Lúcio coming at you! Lúcio enters the Nexus

“Let’s drop the beat!”

Who is Lúcio: As a young man, Lúcio grew up in poverty in an area of Brazil hit particularly hard by the Omnic Crisis. In order to lift the spirits of the people of Rio de Janeiro, Lúcio began performing music on street corners and block parties. His life changed, however, when the Vishkar Corporation attempted to take control of his city, exploiting the populace and imposing curfews. Lúcio chose to fight back, stealing the Vishkar Corporation’s technology, and utilizing it to start an uprising that would drive the Vishkar out. As a result, Lúcio became a hero; a symbol for the oppressed and a force for good through his music.

Why should I care: Since Lúcio was announced he has often been compared to Brightwing because the source of his healing is an AoE which doesn’t require mana, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. The most interesting aspect of Lúcio’s kit actually comes from his Speed Boost. The reason being Lúcio is passively able to provide a 15% movement speed buff to allies within range, and can boost the bonus to 45% through Amp It Up. This actually enables a fair number of heroes who previously suffered because they lacked mobility. Butcher doesn’t necessarily have to charge in to close the gap. Arthas doesn’t have to slowly walk towards enemies, and Kerrigan can save her leap for a more opportune moment. This is a huge aspect of his kit that differentiates him from other supports because it’s a persistent effect. Lúcio is actually able to solo heal pretty adequately but also benefits from an additional support who’s able to provide targeted heals. This allows him to either focus on speed boosting or he could choose to chase with a melee assassin friend and catch that pesky ranged assassin who’s going to escape. You thought Illidan was bad before? Try escaping a speed boosted one.

But is Lúcio for me: I believe Lúcio is a strong addition to the current support meta because he thrives in a sustained combat environment. He even has a powerful anti burst tool through his heroic Sound Barrier, which you’ll recognize if you’ve played Overwatch. I’ve seen many fights turn as a result of a well timed shield, especially once the enemy commits to the fight. Lúcio is able to heal right up there with the best of them, but does require his allies playing to his strengths, to a degree. He doesn’t necessarily have the versatility of Malfurion, but I recommend drafting Lúcio if you have a melee hero who lacks mobility, or supplemental to a healer like Uther who struggles to heal multiple allies when a skirmish drags out. Ultimately, if you’re a support player I believe you’ll enjoy Lúcio a great deal. And yes, despite some small similarities, there’s still room for Brightwing too.

Until next time, the Nexus calls.

Josh Bothwell

I am a Heroes of the Storm article writer at Blizzplanet.com

I was the guy who asked about Zul’jin during the BlizzCon 2016 Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive panel Q&A.

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