eSports Guide: TeamLiquid GranPkt Jaina Talents

eSports Guide: TeamLiquid GranPkt Jaina TalentsFrancisco Antonio “GranPkt” Núñez Sorribas plays for the TeamLiquidPro team in Heroes of the Storm competitive tournaments.

Analyzing GranPkt’s build, his first choice is Lingering Chill. This talent increases the Frostbite trait from 4 to 6 seconds. All abilities apply chill to the target, which increases Jaina’s damage by 50%.

Arcane Intellect seems boring, but chill attacks returns mana, keeping Jaina on the field longer before having to use the hearthstone or drink from the fountain.

Frostbitten makes the trait’s chill from all abilities do damage by 65% from 50, not bad along with Lingering Chill (6 seconds).

Improved Ice Block chills everyone nearby which means any attacks afterward have an automatic 65% damage increase. I have seen players Ice Blocking when they are about to die while chased. I always find it dumb as they aren’t really accomplishing much using Ice Block in this manner. Heard the Butcher say Fresh Meat? That’s a good timing to pop Ice Block. Leoric swinging March of the Black King? Pop Ice Block. Nova triple tapping? Pop Ice Block. That’s the most common sense scenario to use this talent for.

Numbling Blast roots chill targets for 1 sec. I can see this being useful later at level 20 the most. For example, use Bolt of the Storm to jump next to a player(s). Apply cone of cold which triggers Numbling Blast rooting them for 1 sec. Drop Blizzard, followed by Summon Water Elemental. Keep tapping the target with Frostbolt.

Bolt of the Storm is also useful to escape when in trouble, or to jump across a wall to reach fleeing enemies.

Watching some of GranPkt’s videos, this is the Jaina talent build he plays in some of his livestreams.

GranPkt can be found here: twitch-icon twitter-icon


GranPkt’s Jaina Talent Build

jaina-frostbite-trait-iconLingering ChillIncreases the duration of Chill from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.
jaina-arcane-intellect-iconArcane IntellectDealing damage to a Chilled target returns Mana to Jaina. Basic Attacks return 5 Mana and abilities return 25.
jaina-frostbite-trait-iconFrostbittenIncreases the damage bonus of Frostbite from 50% to 65%.
jaina-summon-water-elemental-iconSummon Water ElementalSummons a Water Elemental at target location, dealing 176 damage and Chilling nearby enemies. The Water Elemental's Basic Attacks splash for 25% damage and Chill. Cooldown: 100 seconds.
jaina-improved-ice-block-iconImproved IceblockActivate to place yourself in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 3 seconds. When this effect expires, nearby enemies are Chilled. Cooldown: 80 seconds.
jaina-cone-of-cold-iconNumbling BlastCone of Cold also roots Chilled targets for 1 second.
bolt-of-the-storm-iconBolt of the StormActivate to teleport to a nearby location. Cooldown: 40 seconds.


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