Garrosh Build

As the new warchief of the Horde, Garrosh is a proud and vicious warrior who rules with an iron fist. His hatred for the Alliance burns like wildfire, and he will stop at nothing to destroy them. By his axe, the orcs will reclaim their rightful glory.


Garrosh Build

Fury - Tempo Storm - HGC Finals 2017 - Quarter Finals - Fnatic vs. Tempo Storm - Game 1 - Mighty v Tempest | | Nov 3

Unrivaled Strength


Into the Fray

Warlord's Challenge

Double Up


Titanic Might
TPsign - Tempest - HGC Korea 2017 -- Phase 2 Part 1 - Game 1 - Mighty v Tempest | | Aug 25

Unrivaled Strength

Thirst for Battle

Into the Fray

Warlord's Challenge

Double Up


Death Wish


Garrosh Features


Groundbreaker (Q)

Deal 208 damage to enemies in an area. Heroes hit on the outer edge are pulled toward Garrosh.

Mana: 30
Cooldown: 8 sec.

Bloodthirst (W)

Deal 400 damage to an enemy and heal for 10% of Garrosh's missing Health. Healing is increased by 100% against Heroes.

Mana: 55
Cooldown: 12 sec.

Wrecking Ball (E)

Throw a nearby enemy Hero, Minion, or Mercenary to the target location, dealing 233 damage to enemies near the impact and Slowing them by 30% for 2.5 sec.

Mana: 60
Cooldown: 16 sec.

Armor Up (Trait)

Garrosh gains 1 Armor for every 2% of max Health missing.



Garrosh has funny voice over quotes referencing Back to the Future, Hearthstone, and Prince Malchezaar in Karazhan.

What is it?
Spit it out!
I am the Warchief of the Horde!
Respect my authority!
You Stream. I stream. We all stream for Hellscream!
Anger Management? I am great at managing people with my anger!
This is my Warsong: Take back my Horde song! Prove out my might song!
It doesn't matter how many times my enemies try to kill me. I am still not dropping the tusks of Mannaroth. They are mine.
I am a Warsong chieftain. Like my father before me.
So you like the tattoos, huh? My next one is going to be the Pandaren word for Strength... I think.
I am organizing a little surprise party for Jaina. It is going to be a Blast!
When your hand is empty, your only option is to honor up.
Look, I don't know how Prince Malchezaar got his hands on Gorehowl. Ok? Stop. Asking.
My plan was to team up with a timetraveler, meet my father 30 years in the past, and erase his mistakes. But in the end, I just couldn't get Back to the Future.
I used to have a heart. Sure it belongs to a dead old god, but I still had it.
Hey, baby! Want to kill all humans? No? Then I will make my own Horde. Without trolls or tauren. In fact, forget the Horde.
I love playing Hearthstone. I can send Varian to his death as many times as I want. Ahahahahahahaha!!!
I love big tusks, and I cannot lie.


Garrosh Talents

WarbreakerQuest: Pull Heroes with Groundbreaker.

Reward: After pulling 5 Heroes, Groundbreaker deals an additional 329 damage over 3 sec.

Reward: After pulling 15 Heroes, reduce Groundbreaker's cooldown by 3 sec.
Unrivaled StrengthIncrease Wrecking Ball's throw range by 20% and its damage by 100%.
Body CheckActivate to deal 243 damage to a target enemy and Slow them by 30% for 2 sec.

Damage is increased by 200% of Armor Up's current bonus, and the Slow amount is increased by 30% if Armor Up's bonus is above 25.

Cooldown: 20 sec
In For the KillIncrease Bloodthirst's damage against non-Heroes by 60%. Killing enemies with Bloodthirst resets its cooldown and refunds its Mana cost.
Thirst for BattleBasic Attacks against Heroes reduce the cooldown of Bloodthirst by 2 sec.
IndomitableActivate to become Unstoppable for 1.5 sec.

Cooldown: 40 sec
IntimidationGroundbreaker reduces the Attack Speed of Heroes hit by 40% for 4 sec.
Brute ForceEnemies hit by Body Check receive 50% reduced healing for 4 sec.
OppressorBasic Attacks against Heroes reduce the target's Spell Power by 40% for 2.5 sec.
Into the FrayActivate to throw a nearby ally and grant them 25 Armor for 3 sec. Deals 200 damage to nearby enemies upon impact and Slows them by 30% for 2.5 sec. While in flight, allied Heroes are Unstoppable.

Mana: 70
Cooldown: 30 sec
Warlord's ChallengeSilence nearby Heroes and force them to attack Garrosh for 1.5 sec.

Mana: 40
Cooldown: 50 sec
DecimateDeal 110 damage to nearby enemies and Slow them by 30% for 1.5 sec. Deals 100% more damage to Heroes, and each Hero hit reduces the cooldown by 1 sec. Stores up to 3 charges.

Mana: 30
Charge Cooldown: 8 sec
Defensive MeasuresPulling a Hero with Groundbreaker grants Garrosh a 767 Shield for 6 sec.
BloodcrazeWhen hitting a Hero, Bloodthirst heals for an additional 10% of Garrosh's max Health over 3 sec.
Double UpArmor Up can be activated to increase its Armor bonus by 100% for 3 sec.
Rough LandingHeroes pulled by Groundbreaker are Slowed by 50% for 3 sec.
Mortal ComboIf Wrecking Ball is used on a Hero within 2 sec of pulling them with Groundbreaker, Wrecking Ball's cooldown is reduced by 10 sec.
EarthshakerWrecking Ball stuns enemies near the impact area for 0.75 sec.
Death WishIncrease the duration of Warlord's Challenge by 0.5 sec. If an enemy Hero is killed while affected by Warlord's Challenge, its cooldown is reduced by 45 sec.
Deadly CalmHeroes hit by Decimate deal 20% less damage for 3 sec.
Titanic MightWrecking Ball now throws the 2 closest enemies.
Inner RageBody Check gains an additional charge, and its cooldown recharges 100% faster while Armor Up's bonus is at or above 25.


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