eSports Guide: LucifroN – Muradin Talents

LucifroN - Johanna TalentsPedro “LucifroN” Moreno Durán plays for TeamLiquid. He is currently Rank 1 in Heroes of the Storm Hero League at the moment of this posting. This Muradin guide is based on what he plays.

LucifroN can be found here: twitch-icon twitter-icon



At Leve 1, Reverberation causes Thunder Clap to reduce Attack Speed by 50 sec for 3 sec. This in turn reduces the amount of damage taken in the lane at the start of the game, which increases survivability. Just be careful of ambushes and especially Zeratul or Nova, or both simultaneously.

Thunder Burn is very helpful against lane minions creating a zone on the ground that explodes 2 seconds later.

Battle Momentum is pretty good reducing ability cooldowns by 0.5 sec on top of Reverberation which reduces attack speed by 50%.

Avatar increases survivability by gaining extra health. It might be best to use it in certain situations like the tribute (Cursed Hollow), shrine (Dragon Shire), and Blackheart’s chest — where there are intensive fights.

Thunder Strike does 300% damage if you hit only one target. Let’s see that in perspective — At level 13, Thunder Clap does 154 damage normally. With this talent, it actually does 462 damage instead. At level 20, Thunder Clap does 210 damage normally. WIth this talent it does 630 damage. Nazeebo for example, has 3590 Health at level 20. Thus, a 630 damage Thunder Clap would be around a 1/5th of his Health. If a single target is fleeing, you can use Dwarf Toss to reach him, then Thunder Clap. The Thunder Burn Talent causes the Thunder Clap to slow by 25% for 2.5 sec, so that you can keep hitting the target.

Stoneform heals for 50% over 8 sec, but Second Wind is disabled. Might be useful along with Avatar.

Lastly, Rewind. Go in with Avatar, and hit Stoneform. Hit Thunder Clap, then Rewind, and Thunder Clap again.That way you reduce enemies Attack Speed by 50% for 6 seconds instead of 3.

LucifroN’s Muradin Build

1thunder-clapReverberationEnemies hit by Thunder Clap have their Attack Speed reduced by 50% for 3 sec.
4thunder-clapThunder BurnThunder Clap leaves a zone on the ground that explodes after 2 sec dealing 29 damage and applying a 25% slow for 2.5 sec.
7battle-momentumBattle Momentum (Q)Basic Attacks reduce Ability cooldowns by 0.5 sec.
10avatarAvatarTransform for 20 sec, gaining 416 health and causing your Basic Attacks to stun enemies.

Cooldown: 100 seconds
13thunder-clapThunder StrikeThunder Clap deals 300% damage if only one target is hit.
16second-windStoneformActivate to heal for 50% of your maximum Health over 8 sec. Second Wind is disabled during this time.
20rewindRewindActivate to reset the cooldowns of your Basic Abilities.

Cooldown: 60 sec.


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