GamesCom 2016 – Heroes of the Storm: Machines of War Roundup

Blizzard Entertainment announced the new Heroes of the Storm: Machines of War expansion introducing StarCraft-themed Battlegrounds (Warhead Junction & Braxis Holdout), new skins: Kerrigan skin (Queen of Ghosts), the Butcherlisk, Raider Rexxar, and two new Heroes: Overwatch’s Zarya and StarCraft II’s Alarak (Tal’darim Highlord).

New Heroe


New Skins & Mounts


Taiwan Li-Ming Striker (Olympics)



Machines of War Bundle

Included in the Bundle will be:

New Hero: Alarak
New Skins: Herald of N’Zoth Alarak, Raider Rexxar, Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan, The Butcherlisk
New Mounts: Ghost Speeder, Obsidian Cyber Wolf
Heroes also included: Kerrigan, The Butcher, Rexxar



New Battlegrounds

Braxis Holdout: The Dominion used the remote and hostile planet Braxis to conduct experiments on ways to turn the Zerg swarm into a weapon they could unleash on their enemies. Though the Dominion’s main psi-disrupter was destroyed, this space platform’s beacons remain fully operational and ready to be used. Capture the beacons and watch what happens when a flood of weaponized Zerg ravages the battlefield.



Warhead Junction: Once a testing facility for nuclear weapons, Warhead Junction has since fallen into ruin. However, the site’s abandonment hasn’t stopped its glitchy adjutant from continuing to produce and hand out nuclear weapons. Join the arms race of Warhead Junction, build up your stockpile, and rain hell on your enemies!




GamesCom Livestream Transcript

The Heroes of the Storm interview during the GamesCom 2016 Preview had Kaeo Milker (production director) and Travis McGeathy (senior game designer) discussing the new content coming up this September.

What have you and the Heroes team have been up to lately?

Kaeo: It’s been a crazy first year for Heroes of the Storm. It’s been 19 new Heroes, 3 new Battlegrounds, a massive feature overhaul — we overdid our entire rank system so that it’s a much more fun, relaxed way to play with Draft mode; and we are patching the game every week with balance changes, we add new heroes every 3-4 weeks, we have massive patches every 6 weeks or so, so it is this onslaught of new content all the time in Heroes of the Storm. It’s been a very fun ride.



So that sounds like you have had a really packed year and it’s not even over yet. We have GamesCom coming up. What are you guys having in store for us this year?

Travis: We have got a big Machines of War incoming. It is introducing StarCraft into the Nexus. We have got a few StarCraft Battlegrounds coming. The first of which is Braxis Holdout — which takes place in the junkyard planet, with the Terran and the Zerg meeting each other. Players will actually be building the zerg forces in a building pens, and unleashing them as a ravaging wave of destruction upon the enemy. It’s going to be a blast! Another one we have is Warhead Junction.

Kaeo: Warhead Junction. The fantasy of that one was really about trying to capture what it is like to be a ghost in StarCraft II, and specificly a ghost who is nuking things. This is the first time that we create a battleground where individual players are getting a new ability on it. Warheads will spawn across the map. The players have to go out and capture them. Once they do, they get an activated nuke ability on their command card. It’s going to do a huge amount of damage in a large area of structures, it will do percent-amount of damage to heroes, multiple heroes can have nukes at the same time so that they can coordinate and cast them together, or they can do individual strikes with them. if you are killed, though, you drop the nuke and your enemies can pick it up, and use the nuke as well. It’s a really different take on objectives. It’s really different to what we have done before.


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