, the enemy will feel discouraged from chasing you as they may think you are leading them to a trap.

Abattoir is excellent to dealing more damage by increasing the fresh meat stack from 25 to 35, and protecting half of your fresh meat upon death so that you get back to the game with enough damage bonus.

My hero talent of choice is Lamb of the Slaughter. In one-on-one combat, the enemy quickly realizes that his health is dropping to half and you are healing up with Butcher’s brand. So their reaction is to flee. That’s when you drop Lamb of the Slaughter — chaining him for 4 seconds. Finish the enemy up. If he survives, charge at him followed by Hamstring to slow him down. If you have two or more teammates near you, you can bunch up on the enemy player affected by Lamb of the Slaughter. The fact it has a lower cooldown than Furnace Blast makes it even more valuable as it is used more often to secure takedowns.

Crave Flesh begins to make your Butcher pretty fearsome. You gain a 30% movement speed for 5 seconds when applying it. You are using Hamstring with Invigoration and Flail Axe (no mana cost and 40% range), the enemy will panic unable to shake you off. Make sure to team up with an assassin. They will benefit the most with an enemy permanently slowed down. If you are in a hairy situation and need to flee, cast Crave Flesh on the nearest enemy to gain movement speed for 5 sec to get away.

Blood Frenzy increases your basic attack damage by 1% per stack. Putting that into context, let’s say you have 35 stacks of fresh meat already. That’s 35% attack speed. If you check out the tooltip, it doesn’t mention an expiration for attack speed. You keep it unless you die.

Add to that Nexus blades which increases your Basic attack damage by 20% and slows the target for 1 sec. In conclusion, you get a pretty good DPS build. Just be careful. You are not a tank. The video below shows this talent build in action (except for Lamb of the Slaughter) — with 37 takedowns, 2 deaths, and a win in the Battlefield of Eternity battleground.

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