Falstad Build

Falstad build used in HGC winning matches in USA, Europe, and Asia. Falstad hails from the World of Warcraft universe. He is a ranged assassin in Heroes of the Storm. The terror of the skies.

Falstad Build – eSports

Quackniix - Fnatic HGC EU - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 3 - Tricked esport v Fnatic -- Sept 3

Seasoned Marksman

Hammer Gains


Mighty Gust

Giant Killer


Epic Mount
k1pro - Gale Force HGC NA - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 3 - Gale Force Esports v Even in Death -- Aug 26

Seasoned Marksman

Hammer Gains


Mighty Gust

Giant Killer


Epic Mount
Sake - MVP Black HGC Eastern Clash - Day 3 Game 1 - CE v MVP Black -- Aug 13

Seasoned Marksman

Hammer Gains

Secret Weapon

Mighty Gust

Giant Killer


Epic Mount
Xuyu - CE HGC Eastern Clash - Day 2 Game 1 - Team Face Check v CE -- Aug 12

Seasoned Marksman

Hammer Gains


Mighty Gust

Giant Killer


Epic Mount

Falstad Features



Throw out a Hammer that returns to Falstad, dealing 126 damage and slowing enemies by 25% for 2 sec.

Mana: 70
Cooldown: 10 sec

Lightning Rod

Deal 111 damage to an enemy, and an additional 78 damage per sec for 4 sec while close to the target.

Mana: 70
Cooldown: 15 sec

Barrel Roll

Dashes forward and grants a 178 point Shield for 3 sec..

Mana: 75
Cooldown: 14 sec

Tailwind (Trait)

Gain 15% increased Movement Speed after not taking damage for 6 sec.

Cooldown: 6 sec


Falstad Wildhammer is the High Thane of the Wildhammer Clan and a founding member of the Council of Three Hammers that now presides over Ironforge. Despite wild speculation, Falstad has never been dead and anyone who claims such is a liar.


Able to strike enemies from afar and fly over any terrain. Uses abilities to avoid damage or destroys his enemies.

Store Cost: 312 | heroes-of-the-storm-gold-icon 7000

Role: Ranged Assassin

Difficulty: Hard


falstad-store-thumbnailFalstad was originally introduced in the novel Warcraft: Day of the Dragon (reprinted in the WarCraft Archive).

During the Second War, the old Horde captured Alexstrasza (the Queen of the Red Dragonflight) and enslaved her brethren to use them as aerial siege weapons against the Alliance. Rhonin was sent by Krasus and the Council of Six to infiltrate Grim Batol in order to rescue the dragon. Falstad Wildhammer assisted Rhonin the mage and Vereesa Windrunner in that mission, and earned the respect of the Red Dragonflight.

Throughout World of Warcraft until the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Falstad was an NPC located at the Aerie Peak in The Hinterlands. In the Cataclysm expansion, the NPC was moved to the throne room of Ironforge as one of the members of the Council of Three Hammers.


"Agh? I'm yer' dwarf!"

"The wind at ma' back, and a monster 'tween my legs! Errrr..."

"Do a barrel role, eh?"

"(fart noises) Ewww! Man alive, Swiftwing! Did you eat a ghoul again?"

"(Upset stomach rumbling) Look out below, we've got a sick gryphon here!"

"It's nice ta' get out of Ironforge. I dunna' how those Bronzebeards can stand that cave."

"Rumors of me' death have been greatly exaggerated."

"Um, you didn't happen to see a little guy in a red shirt around here, did 'ya? He's always watchin' me..."

"In my day, it took serious dedication to ride a gryphon. Nowadays, even gnomes are doing it!"

"Thank you for flying Wildhammer Aerie-lines. Your in-flight entertainment today will be The Perfect Storm-Hammer"

"Flight attendant, me' mug is empty!"

Falstad Talents

Gathering StormQuest: Every time Hammerang hits a Hero increase its damage by 1.5.
Seasoned MarksmanQuest: Every Minion killed near you grants 0.2 Attack Damage, and Takedowns grant 0.5 Attack Damage.

Reward: Upon gaining 40 bonus Attack Damage, you can also activate Seasoned Marksman to increase your Attack Speed by 40% for 3 sec. 60 sec cooldown.
WingmanEnemy Minions killed near Falstad grant a stack of Bribe. Falstad can use 20 stacks to bribe a Mercenary, instantly defeating them and permanently increasing the damage of Lightning Rod by 5%. Does not work on Bosses. Max of 80 stacks.
Static ShieldGain a Shield equal to 4% of Falstad's max Health after every Lightning Rod strike. Lasts 4 sec and stacks.
UpdraftIncreases Barrel Roll's range, Shield amount and Shield duration by 40%.
Hammer GainsBasic Attacks heal for 20% of the damage dealt to the primary target.
Secret WeaponIncreases Hammerang's range by 30% and Basic Attacks deal 60% bonus damage while Hammerang is in flight.
BOOMerangReactivate Hammerang mid-flight to deal 217 damage around the hammer.
Charged UpIncreases the number of Lightning Rod strikes by 2 and its range by 25%.
Hinterland BlastAfter 1 sec, deal 756 damage to enemies within a long line. The cooldown is reduced by 25 sec for every enemy Hero hit.

Mana: 100
Cooldown: 120
Mighty GustPush enemies away, and slow their Movement Speed by 40% decaying over 4 sec.

Mana: 70
Cooldown: 60
ThunderstrikesLightning Rod deals 20% more damage each subsequent strike.
Flow RiderWhile Tailwind is active, Falstad's Basic Abilities recharge 100% faster.
Giant KillerBasic Attacks against enemy Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 1.5% of the Hero's max Health.
Crippling HammerIncreases Hammerang's slow from 25% to 50%.
Aerie GustsReduces the activation time for Tailwind from 6 to 3 sec, and increases the Movement Speed bonus from 15% to 25%.
AfterburnerBarrel Roll increases Movement Speed by 60%, decaying over 3 sec.
Call of the WildhammerHinterland Blast has double the range and deals 25% more damage.
Wind TunnelMighty Gust creates a wind tunnel for 4 sec. Enemies caught in the tunnel will periodically be pushed back.
Nexus FrenzyIncreases Attack Speed by 20% and Attack Range by 1.1.
Epic MountReduce the cooldown of Flight to 30 sec, reduce the cast time before flying to 0.5 sec, and increase the speed by 50%.

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