eSports Guide – Sylvanas Push Build

eSports Guide - Sylvanas Push BuildSylvanas is a ranged specialist that is better suited at pushing lanes and capturing Mercenaries. This should always be her main use as a hero. However, that doesn’t mean she has to be doing this 100% of the time. Assist other teammates, and she can also be an assassin using this particular “Push Build.”

I reached level 9 with Sylvanas recently using this build and she is pretty good doing what she does best: pushing. It took me a while to master her abilities, but finally nailed it.

Barbed Shot deals 200% damage to Minions and Mercenaries which is perfect for those first levels your team needs. Sylvanas can start to solo giant Mercenaries at level 5.

Ranger’s Ambush refills your Withering Fire ability after you teleport. At later levels, this talent is important for her role — pairing it with Windrunner (level 16).

Unstable Poison at level 7 is what you need ASAP to dominate in Haunted Mines, Tomb of the Spider Queen and Garden of Terror. Sylvanas simply annihilates the bunch of skull/gem-spider/seed minions effortlessly with one swing. When one of them dies, they explode causing 255 damage to nearby minions triggering a chain reaction that desintegrates the bunch of minions in less than 2 sec.

Wailing Arrow at level 10 can be used in a few ways: mainly when your team is fighting in the Blackheart’s chest, or the tribute (Cursed Hollow), or the Dragon Shrine, or even at the golem mercenary — throw Wailing Arrow and hit it again to make it explode when it reaches the enemy team. It will silence them for 2.5 seconds. That’s pretty good for your team to get a few takedowns as you prevent them from using any abilities and especially any hero ability. Usually, they would panic and flee, if they can.

Sometimes that annoying Nova or Witch Doctor flees into their base when all you needed was one shot to kill them. The natural thing to do for them is to go to the mana fountain. Shoot Wailing Arrow there and boom. Takedown.

Or maybe you just used Haunting Wave and it is in cooldown. Suddenly, you notice Nova or Zeratul’s stealth shadow moving near you or a teammate. Hit Wailing Arrow and explode it to take them out of stealth. I do this only if there are many teammates around able to gank him by surprise.

Splinter Shot at level 13 deals damage to a second nearby target. Considering Barbed Shot and Unstable Poison this is even better for Minions and Mercenaries. The next talent makes Sylvanas the best Push hero, at least the quickest one.

Windrunner at level 16 is a bit more complicated to learn to use. I’ll show you. You are at the Garden of Terror map engaging one of the 4-pack mercenaries. Start with Shadow Dagger, followed by a volley of Withering Fire. As soon as you see Withering Fire’s charges reach zero, cast Haunting Wave. Because you have Ranger’s Ambush, your Withering Fire refills. Shoot Withering Fire at least 3 times more, and click Haunted Wave again before 2 sec to get that free Haunted Wave which will again refill your Withering Fire. Now analyze that: the first time you used Withering Fire you used 5 charges. Then 3. Then 3. That’s at least 10-11 shots which also dealt 200% damage (Barbed Shot), exploded (Unstable Poison), and split in two duplicating the effect (Splinter Shot). Sylvanas can kill that 4-pack in about 4-5 sec all by herself, then move to the next mercenary camp.

Fury of the Storm seals the fate of Mercenaries throughout the map, as if you weren’t good enough. Just remember that you should also assist your team against Heroes, and she still does a decent job as an assassin; but please — focus 60% of your effort on pushing lanes and mercenaries. She’s a ranged specialist for a reason, by design.

1withering-fireBarbed ShotWithering Fire deals 200% bonus damage to Minions and Mercenaries.
4haunting-waveRanger's AmbushUsing Haunting Wave to teleport refills all charges of Withering Fire.
7black-arrowUnstable PoisonMinions and Mercenaries that die under the effects of Black Arrows explode, dealing 255 damage to nearby enemies.
10wailing-arrowWailing ArrowShoot an arrow that can be reactivated to deal 500 damage and Silencing enemies in an area making them unable to use Abilities for 2.5 sec. The arrow detonates automatically when it reaches maximum range.

Cooldown: 90 sec.
13withering-fireSplinter ShotWithering Fire hits a second target for 64 damage.
16haunting-waveWindrunnerAfter you teleport from Haunting Wave, you can cast a second one for free within 2 sec.
20fury-of-the-stormFury of the StormEvery 5 sec, your next basic attack will deal an additional 200 damage to the target, and 500 damage to all nearby Minions and Mercenaries.


Gameplay Video

The following video shows this aggressive push build in action, soloing 4-pack mercenaries and giants with explosive results.


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