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esports-arena-logoIf you love eSports and you live in Santa Ana you are likely already familiar with eSports Arena. They are North America’s first dedicated eSports facility and they have already been taking the area by storm with their fantastic events. They’ve crowdfunded yet another amazing Heroes of the Storm tournament, taking place on Saturday, January 9th at 11:00 am and January 10th at 8:00 PM PST. The crowdfunded money has been put to good use, flying prominent Heroes teams out and creating a hefty prize pool to boot! They’ve raised enough to make the event absolutely free to attend for everyone. It will also be live streamed at www.twitch.tv/esportsarena. With 5 days remaining to back the project they have already exceeded their goal and are now looking to hit stretch goals to make the event even more enjoyable, such as All-Star show matches and even an after-party!


The arena’s staff has a particular love affair with Heroes of the Storm, and this event was brought to life by Tiffany Chu, Mellina Kong and other amazing members of the community. The tournament brings in teams that were both directly invited and teams that placed in an online qualifier. It’s the first tournament of the year for many of these teams and they all want to show what they have to offer coming into this new year.


The Community manager Mellina Kong has this to say about the event:

mellina-kong-2I am very excited for Heroes Rising! I cannot thank the Heroes of the Storm community enough for all the support in making the event happen. I cannot wait to meet everyone and I hope everyone who will be here watching, playing or attending the event will have an amazing time because it’s going to be awesome. I think that Heroes Rising will be a great step forward for many players, as it will be the first Heroes of the Storm LAN tournament to begin off the year of 2016. The eSports Arena team has been working extremely hard to make this event happen, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our generous backers, community and team, so thank you and I hope to see a lot of people in less than a week!


king-caffeine-john-paul-lopez-cloud-9John Paul Lopez of Cloud9 commented on how the team feels going into this North American event:

We are extremely excited to be participating in the upcoming Heroes Rising event hosted by eSports Arena. Being the first LAN event in 2016, it will give us an early look at the NA scene.  I’m personally hyped to play against the new rosters of Tempo Storm and BRFC. We will be bringing our best and you can expect some awesome games.




With the New Year having arrived, this is not an uncommon theme amongst the teams as we see plenty of player shuffling and fine tuning. Teams are practiced, shined up and ready to look their best on centre stage.


Tempo Storm has an extra chip in the pile with their own Jared “Zoia” Eggleston casting the event alongside Jaycie “Gillyweed” Gluck. He will also be contributing to one of the many awesome bonuses that come with backing the event through crowdfunding. He comments both on how Tempo Storm is looking prior to the event and how he himself has been preparing to cast:

jared-zola-eggleston-150x150I’m excited to see how the team holds up in a tournament atmosphere, more specifically a LAN. Scrim results only mean so much so really excited to see how they perform together in a LAN.

I’m very, very excited to cast this event. It’ll be my second heroes of the storm LAN. I’ve been studying very hard and playing the game a lot to make sure my analysis is as refined as possible. I also love casting with Gillyweed so couldn’t be more excited.

The event itself is going to be super awesome. It’s our first grass roots event for heroes and those were always my favorite type of LAN back in sc2. Just everyone working hard to put on an amazing event while having a good time. Really happy eSports arena is putting this event on.”


panda-global-logoPanda Global is not only confident but they are ready to win! They were more than willing to share their mutual joy, excitement, and respect for the event.


David Wu, Co-founder of Panda Global, talks about the community and going forward:

Panda Global is excited to see the Heroes of the Storm community come together for an event like this. We’re looking forward to participating at Heroes Rising and enabling our players to compete at the highest levels.


Sam Hua, captain of the Panda Global Heroes team, talks from the team perspective:

I feel our roster is super excited going to the Heroes Rising event! We are confident and practice/scrims have been going super well and we are very excited to meet our competitors and fans! Thank you to our sponsors for making this possible.


cognitive-gaming-logoCognitive Gaming also moved some people around within their roster and have discussed how they have had to change between China and Heroes Rising by updating their roster:

We are thrilled to be participating in Heroes Rising. After our less than stellar performance on the international stage in China for WCA we knew that changes to the roster were necessary. We will be using Cattlepillar formerly of compLexity and Kilick from eLevate for this LAN. We are excited to kick off 2016 and ready to show our new strength on the main stage.


murloc-geniuses-logoMurloc Geniuses is another well-known team participating in this event. They are the only North American team to still have their original Las Vegas event roster in North America and have an impressive resume at their backs despite not yet having a sponsor. This does nothing to dampen their drive forward to this event or their excitement:

Murloc Geniuses is looking forward to reuniting at our second LAN tournament in Santa Ana, with the same roster from Vegas. We’re excited to showcase our improvements and fun team compositions!


This event has more teams that will be joining them. Team Blaze, Team Blank, Team Bob Ross Fan Club, Team oVo and Team King of Blades. These were the teams that qualified through the online qualifiers and will be covered on their thoughts on the upcoming event known as Heroes Rising in part 2.  To see how you can fund this event, distribution of prize pool, or information on the team’s visit these sites below.




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