Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Review: Dehaka

Dehaka is currently playable in Heroes of the Storm PTR servers. He is a melee zerg warrior with kinda unconventional abilities. His first ability is Drag (Q) which lashes out at the first enemy it hits doing damage, and dragging him for 1.75 sec. The Constriction talent (level 7) increases that to 2.25 sec. At level 16, you have the choice to either add a 50% slow for 2 sec (Paralyzing Enzymes) or to increase the tongue range by 20% (Elongated Tongue).

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The second ability, Dark Swarm, is an AOE aura that lasts 3 sec. That’s a big deal for a Warrior.

The third ability is Burrow. Dehaka becomes immobile and invulnerable while he is under the ground. At level 4, you have two options: Lurker Strain or Numbing Eruption. The first one adds stealth for 5 sec after emerging from Burrow. Imagine doing this in one of the hidden vents, coming at the enemy in stealth then hitting Dark Swarm out of nowhere. Perfect ambush hero during team fights. Numbing Eruption knocks enemies back and slows their speed by 30% for 2 sec.

Dehaka has no mounts. Instead, he can burrow and appear at bushes or dark vents only. He can’t emerge in open areas, which gives you an idea of the design purpose for Dehaka as an ambusher.

Same as Diablo, Dehaka collects and stores essence from dead minions and heroes. However, Dehaka uses it to heal himself by pressing a button.

The two heroic abilities are Isolation and Adaptation. Isolation silences and slows the first target it hits, and reduces his vision for 6 sec. Adaptation heals Dehaka for 60% of the damage received. It is not an instant heal, however. You press the ability, and you get healed 5 seconds later.

To put that in context, say you are at the tribute map. There’s a bunch of enemies there fighting your team. You teleport to a nearby bush. Hit Adaptation, then Dark Swarm. 5 seconds later when you are nigh death, your health goes up out of the blue and a few spare secs later you can Dark Swarm again, hit your trait heal to survive. Pretty sleek if you have a healer in your team to support you.

His alternate skin available in the Bundle is Mecha Dehaka, which gives him a Protoss-ish look.

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Dehaka — Gameplay Video



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