Heroes of the Storm Developer Q&A Part 3 (Feb 20, 2014) – Transcript

On February 20, 2014, Senior Art Director Sam Didier, Senior Artist Phill Gonzales, and Senior Community Manager Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson sat down to discuss the art direction of Heroes of the Storm and responded questions submitted by fans from Twitter.


Dev Q&A Part 3 – Transcript

Kevin: What is up, guys? We are back for live Dev Q&A # 3. How is that for consistency? Right? Look at that. Three times. Three Months. We are going to keep it up too. Welcome. We are excited that you are here with us. I just want to get a few things on the table here before we jump into the show.

A couple of quick things we are allowing you to vote on our battleground again for the gameplay session that is happening at the end of the show.

So jump over to Twitter. @BlizzHeroes. We are posting a link there. So if you would like to vote, take a shot there. I don’t know if we can show the results. Some people have voted in the social media. It seems Dragon Shire is way in the lead, and that’s probably because we haven’t showed much. Go there and put your vote in.


Also, if you wish to throw questions at our guests here, do so by typing #HeroesQA. Alright, let us introduce you to our fine guests. To my left, Mr. Samwise Didier. Welcome.

Samwise: Good morning.

Kevin: Man, you are a Blizzard legend. How long have you … (laugh)

(Samwise signaled Kevin to praise him more)


Kevin: How long have you been with the company?

Samwise: I started in 1991. People out there who are good in math figure that out. Let’s us know.

Kevin: I’m happy to have you here in the show. I’m really excited to hear your thoughts on the world you have built for this game.

Welcome. To his left is Phill Gonzalez. Alright, we have an awesome show for you today, guys. We have put together 40 pieces of artwork that we are going to try to fly through in the show.

How do you guys take a game that has three different franchises, three different worlds, and kinda create a wrapper that ties it all together?

Samwise: Well, we try to come up with some sort of an idea that would allow us to put all of our favorite toys from our toys box together into one world, and we came up with the nexus — a completely original idea. No one has ever heard of this before today. So basically it allows us to have this sort of world that connected all of our worlds together; and the people who really wanted story? — there is a little bit of story for you. The people who just want to have the game and didn’t really want to worry too much about lore, or realistic or not –they can go: “Ok, cool. Whatever.” So this was our way of sort of introducing all of our worlds together.

Phill: The cool part is that, basically is we are transplanting this characters from their native worlds into the nexus, and so, it is them reacting to each other genuinely — like … “Who are you, Arthas?” and maybe a demon hunter saying that or maybe some one from the StarCraft universe; and that’s what’s cool about this. They are coming together.

Kevin: Sure. That’s awesome. One thing I have noticed in the artwork and as well in the battlegrounds is that you guys have taken this idea and we are beginning to see clusters of artwork or art themes that have centered around the various battlegrounds.


Here we are looking at a piece of concept art on the battleground Dragon Shire. Can you talk a little about this area of the world? Where it came from and how did that begin? What is in the world of Dragon Shire … the battleground map, and where did it come from?

Samwise: So, the Dragon Shire is sort of our take on the classic faerie tale story book land. You can tell from that picture being that the town is on fire and the dragon is raging; but aside from that, it is normally your sort of Sleeping Beauty / Cinderella castle kind of thing.

It is very large. It has lots of garden, lots of knights and squires and things like that really sort of push that sort of small faerie tale town and castle versus the traditional heavily fortified medieval castle that you might see and say Warcraft.

Phill: The cool part is re-endulging a kind of a tournament brawl extravaganza. We don’t necessarily see that in WoW, and what’s funny about that is the WoW characters are transplanting into a kind of place that is familiar; but is still new to them, and like I said all the heroes are coming together for the first time and this is been the first experience. Every thing is new. You get to see a kind of new take on everything and it still very Blizzard; and you know, that’s what we think is kind of fun we get to really explore this and develop a new world.


Kevin: That’s awesome

Samwise: Neutral ground.

Kevin: Let’s take a look at some concept for the civilians. I think what is interesting about this game is how you guys are approaching concepting for the game. Let take a look at some of this concept I am talking about.


Samwise: Well, the concept so far have been really loose because we’ve had twenty-years-plus of heroes we have worked on. So we know what they look like, but when it comes to what is a king’s crest? A peasant look like? Well, there are no peasants in king’s crest. There are lords, and ladies and maidens.


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