Heroes of the Storm Developer Q&A Part 3 (Feb 20, 2014) – Transcript


While there are lords and ladies in Dragon Shire, here we sorta have peasants and farmhands. They are not as rich. They are not as wealthy. They are living under the shadow of the Raven Lord. So they aren’t as well to do as some of the rich civilians of Dragon Shire. You can see that he is a nice farmer. He does have his hat protecting him from the violent rays of the Raven Lord’s sun. Look at that!


Kevin: That’s pretty awesome.

Phill: These guys are cool, though, because we couldn’t just make an awesome map and if there is no one in it, it doesn’t quite work as well as you see these guys hanging out on the side all the time.

Kevin: Awesome. Here is our Siege Giant from this particular map.


Samwise: Gone are the trappings of the knightly siege giants you saw in Dragon Shire. Now, this guy is lucky to have a bag of rocks.

Phill: And you can really see the comparison in contrast where we tried to put both the Knightly version and this version on the same map. You might not notice the difference. Maybe if you are looking closely, but because the whole entire map is themed, you can go like — “Oh, we are in Raven Court!”, or “Oh, that’s cool! Yea, he belongs to Dragon Shire. That’s the Dragon Shire giant.”

Samwise: Here’s the sword of swords!


Phill: That’s a pile of fun to do that.

Kevin: That’s really really neat. That’s awesome. Alright, let’s take a look at a few more here. The Knight. Here’s a concept art from Raven Court, as well. Talking again about the mercs. This is in contrast to the ones that we were looking at earlier from the gardens. The Black Knights that you were speaking of.


Samwise: Yea, the Knights before you saw had the white plate, with the golden silver. The rose-motive. These guys are just a little bit more gruff down and dirty. They don’t have winged-helmets. They have horned-helmets. They got black armor. They are glowing for god’s sake. Evil emanating from them, but they idea would be — make the mercs look like mercs.


So everyone knows in wherever map they are, what this is. But make each one sync to its own map so these ones are sort of dark and sinister more like The Evil Black Knights where on Dragon Shire you have the White Plate Mail guys with the winged-helmets. Huzzah!

He’s glowing too, but he’s not as menacing with that giant rose on his shoulderpad and the pretty white armor, you know.


Kevin: Yea, very cool. Now let’s talk a little bit about the heroes themselves, I’ve also noticed an interesting approach from you guys that take the essence of these maps and started to weave them into how we’re creating skins for these heroes and that has just been killer cool.


Let’s take a quick look at the demon hunter base model, I think we have an asset there that will show this. So this is our Demon Hunter from Diablo III.


Really awesome, I mean this model alone, super epic and detailed, very, very cool. Talk to me about some of the work you have done to provide skins within the context of the Raven Court or this world that you have been building with the Raven Lord.

Phill: Yeah, so we start with the Demon Hunter which we try to go for the most iconic look and we say okay, the Demon Hunter let’s say — she’s been at Raven Court for a while.

How would she adapt to that environment? … and that’s where Sam … he has got a concept that we’ll show in a second that really kind of exemplifies what we would consider for modifications.


Like maybe she’s hunting vampires more often. Maybe there’s something more sinister going on, and we can kind of take that design and evolve it a little bit, while staying very true to that core Demon Hunter.

Kevin: Alright, really cool, let’s take a look at this, so this has made its way into, yes, vampire hunter right.


Samwise: Yeah, you’ll notice — we always say swapping shoulderpads and tiaras … we say right, with different hat, different hairstyle, different shoulders and maybe a little bit longer dress and some different accoutrements, you radically change the look of what was once the Demon Hunter and is now the Vampire Hunter; and she fits perfectly at home in Raven Court. Like you know Raven Court is all about a sort of haunted farmlands. What’s haunting them? Well, Valla feels perfectly at home in there now.

Kevin: Yea, that’s really awesome, very cool. Well let’s take a look at another hero. We have Kerrigan. This is her base model.


Phill: Yea with Kerrigan you know we stayed as true as possible to her look as The Zerg Queen of Blades, which you know the Zerg don’t wear clothes. There’s not that much embellishment to them costume-wise. It’s a lot about a physical appearance. So with Kerrigan we get to go even more above and beyond where we’re like: “What if we have a theme where she’s a countess?”


Kevin: So right here we’re looking at.

Samwise: This is the concept for Countess Sarah Von Kerrigan, the Queen of, you know, she’s the Queen of Blades in StarCraft; and maybe this one — she’s the Queen of Ravens. Who knows? … you know. Who knows what the story is? The idea is this is what Kerrigan would look like had she been born into Raven Court or when she went there.

Kevin: Right. This is really interesting. Yeah, it’s really interesting to see this kind of beginning of this medieverse concept like: “What are these heroes when they are embodied in this world?” … and that is just fascinating.



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