Malfurion – Healer Build Guide

Malfurion is a ranged support Hero in Heroes of the Storm. This guide will focus on a healer build where your goal is to keep your team alive. Before starting, let’s take a look at his basic abilities.


Heal target ally for 416 Health over 20 sec.

Mana: 35
Cooldown: 5 sec


Deal 94 damage to enemies in an area and reveal them for 2 sec.

Allies with an active Regrowth are healed for 146 Health for each enemy Hero hit by Moonfire.

Mana: 10
Cooldown: 3 sec

Entangling Roots

Root enemy Heroes in an area for 1.25 sec, and deal 122 damage over the duration. Affected area grows over 3 sec.

Mana: 75
Cooldown: 14 sec


Grant an allied Hero 20% of their max Mana over 5 sec. While affected by Innervate, their Basic Ability cooldowns recharge 50% faster.

Cannot be used on Heroes that do not use Mana.


conjurers-pursuitMalfurion isn’t exactly a dedicated healer like Li Li Stormstout (which has two healing spells), but he can do a decent job later on end-game. My first choice at level 1 is Conjurer’s Pursuit. At the lane, you will be killing minions with moonfire and entangling roots. Conjurer’s Pursuit is triggered with Health Globes. These come from killing the wizard that accompanies the lane minions.

Conjurer’s Pursuit: “Your Hero gains an extra 5 Mana and 0.2 Mana Regeneration for every level gained.”

healing-wardAt level 4, my choice is the Healing Ward. There are situations where many party members are getting damage simultaneously. An example is in Cursed Hollow, when the objective is to gather tributes. It is a PvP fest where each team wants to prevent the other from capping the tribute. When your team is taking a lot of damage, throw the Healing Ward to heal everyone within its radius, and cast regrowth on the tank or any player who is low in Health. A really good choice at that level to keep your team alive in those situations. At this point, no one has a Ultimate ability.

Healing Ward: Activate to place a ward on the ground that heals allies in an area for 3% of their max Health every second for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

regrowthAt level 7, Enduring Growth increases the duration of Regrowth. That will keep some team members alive longer until your next Regrowth is up. Regrowth has a 7 second cooldown, so adding 6 seconds the Regrowth effect is optimal to keep your main tank or DPS alive and well healed.

Enduring Growth: “Increases the duration of Regrowth by 6 seconds.”

tranquilityAt level 10, you can now choose a Ultimate ability. For Malfurion’s healing build you must choose Tranquility. It is an Area of Effect heal to keep all team members within the area healed. Putting down a Healing Ward and Tranquility gives even better results if sustained damage is coming in hairy situations.

Tranquility: Heals 29 Health per second to nearby allies over 10 seconds. Cooldown: 100 seconds.

regrowthAt level 13, you get Life Seed which basically adds a Renew effect to all party members near the player you cast Regrowth on. Very good option.

Life Seed: Nearby damaged allied Heroes will automatically gain the heal over time portion of Regrowth. This effect has a 15 second cooldown.

hardened-focusAt level 17, I usually go with Hardened Focus which reduces cooldowns if you are above 80% Health. That means dishing out more heals, and going /oom sooner, but it’s worthwhile.

Hardened Focus: “While above 80% life, your Basic Ability cooldowns regenerate 50% faster.”

tranquilityFinally, at level 20 go with Serenity to enhance Tranquility.

Serenity: “Tranquility healing amount is increased by 25% and restores 5 Mana per second.”

I have tested this build in countless of games, and most of the time if the team is good, this build will increase your chances of winning the game.

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