Heroes of the Storm Developer Q&A Part 2 (Jan 22, 2014) – Transcript


Kevin: Shout outs to Ryan and Gameheart. All of those awesome community folks doing great things with maps and observer modes. Couple of more questions here. This is from @ImKarlalr. He asks: “Got any news on the map editor?” We have just mentioned a little. Well that wasn’t on map editor we were talking about observer mode.


Dustin: There is definitely something we want to do. For us it’s like figuring how it works in a free-to-play environment. Right now, in StarCraft we have got a certain amount of space we allocate on our servers. We have got the ability to do something horrific inside the game, something highly questionable. We can ban the map, we can even ban you if we have to or remove your rights to publish.

In a free-to-play environment we have none of that power. So you can be uploading all sorts of hideous things onto our servers. We wouldn’t have no way to protect ourselves or our community from that kind of behavior.

So we have to work out the rules for that. It’s not impossible. We are going to work out these rules, we just need to figure out what exactly they are and how we want them to function. You will just see us moving forward with a map editor for this game.

Kevin: Pretty cool, I can’t wait to see what you guys make out there. This one is from @HearthTrolden and he asks: “Can we expect special interactions between different heroes? (Arthas/Illidan, Kerrigan/Raynor and so on). This is cool, great question.


Kaeo: Definitely. There is actually some beginnings of this that we are working on right now. You may actually hear this when you guys are observing today. As I get the starting game when the heroes align. Certain heroes, they all have this banter that they will say back and forth and its very kind of IP specific.

Kerrigan and Raynor have some pretty interesting repertoire there. I think we want to build on that more, also when you kill certain heroes they will be really cool one-liners that they say that are very specific to the hero they just killed.

That’s what I meant. We love that. Every time we experience it, we love it; and it’s something we want to keep building on. It has been really interesting interactions like that.

Dustin: Blizzard, we went out of the alpha in this stuff. Some people heard it. Some didn’t; but they call us for more, more, more; and this kind of suggestions — we totally agree with it. We want to do as much of this as possible.

We’ll keep adding to it for years and get more ideas, because it’s been absolutely a fun part of the game.

Kevin: It kind of catches you off guard definitely the first time you hear but even after you have heard of it before. It’s like: “Oh that’s hilarious. That’s really funny.”

Ok, let us do two more of this questions then we’ll jump into games. This one is from @MyselfJonas. He asks: “Are you planning to have maps for less/more players than 5v5?” Have the thought of changing that number up a little bit crossed your mind?


Dustin: It has definitely come across a couple of times. Even discussions about it. We don’t need maps built that way now and we have nothing on the battlegrounds, and in the works that way. Well, I think it’s a really cool idea and I think we will probably explore that down the road.

Kevin: Sure, and if we don’t do it, you guys hopefully be able to do it with the map editor yourselves. Ok! This one is from @Andre55516721, and he asks: “How much effort will you put into skins? Will there be different spell animations for maybe Murkablo?”


Dustin: I don’t know about Murkablo. I know we are going to do this for some skins for sure. I just don’t know if Murkablo is on the list to get new ones.

Kaeo: Skins are pretty kind of organic and passion-fueled endeavor for us. I think like a lot of the times that there are just artists who have a really cool idea and really want to see it come to fruition; and they make a fun cool skin and then we go from there.

It is kind of like the result of the way people rallying behind that; and how they are excited about various things they want to do to it. So I fully expect us to do some skins, where their voices change entirely, their effects change.

We absolutely will go there, and we’ll run the gamut from some pretty basic skin changes — all the way up to just some pretty intense ones where everything is different and it’s a completely different character visually and sound wise.


Dustin: All these skins are just absolutely worth the passion of these Art guys; and our team is really just doing what they want.

These guys are just really working really hard at things that excite them, that gigs them up, that make them laugh and they are just putting it in the game and that is just one of those things that I love about this game so much is that we just get to sort of unleash our stuff upon the world.

These guys are doing such an amazing work and we get to sort of put it out there; and let them do what they want and it works; and its totally fine — “It’s not the way the zerg look.” We don’t even do any of that. We can just let them go; and they are doing just amazing stuffs. Really fun stuffs.

Kevin: Very true. Ok, guys — the last question from @Warlock_God. He asks: “I really enjoy WoW battlegrounds. However, MOBA’s never stuck with me, will heroes be able to bridge that gap?”


Dustin: Yes! I hope so we are doing everything we can to make a game that appeals to as many people as possible. We have certainly heard internally from a lot of players who said they haven’t really got into the MOBA genre; but they are enjoying what we have built; but this is an internal group, right?

These are obviously people who work in the studio. They are invested into our characters. They are invested in Blizzard as a whole.

So I can’t say for sure, but our goal is to make a game that has broad appeal as it possibly can; and we are doing everything we can to make that possible for our players.

Kevin: Alright. Great. Guys, thank you. Thank you community for your questions. We are going to start transitioning over into our live game play session right now. But before we do that lets take a look at our strap poll.


Kevin: You can probably see it on your screen right now. It looks like the winner is Haunted Mines. That’s right, we are going to be playing on that one. So before we do that we would like to bring our special guest shoutcaster-personality internet-mastermind Mr. Sean Day[9] Plott.

Kevin: Sean, how much have you played Heroes of the Storm?

Sean: I played the game. I have played exactly one. It was on the Zombie Tribute Map (aka the Haunted Mines) and I have seen Haunted mines; and those are the things that I know. So, I get to play the role of a complete and utter newbie.


Kevin: Ok. So, real question. How much have you cast Heroes of the Storm?

Sean: I have not cast Heroes of the Storm.

Kevin: Dude, I thought that you were like a professional.

Sean: I am a professional if you want to provide me any early access to the game I totally understand that I will most appreciate that, but — yea, I know I am going into this fairly blind. So I think Dustin will cast and I am going to ask a lot of questions.

Kevin: OK. Fair enough. Let’s do it live. Sounds good. Let’s just do this live.

Alright, guys. We are going to take just a couple of minutes to setup for a gameplay session. So don’t go anywhere and definitely tell your friends to tune in to catch up on what we are doing.

In general, if you would like to follow us in the social media space we are on Facebook. We are on Twitter. We are everywhere with the Moniquer BlizzHeroes.

So just go check us out. Follow us, give us a like, Subscribe. Many thanks to you guys for being here. You guys are not go into see Kaeo or myself. You won’t even hear our voices in the gameplay session.

Actually, it is going to be hard a little bit; but you will be hearing from these guys (Dustin and Sean). So stick around. We will talk to you soon. High five?

Sean: Are we going to do it together like a little League Team?


/end of transmission

Heroes of the Storm Q&A Part 2 (January 22, 2014)

Gameplay Video: Haunted Mines


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