Chronicle of Players that Surrender in Heroes of the Storm

Kotaku recently published an apt article addressing the often seen surrender of players who grow frustrated with dying, or losing ground in a mercenary camp or an objective.

I have personally participated in such matches where one member starts trash talking or verbally expressing disappointment, deciding to sit at the spawning point and do nothing but let the enemy team takedown the base core. Sometimes even two players surrendering.

Playing a match where people have given up is really frustrating and makes things even harder for the remaining players. It turns into a 4v5 or 3v5 match. Why is it so difficult to fight until the core is down, or until you take the enemy team’s core?

When you participate in a marathon, even the last one crossing the goal, crosses it. That person knows he is not the winner, but the common sense thing to do is to finish your challenge, and never give up.

If you play Basketball, the losing party keeps playing until the last minute. You rarely see any player leave the basketball court. Or Baseball, or even Tennis.

Why does one leave a video game match, then? It’s difficult to fathom the reason or various reasons that lead one to be so frustrated as to give up.

Of course, playing a video game requires a lot of mental stamina and quick reflexes, rapid series of thoughts and decision making. Far much than any other sports requires or demands.

Nevertheless, you play with a community of like-minded players, and there must be a behavior etiquette, even if there is nothing to enforce it nor is it stated in-game.

There are many types of surrendering, however:

  • The player who sits still at the base waiting for the inevitable end of the game.
  • The anti-social who blames everyone, and trash talks throughout the match. Not sitting, but keeps destroying the team’s morale.
  • The one who keeps playing, but says the game is over, and doesn’t help others, doesn’t help with mercenaries nor the objectives.

There many other type of surrendering that doesn’t necessarily means sitting at the base, but with the attitude and the lack of supporting other team members is another form of giving up or surrendering. The enemy team is rolling through your base, and taking most of the objectives (skulls, seeds, dragon knight, etc.) and that player decides that the game is over.

I have 12 level ten heroes in Heroes of the Storm and have played over 1100 matches. Plenty of experiences, including the surrendering scenario. Below I show you an excellent example of a surrendering scenario. In this case, almost all players including myself are complaining about mistakes.

Note: Check out below a transcript of an experience in a match where players were frustrated, and claiming it was game over. The 27-minute video is embeded at the bottom of the page.

I am going to transcribe a few quotes from the following video match to show you the type of disappointment this random team goes through before an enemy team that’s kicking our butts. I am playing as Azmodan (level 9).

Time-stamps are based on the timer shown at the top-center of the game.

(3:18) Anub’arak: They stuck it in my bum bum.

Note: Enemy team gets the Terror.

Mistake # 1: The Terror attacks the bottom lane. There’s a mistake here where everyone stays in the bottom lane and doesn’t notice the Terror moved to the center lane. Lot of time passes before Illidan and Li Li notice and move toward the center.

Mistake # 2: Our tank Anub’arak comes toward our gate from outside trying to go past 4 enemy players to enter our base. He could have gone around or teleported to face them from inside our base. He’s killed.

(5:06) Anub’arak: So lame.

(6:09) Mistake # 3: Illidan accidentally lands on the other side of the enemy base with no exit.

(6:13) Illidan: g*dammit I hate when I do that shit.

(6:18) Mistake # 4: Azmodan(me) and Li Li are nearly out of mana and teleport. Anub’arak is stunned by ETC, but decides to keep fighting him instead of running away. Thrall, Li Li and Zagara are east of him and kill him.

(6:24) Anub’arak: Why

(6:40) Anub’arak: They are making me feel like a chump.

(7:26) Illidan and Thrall kill Anub’arak in a tight spot. He could have fled, or used his ability to burrow and unburrow afar.

(7:30) Anub’arak: Ya that’s cool.

(7:36) Anub’arak: Thanks guys (Note: he blames us for his death after we teleported away)

(8:04) Mistake # 5: Valla is in the front, beneath the neutral Terror golem which stuns her, and gets killed.

(8:08) Mistake # 6: Four friendly teammates are tight together behind Valla, and get buried by Zagara’s Devouring Maw.

(8:12) Anub’arak: wow

(8:12) Mistake # 7: As we reemerge from the Devouring Maw, Anub’arak and Illidan stay there right when the neutral Terror golem smashes the ground (AOE) and stuns them. Azmodan and Li Li dodge the golem’s smash. Illidan dies.

(8:19) Illidan: omg

(8:44) Mistake # 8: Anub’arak chases ETC going past the neutral Terror golem and gets damaged by Zagara’s baneling barrage and Thrall kills him with chain lightning.

(8:56) Mistake # 9: Finally, the neutral Terror golem dies. Both dead players… Anub’arak says: “OMFG” and Valla says: “OMG” — because I was near the golem and didn’t go pick seeds. However, he doesn’t count that Illidan intercepted me, there is no friendly players near me, and three enemy players are stacking exactly where the golem died. No way for me to get seeds with their bulk blocking the path to the seeds. Anub’arak is upset.

(9:13) Valla: Why are you guys running with fuking full health. fuk. (Note: again the three enemy players are on the seeds, and I have illidan on me).

(9:21) Anub’arak: I love dying.

(9:24) Anub’arak: I love it.

Note: Enemy team spawns a Terror.

(10:20) Anub’arak: where the fuk is the team lol.

(10:20) Illidan: why 1v4?

(10:40) Mistake # 10: It’s been a minute and some secs and no one has come to our base to kill the Terror, and their Zagara, Thrall, Illidan and Li Li are wrecking our north fort at the base.

(10:40) Anub’arak: It’s over.

