Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons

This “Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons” will help you understand how this unique Heroes of the Storm unit works, and how you may change the keybinds into something your brain can actually catch up to prevent confusion on the battlefield.

The Lost Vikings are very different and weirder Specialist in comparison with Abathur, and Brightwing. For example, they don’t have Basic Attacks at level 1. Instead, they earn one Basic Attack at level 4, 7, and 16. Weirder yet, if at level 4 you choose a passive talent instead of the active talent that is meant to be a Basic Attack — then you have no Basic Attack.


The first thing to do in order to keep your sanity with this hero is to change the keybinds into something your brain can wrap around. The least you want is to head into a battleground getting all confused on how to move Eric, Baleog or Olaf individually, or accidentally hitting basic attacks or the Ultimate at the wrong time thinking you were hitting the move switch instead.

The Keybind system in Heroes of the Storm offers buttons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for special abilities; and buttons Q, W, E, R for Basic Attacks. Throw that out of the window. The Lost Vikings don’t have special abilities or active abilities like Searing Attacks or Envenom.

Think of buttons 1, 2, 3, 4 as switches. Do you wish to select Olaf individually? Press 1. Do you wish to select Baleog? Press 2. Erik? Press 3. Wish to select all Vikings? Press 4.

If you aren’t planning to select any Viking in particular, simply focus on using Q, W, E, R to use Basic Attacks.

Now the question is … how do I change my keybinds?

Press the ESCAPE button in your keyboard, and select OPTIONS. On the lower-left, you will see the HOTKEYS button.

Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons

Click the CREATE PROFILE button and name it LOST VIKINGS. This will create a new profile so that any changes you make is only applied when you are playing The Lost Vikings.

Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons

Now press the ADVANCED button, click CONTROL GROUPS, click SELECT CONTROL GROUP 1 and at the bottom change the Bind Hotkey to 1. This will set OLAF to be selected by pressing “1” on your keyboard. Set Baleog (sword) to Hotkey #2, Erik to Hotkey #3, and All Vikings to Hotkey #4 (as seen in the image below).

Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons

Now we are more or less ready to start playing as The Lost Vikings. Check out their Basic Attacks, Talents, Skins, Voice Over Quotes here.

Guide: How to use The Lost Vikings buttons

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