Heroes of the Storm Developer Q&A Part 3 (Feb 20, 2014) – Transcript


Samwise: Every one is very wealthy and has the finest pageantry and dresses and all that sort of stuff. So we really wanted to get into that medieval fantasy; but again still read more to the sort of faerie tale and story book which a lot of people would go: “Ah, you know, that’s kind of weak. Why would you do something like–” Just wait. You will see this is not weak.


Kevin: Awesome. We begin to see lots of these 3D models from this battleground. I just want to make sure I am looking at this correctly. This are the exact 3D models that we are seeing right here. I am just impressed with the fidelity. The level of quality in these models.

This guy in particular just looks so awesome. The level of detail in everything.

Phill: We are having a ton of fun making these models too and as you can see he is really heavily themed to the location as well. He has all these plates he scavenges from knights. He probably got them tilted the wrong way, and all this other stuff.

Samwise: He has a shield of shields.

Kevin: That’s awesome.

Samwise: That’s mighty!

Kevin: He’s got a sword of swords some time. Right?

Phill: There is stuff like that which we really get into the environment, and we do the same thing with these guys where they are really really decked. They have all this enameled armor and they have this rose theme, because they are all sort like [? 8:18] knights.


Samwise: Part of the gardens.

Phill: They are all into the tournament. That’s important. That makes the world feel inhabited and it makes people kind of really invested: “Oh, I get it. There is something going on. Even when all the heroes are fighting, this place is real.

Kevin: Now talk to me about this class of character. This is obviously the mercenaries that we see on the map — and we see them in multiple maps; but it seems like you are doing something unique with each particular battleground and how you are using them.


Samwise: Yea, the mercs on Dragon Shire where maybe in some of the other realms (like in the Raven Court maps), there are the black knights. They are barely kind of sirly.

Imagine if we can get it, when you walk by, like: “Come here, buddy,” but they are challenging you, maybe. Whereas on Dragon Shire like: “Huzzah, I challenge thee!”

Kevin: Like every thing on the map should be skewed to what that realm means. Everything in Dragon Shire will have a very knightly story book theme. Here he is.


He got the white plate gold gilding giant rose on his shoulder. Feels a lot more noble than say what you would find in Raven Court. The dark armored guys.

Kevin: Awesome. Let’s take a look at this image. This is a really interesting image. It is a piece of our paint-over piece trying to sort of bridge the difference between this King’s Crest royal fantasy — high level fantasy world into some of the other battleground that we see, like the Cursed Hollow, Haunted Mines approach. Can you talk to me about what this sort of signifies, and what the process was for you guys?


Phill: Yea, outside of King’s Crest, you see the things aren’t necessarily going so well. Look at that. That doesn’t look like pastoral gardens that you have seen earlier. The Raven Courts, the maps are the Cursed Hollow and Haunted Mines — and they are under the realm of the Raven Lord.



The Raven Lord is the actual ruler of that realm. Who is he? What is he? We don’t really know yet. We are still kinda developing that. That is sort of the cool thing. That means we can do almost anything that we want with this guy’s abilities and his themes.


The fun part is taking this theme and making it centered on an individual map. It’s cool, because at first we were kinda exploring the Dragon Shire scene. What if we had to shift it off to the side and what if we had like a city or part of a town. It was like a lot of detail on one map and we thought — “You know that’s a good enough for its own map.”

And look, we have map mechanics that let us do that. And we took the opportunity. That’s where docks come from. That’s where Haunted Mines and Raven Court come from.

Let’s just dedicate a map to the outskirts of town, where you cross over the tracks.

We have known from the beginning we’d have multiple maps. So instead of cramming everything on one, it’s like — we had to take a lesson, and say: “Let’s this breath. Let’s make this one the gardens; and the next one will be the Haunted Farmlands, because we know that we are doing more than one map. We are gonna keep making maps.”


So, you’ll see sort of a lessening restrain for the art team letting each map sync its own feeling.

Kevin: We are looking at some of the environmental elements here from Cursed Hollow — that we are looking now at the screen.


Kevin: Really cool. We are looking at the curse that happens on that map. One of the central battleground mechanics that happen there. Really cool, again.


And there’s another image of the winning team. It’s awesome.


Let’s take a look at some concept art here. I believe we have next a piece of a concept art. Yes, for civilians in this world. The Raven Court world. Again, talk to us a little about the approach here.

Samwise: Sure, we had very loose concepts here. As you can see, this was done on a torn piece of page with a folded corner. Nothing but the best at Blizzard. But basically we wanted to make sure that even the civilians felt different.



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