Heroes of the Storm – Dev Q&A Part 4 Transcript

I have added the transcript of the Heroes of the Storm Developer Q&A Part 4 which took place on March 19, 2014. Hope you have fun finding out details straight from the developers: Dustin Browder, Matt Cooper and Richard Khoo.


Tychus: I was told this suit would be my prison. Suits me just fine. I have been called a lot of things, a renegade. An outlaw. Guilty as charged. Makes life exciting. You never know who or — err what — will be on your side. So when the Nexus team called it, there was only one thing to say: “Hell, it’s about time!”

Kevin: What is up guys? My name is Kevin Johnson, and we are here at Blizzard Entertainment for our fourth live Dev Q&A. What you just saw was the Tychus trailer from our #TychusWeek focus last week. Welcome to Blizzard. We are very excited for our fourth show with you today. We are going to be talking about the talent system in Heroes of the Storm. Where it came from, where it is now and possibly where it is headed in the future.


Kevin: I have some very special guests here with me today. So let me introduce them to you. To my right this is Mr. Richard Khoo, senior games designer from Team 1. Welcome Richard! We brought out the leather couch for you today

Khoo: It is a lovely couch. I wish I could have one for myself!

Kevin: Awesome. Good. To Richard’s right we have Mr. Matt Cooper, Game Designer as well from Team 1, welcome.

Cooper: I am super excited to be here. Awesome sandwich we have got going on here!

Kevin: And of course, Mr. Dustin Browder, Game Director for Heroes of the Storm. Welcome back! I am still yet to shake you from the show and I am really glad you keep coming back!


Kevin: Anyways, before we dive into the meat of the show, let me get some of the housework out of the way. We are going to be taking your questions on the talent system, so if you have them and you would like to throw any questions at these guys head on over to Twitter and use the hash tag #HeroesQA and we are going to be pulling those later in the show.

Also we will be having a show match for you as well casted by Mr Kevin Knocke and Matt Cooper who you have just met. If you would like to have an impact on that game you can head over to our straw poll where you can choose which hero Richard Khoo will be playing as we follow his talent choices throughout that game.


Kevin: There might be a link in the Twitch chat, there might be a link on our Twitter account, the link is somewhere I am sure you can find it. We would love to get you to vote and participate in the choices being made there.

Let’s dive in guys. This has been a huge week for us, for Blizzard, for you guys. Those of you watching might not know, last week we launched our first public test of Heroes of the Storm called our technical alpha with a limited pool of players, very small, but obviously a big step for you guys. What has that been like? How are you guys feeling? What have you been talking about? How do you feel?

Khoo: Kevin, there are only so many times as a game developer that you put your game out there and it feels like the Wild Wild West and that is what it feels like to me right now. I think I go in with the hero and I am armed with all these knives and really it is a gun fight and there are all these awesome things that players are doing. The community is catching on superfast. It is really exciting to see where the game is going and getting more people involved.

Kevin: How about you Matt what has it been like?

Cooper: I think it is just being able to go home any time of the night, queue up, get games and (some really good games I might add) and be able to take off the gloves and internally we got our designer to do some sparing meets on. There is a lot of really good players in this, so it is great to try out some of the higher end strategies.

Kevin: Dustin, anything that has surprised you over this week?

Browder: We have seen this before with StarCraft, when we went live with StarCraft one of the things we saw very early on (You remember this Matt) from the balance (3:47 ###) where we had more Protoss proxy gate rushing than we could shake a stick at, there was so much Protoss proxy gate rushing, we knew it was going to be a risk; but we didn’t know it was going to be that bad.

So I think we are seeing some of that as well. We knew that some of these heroes might be a little bit overpowering. We are seeing a lot of Uther right now. We are seeing a lot of stuff like — “Ohh, OK. We need to fix that.”

Like these guys, it has been so fun to be able to play the games on a regular basis. We had big plans for our meta game, for how you unlock heroes, and all that stuff; and we couldn’t really test it in a way that would tell you how it felt, because when we were just playing internally — maybe you got one or two games a night. You couldn’t sit down and play a game every twenty minutes to see how the experience actually was, and now we are starting to get to do that and it has been super fun.

I guess on a personal level too, we were talking earlier, this will never come again; because it is such a small community we are doing it with. Right now it is mostly Blizzard developers, and it is some streamers, and it is some community folks; but it is like celebrity deathmatch right now. You never know who you are going to get. You are probably getting a developer or you are probably getting a streamer and there are a bunch of other folks to; but every third game it feels like you are getting someone you know and you are like: “Oh my god! I think I know who that is!” So it is a really fun way to play the game.



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