(11:46) Mistake # 11: all this time Valla had been our Terror, she was attacking their base which is ok, while we were defending our base from the enemy Terror. We drove them away, and killed a few. Illidan and Thrall are back in their enemy base, and Valla’s Terror is nigh dead. Why chase Thrall when you are alone? Illidan comes from the east and both kill Valla.

(11:50) Valla: noobs. (Note: He blames us for his death after they killed his Terror. We were still on our way after chasing the enemy out of our base. So we got insulted for his mistake).

Note: Shortly after, the enemy team heads north to where we are taking the mercenaries, Illidan is chased by Zagara, and gets sandwished by Thrall, ETC, and Illidan with no escape route. Illidan is killed.

(12:40) Illidan: no noob just don’t care about this game anymore for sure and for certain.

(13:52) Anub’arak dies at our core.

(13:55) Anub’arak: BG (means: bad game).

(14:40) Mistake # 12: For the past minute and a half the seeds are up. Most of that time we were repelling the 5 enemy players hitting our core, though and then their mercenaries near our base. Valla is killed by Illidan. Valla is pinging like crazy the seed spots.

(14:46) Valla: sigh

(16:48) BIG Mistake # 13: We collected the 100 seeds. We were so busy fighting we forgot. No one claimed the Terror spawn and it despawned.

(16:53) Illidan: omg 10 sec.

(16:55) Valla: lol

Note: I teleport when I notice their chat.

(16: 56) Illidan: wtf. omg

(17:00) Anub’arak: I love it.

Note: As I reach the Terror, it despawned

(17:06) Illidan: wow. just wow.

(17:16) Valla: never seen that before.

Note: Meanwhile, the enemy terror is again wrecking our base along with Zagara, Illidan, Li Li and a siege mercenary pack.

(18:37) We finally drive them out of our base.

Note: At this point, I begin soloing a siege camp. When I got to the melee pack I find Thrall and Zagara. My team quickly unites to drive them out. We chase them out of the southern neutral terror and chase them back to their base. The fun begins and we work as a team.

(21:17) We are still outside their central gate wrecking them in pvp, and not moving. We destroyed both their towers and the gate.

(22:03) someone pings both terrors to go take seeds. I teleport out to get mana and head to the south golem. Illidan assist me and we take all the golem’s seeds. Our remaining team takes the northern golem’s seeds. We now have 100 seeds.

(24:16) HUGE Mistake # 14: Anub’arak wasted the Terror to pvp the enemy in our base. He never goes to the enemy base to attack their buildings. The enemy destroys our Terror.

(24:17) Azmodan(me): waste of a terror.

(24:28) Anub’arak: what would you have preferred?

(24:32) Azmodan(me): buildings.

(24:35) Anub’arak: we just don’t use it again.

(25:02) Our team comes together and starts taking all the mercenary camps in the north. Azmodan(I) take the southern mercenary camp solo. Two players take the northwest camp. Two more come toward me to help with the two southwestern camps.

Note: The enemy is busy fighting the first pack of mercenaries in the north and south, and now they have another wave coming their way.

(25:20) Valla: all camps.

(26:36) Anub’arak: push.

Note: we destroy their center fort and that gives us access to their core. We are two levels above them now, and hitting their core indiscriminately.

(27:01) Anub’arak: we can win.

(27:03) Illidan: holy shit.

(27:04) Anub’arak: wow.

(27:04) Azmodan(me): massive comeback.

(27:04) Anub’arak: GG.

(27:07) Illidan: WOW.

(27:07) Valla: wow.

(27:07) Illidan: GG.

(27:07) Li Li: gg.

(27:07) Valla: gg.



What a drastic change Illidan, Valla and Anub’arak had from their insulting, pesimistic and anti-social comments in contrast with their victory comments. Wasn’t the game over?


We all had differences and bad comments. Some comments were plain toxic, some were pesimistic beyond grief, some claimed the game was over, but the fact is that everyone continued playing and continued coming back with determination. The enemy team was pretty strong. At 13:52, the enemy team had 15 kills while we only had 5 kills. They were ahead 3:1 in kills. They had at least 3 Terrors, we only had 1 and Anub’arak wasted it. All the odds were against us, but we didn’t quit playing.

That determination is what pushes you to overcome the worst of odds. Ignore the pesimists. Don’t communicate your pesimism. Ignore the insults. Don’t insult anyone. Instead, be creative. Take leadership. Suggest plans. Ping, but don’t ping without communicating in chat. Ping and communicate what the plan is. People will follow your lead. Contribute, and assist when someone requests your help.

Ignoring a ping and request, might cost the match, but a mistake is certainly not the end of the match. I listed above 14 mistakes we either made individually or collectively. Still we prevailed. We claimed victory. If that disjointed team could push aside their differences to unite and fight for the victory, so can you.

This is just one of the experiences I have gone through in my over 1100 Heroes of the Storm matches. I have unfortunately lost some of them when one or two players actually sit at the base in protest thinking the game is over.

Screenshot2015-06-24 01_59_27

There have been games that look totally lost, and I have taken leadership and given suggestions through ping and text, and we have successfully won taking risks. For example, going for mercenary camps and while they are busy, we wreck through the central gate straight to the core. Especially, while the enemy team is busy fighting the Skull Golem in the mines.

All in all, it’s been very pleasant to win a match where surrendering and insulting players had claimed the game was over. Well, I have a great news for the surrendering players … it’s not over until the fat lady sings; and I will keep playing until I kick that fat lady’s butt cuz I ain’t letting her sing a single note.


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