Heroes of the Storm: Battlegrounds | Summary

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Core goals

  • Clean design
  • Conflicts
  • Finality

Battleground Gameplay

  • complete objectives
  • get reward


  • The map focuses on several core rules
  • But also a strong focus on the mechanics


  • are a secondary objective
  • a clear design: they go out there and damage buildings
  • placed in key locations

New map: Towers of Doom

  • Territory control gameplay
  • There are various towns scattered over the map
  • The towns are the primary weapon mechanism of this map
  • Altars are used to fire this “weapon”
  • there is always a desire to make things unique
  • all maps so far have two or three lanes
  • the first version involved:
    • there were no cores
    • there were five forts
    • destroying the forts made them change side
    • possessing forts gave your team points
  • Current version:
    • three lanes
    • cores are back again
    • features unique mercenaries
      • Sapper Camper
        • joins the wave, but when he gets close to an enemy structure, he charges into it and destroys himself while dealing a lot of damage
      • Headless Horseman
        • after capping him, he launches energy volles at the enemy structures
      • To damage the enemy core, you use the special shrines that are placed at neutral points.


  • New game mode completely different from Quick Match and Hero League
  • At the beginning your team is offered a random selection of heroes
  • At first it was all random, but they wanted to give the player a degree of control and choice
  • there is a chance to have a 10x Hero mode: everyone playing as the same hero
  • heroes with little damage won’t be aviable in 10x mode
  • players start at level 10 and choose a heroic
  • hero respawn is set to 15 seconds
  • The team continues to add new battle grounds and expand mechanics

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