Heroes of the Storm Developer Q&A Part 3 (Feb 20, 2014) – Transcript


Phill: And like on our character side, like the personal challenge I’ve seen is that because these characters are so adored, people have something very specific in mind; and this trickles down through art, through design, everyone, you know it’s like we don’t really get to do anything new or crazy with Diablo or some because it’s like people want you know, this ability, this ability, this ability and we’re like we gotta deliver that and how do we give people that?

Figure out what that perception is and what that personification of a certain hero is. So yeah that’s always a challenge but that’s kind of the fun, that’s why we do this.

Kevin: Like it, great, we have time for a few more here guys, this one from @HotSCast — “How exciting is it, from the artists and artwork perspective, to be able to meld three beloved worlds into one game?”

Samwise: This is the Holy Grail of all games. I’ve been wanting to do a Blizzard Fighter for years, you know back as, we’re all huge fans of Street Fighter, Samurai Showdown, things like that.

Having our game side-by-side characters fighting is awesome. This is just as cool, because you now have a group, it’s not just one-on-one. You have a group. yYou got Diablo and Arthas and Illidan and all these different characters: Raynor, Kerrigan, all together, all wearing crazy different skins or some that are just like, “Oh my God! I love the judgment skin on Uther! I’m just going to keep playing that!”

Everyone can kind of play the aspect of Blizzard that they like at one time with their buddies and that’s just like the perfect game I like.

Phill: Yeah that team up is cool and we’re playing with the details too. I think Witch Doctor is my favorite where he’s casting spells with a troll witch doctor head from WarCraft and he has a Zerg skull on his belt and it’s like yeah, we’re gonna play around and we’re gonna kind of acknowledge like yeah, we’re crossing over and that’s what happens, it’s fun.

Kevin: That’s really cool, I love it. Alright, this one from @PlatypusParadox — “Will skins have their own voice overs? I would kill for a fully voiced Murloc Diablo?” Hmm, sounds interesting.

Samwise: Yeah, we definitely have plans for that. A lot of them really scream for it. A lot of them like Uther and Judgment Armor doesn’t necessarily need unique ones, but like our friend here suggested that would be an awesome one for Murkablo you know. Again, it’s all really what we want to do and then we just want to put it in line.

What’s the highest priority and which one do we want to do first. Right? It’s not which one first.

Kevin: Yeah, great, alright, let’s take two more here. This one from @Warcraftjen — “Any thoughts about seasonal or more pop culture references with hero skins?” I think this is something you guys have been talking about.

Phill: Yeah, we obviously like supporting the seasons I mean that’s something even goes as far back as WarCraft II and the Winter Maps, I mean Christmas yes, lets acknowledge that this world is real and exists and people celebrate stuff so we’ll probably definitely have tons of seasonal skins and the pop culture ones, you know we have to kind of walk a tight rope but we know where those boundaries are and we’re going to get as close as we can.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s cool, great. Last question here, this one from @StormLegacyTeam — “With the abundance of creative freedom, how do you filter art ideas into the game?” Yeah, that’s probably a really good question for you guys; it’s not a lack of ideas.

Samwise: Yeah again it’s which one do we wanna do first like if we have a few different concepts and people are really kind of routing behind one — that seems like the one to do. Right?

But there really hasn’t been too much of a filter yet in the sense that the guys have come up with ideas we have been able to do. Almost every single one of those. The things that we really want to work on is just making sure that we’re bringing enough to the character itselves.

We don’t wanna go too far off (like I said) with the silly stuff on the more serious characters; but we also don’t want to shy away from that. So the filter on that would be, let’s get a couple of serious ones under the belt and then let’s do a funny one because people will like that as well; because it’s different and unique.

Phill: Yeah, cause it’s living and breathing you kind of have to remind ourselves to be restrained and like we’ll have time to do lots of stuff, we don’t have to load one hero up with every idea we have.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s really cool, I definitely appreciate that. It’s been interesting even internally to see that living breathing aspect happening, every new build, every new update that we get. It’s really cool to see that.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s very awesome. Alright guys, well I think that about wraps it up for the Q&A and Dev portion of this part of our show. Thank you Phill. Thank you Sam for being here.

Sam & Phill: Not a problem. Our pleasure.

Kevin: I love it. We’ll look forward to maybe having you back on here at some point to talk more about stuff coming in the future. For those of you out there we’re actually gonna be shifting into a live gameplay session here and we have in the House Mr. Dustin Browder and Blizzard’s own Kevin Knocke.

They’re gonna be taking you through, gosh what map? Should we take a look at the strap poll? Is it up? Let’s take a look here.

It looks like, yes, as expected — I suppose Dragon Shire. The updated version three-lane map. We will be playing on that map here shortly.


I do have a couple other quick things I wanna update you with — if you are looking for more information about the game, you can always follow us on social media.

Our moniker is @BlizzHeroes — we’re all over the board with BlizzHeroes: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. You can find us at our website, heroesofthestorm.com

If you would like to sign up for our future testing — beta testing and such; and I also wanted to spend a couple moments talking about what people might have been seeing on the web about datamined materials (things like that) that are surfacing in regards to information that we’ve been seeing or pushing forward into the public.

As you might guess, these are kind of true signs that we are moving this game into a more visual or a more forward position in preparations for testing.

I do want to keep in mind and suggest that all content that is being accessed without clean Blizzard pipelines are stuff that we do not want to see on the web — so if you’re pushing content publicly, YouTube, Twitch, that stuff will be taken down until we are into a formal public testing situation.

So please do keep that in mind. We are very, very much looking forward to getting this game into the public’s hands and we’ll be talking more about when that will happen and how it will happen in the near future.

Alright, enough of that. Let’s move to this gameplay session on Dragon Shire. Kevin Knocke, Dustin Browder observed by another one of Blizzard’s own Tim Frasier. Thank you guys for being here.

Sam & Phill: You’re welcome.

Kevin: We’ll be back in a few minutes.

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