Jaina – Frostbolt Assassin Talent Build

One of our fans, Bartek, suggested this talent build to me some time ago. Ever since, I have made it my favorite Jaina talent build to rely on.

[tooltip tip="Winter's Reach"]jaina-frostbolt-icon[/tooltip]
Level 1
[tooltip tip="Envenom"]envenom-icon[/tooltip]
Level 4
[tooltip tip="Ice Lance"]jaina-frostbolt-icon[/tooltip]
Level 7
[tooltip tip="Summon Water Elemental"]jaina-summon-water-elemental-icon[/tooltip]
Level 10
[tooltip tip="Icy Veins"]jaina-icy-veins-icon[/tooltip]
Level 13
[tooltip tip="Northern Exposure"]jaina-cone-of-cold-icon[/tooltip]
Level 16
[tooltip tip="Wintermute"]jaina-summon-water-elemental-icon[/tooltip]
Level 20

At level 1, choose Winter’s Reach to increase Frostbolt range by 30%. All spells cause enemies to slow movement. The longer your Frosbolt range, the more you slow and damage your target.

At level 4, choose Envenom. It scales damage each level and does damage over time while you continue to slow the target with Frostbolt. Activate to poison an enemy Hero, dealing 945 damage over 6 seconds.

At level 7, choose Ice Lance. The cooldown of Frostbolt is reduced by 2 seconds if it impacts a Chilled target.

At level 10, choose Summon Water Elemental. It deals 176 damage on impact, and Chills nearby enemies. So make sure to summon it on top of enemy players. The Water Elemental’s Basic Attacks splash for 25% damage and Chill. Cooldown: 100 seconds. Even if you die, the Water Elemental will continue to wreck havoc to anyone within his range until summoning duration ends.

At level 13, choose Icy Veins: Activate to make your Basic Abilities’ cooldowns recharge three times as fast and reduce their Mana cost by 50% for 5 seconds. That’s three consecutive Frostbolts, or any other quick combo. Icy Veins has a 60 second cooldown.

At level 16, choose Northern Exposure: Enemies damaged by Cone of Cold are also afflicted with Vulnerable, increasing the damage they take by 25% for 2 sec. A decent strategy here is to cast Envenom –> Icy Veins –> open with Cone of Cold, then shoot three quick frostbolts (the first two benefit from Icy veins 25% damage increase for 2 sec). Could be good at the Dragon Shire shrines and other one-on-one situations.

At level 20, choose Wintermute. Your Water Elemental will now mimic your Frostbolt, Blizzard, and Cone of Cold Abilities for 50% damage. Cast range increased by 50%. Usually, I like to sit by grass to ambush people with Water Elemental (Wintermute). I also wait at the shrine in Dragon Shire expecting someone to come around the corner to get slapped with Summon Water Elemental, Envenom, Icy Veins, Cone of Cold, Frostbolt. They won’t even see what hit them. I have been able to kill 3 players standing next to each other dropping Water Elemental (Wintermute) on them.

Try this talent build, and experiment with it. You will love Jaina even more than you already do.

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