Heroes of the Storm Developer Q&A Part 2 (Jan 22, 2014) – Transcript

This is a full transcript of the recent Heroes of the Storm Q&A Part 2 held at Blizzard Entertainment by community manager Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson where he interviewed Dustin Browder and Kaeo Milken. Enjoy!

Kevin: What is up guys? Welcome back to our second live developer Q&A here at Blizzard Entertainment. My name is Kevin. We are excited to be back with you. Happy new year … because it is January, and the last time we were with you … was December.


(Silence, then laughter from Kaeo and Dustin)

Kevin: So we are excited for a great content for you today. One of the main pieces of feedback from our last show — that we had from you, our community — was that you wanted to see more of the games. So I’m happy to tell you that we are going to be providing that for you today. Including a live gameplay session with none other than Sean “Day[9]” Plott who is here with us in the studios, people. He is right there!

Sean Day[9] Plott: Hi, I will be on soon.

Kevin: You might not be able to hear his un-mic voice in the background. Yea, he will be on soon. So before I do that, a couple of more housekeeping things, and I am going to introduce our other fine guests that are here with us today. One, if you would like to have an impact on the battleground choice that we will be playing in the live gameplay session later in the show. There will be a URL probably in the Twitch Chat. You can click on, and get your voice heard. We want to hear what you think.

Also if you will like to submit questions for the Q&A part of the show, you can do that on Twitter using the #HeroesQA.


We are going to be taking your questions soon. Before we do that let me introduce our guests. To my left Mr. Kaeo Milker, senior producer on Heroes of the Storm.

Kaeo is Hawaiian, so his name is Kaeo. Some people call him Chaos. That’s wrong. Don’t do that.

Welcome Kaeo. It’s good to have you. Actually, I just said it wrong. Welcome, Kaeo, Sorry it’s hard to do. And on to his left is Mr. Dustin Browder, game designer of Heroes of the Storm, and Starcraft II. Welcome back. You came back. I’m impressed.


Dustin– I did!

Kevin: Well thanks for being here. Alright lets dive in. We have questions for you. Kaeo, I know the community hasn’t heard from you, maybe as much as someone like Dustin. I know your face and voice from one of our intro videos. I got to see you for the first time, but give us a little bit of background. What is your background here at Blizzard, and your role in the game in particular? How are we working in here?

Kaeo– I am fortunate enough to have been here for 12 years. A little bit over 12 years at Blizzard now. Started out like a lot of people in our development teams have — in Quality Assurance (QA) sharing testing Warcraft III originally. Tech Support, just testing all the Warcraft in their early days. Also was the recruiter for Blizzard for a long time, the World of Warcraft team, the Cinematics Team, eventually I transitioned into production and I have been doing that for a little over 9 years on Blizzard almost, exclusively on Team 1 — which is the Heroes of the Storm Team and previously the StarCraft.

Kevin: Now a fun fact that I found out about Kaeo is that he was the voice of the Tinker in Warcraft III. This is true?

Kaeo: Thanks God I didn’t quit my day job after that.

Kevin: Do you have a little bit of Tinker in you for us today?

Kaeo: “Yea I think its 2:20, 2:21” (voicing as a Goblin Tinker)


Kevin: See? There you go. This is real entertainment folks. We are going to do the 3rd one of these. This is only the second.


Kevin: Tell me a little bit more about production and your role as senior producer. Those of you out there — I just got to give him some props. This guy has a very difficult job. This game is hard, and you have a hard job. Can you explain a little bit about what being a senior producer is all about?

Kaeo: Sure, It’s a fun job that is really challenging. There is a lot of moving parts with a game like Heroes of the Storm. My job primarily is to try to coordinate across all of our vast teams both on Team 1. And things like the designers, the artists, the programmers, our live team, our business team, there are external teams that we work with extensively to get a game like this made. So, I am trying to kind of coordinate all the pieces, set some overarching goals for our team, milestones for when we want to deliver things, and then help everyone prioritize their features and tasks going to making of that stuff a reality.


Kevin: It’s such a complex machine and I think with a company like blizzard that doesn’t just make games in the English. We make games in multiple languages and multiple regions becomes infinitely more complicated.

Kaeo: It is definitely a global undertaking, but I am by no means doing this alone, so there are a lot of very talented people across the world that are working on this game.

Kevin: It’s very true. It’s a complex project with a lot of really talented folks working on it.

Kevin: Dustin. Tell us a little bit about Heroes when it comes to production — for a company like Blizzard — that is different, or I would say, even challenging. I can imagine that this game has a lot of nuisances for a company like Blizzard that we haven’t experience so far as a Free-to-Play game. A game that sort of steps into a space where people are expecting content at a regular pace.

Dustin: It’s not that different from what the World of Warcraft team does. It’s different for us on Team 1. We are used to making the box product games like StarCraft. We have been making those for 15-20 years on this team.



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