New Hero Coming to the Nexus – July 2019

Blizzard Entertainment released a teaser image late Saturday evening, showing a necklace. Most of the image is darkened in shadows putting the spotlight on the necklace.

That didn’t stop image editors from using brightness and contrast tools to reveal what’s hidden in the dark areas of this image.

The crystal in the necklace looks a lot like the one the Raven Lord uses. You can check out the Raven Lord comics here for reference.

The image shows a woman with a W-shaped armored chestplate. It gives me a Wonder Woman vibe. Very long earrings, furred shoulderpads. On the right side, we see some kind of bamboo, but the square socket in the middle tells me it might be the sheath for a sword; but it could be something else.

I can see grass at the bottom-right. She is probably kneeling on the ground. It is difficult to see if this is a night elf, or blood elf.

The most immediate thought that comes up is this could be one of the other two Windrunner sisters because of the necklace, but I don’t see tattoos on her face for it to be Alleria, and Vereesa doesn’t have that type of earrings.

Can it be Shandris? A pre-sundering Lady Vashj or Azshara? Queen Elisande? Difficult to say at this point.

In terms of Diablo, she doesn’t look like the Diablo II artwork for the Sorceress, and definitely not the Assassin.

StarCraft and Overwatch aren’t even on the radar. So I think we can safely lean on the idea that this is another Raven Lord-universe hero.

Personally, now that Blizzard Entertainment has pulled the brakes on Heroes of the Storm’s development team, I wish they abandoned the whole Heroes 2.0 lore thing. It just makes no sense to put resources into developing the lore and heroes of a world that doesn’t exist in Blizzard games.

It would make sense if Blizzard announces a new IP game based on the Raven Lord — pre-Nexus. Then if Heroes of the Storm is still alive by then, start introducing the heroes and villains from the new IP into Heroes of the Storm.

If Blizzard wants players to stick around in Heroes of the Storm, start cancelling this Heroes 2.0 lore push, and focus on the StarCraft, Diablo, Warcraft, and Overwatch heroes. Especially, the heroes that players have wanted to see for a long time such as Vol’jin, Deathwing, Ysera, Blackthorne, Diablo II Druid and Assassin, Archimonde, Baal, Anduriel, and many others.

The new maps development has been so slow. Map rotation is becoming repetitive, and stagnant. The game needs a lot of revitalization and to put focus where it needs focus.

I know people want more about the Raven Lord’s universe, but with Blizzard shrinking the developer team — I am sorry, but the game can’t survive without new maps and heroes the majority of players would care about to keep coming.

The events are also starting to get under my skin. The latest Mechano event has taken me so long to play with ridiculous quests like healing 400,000 damage. Even in solo play at level 20 — it is just so annoying.

I am pretty sure we can do with 2 events a year if it means more heroes, more maps, and more hero revamps.

Let’s be honest. This is a dying game. Least we need is making its demise faster by clinging to Heroes 2.0’s agenda with a third of the development team (if not less). Need to be realistic.


It is now evident that whatever this new heroe is, she doesn’t belong to any of the three core Blizzard IPs. In this new teaser, we can see her back side. We can see skulls from different heroes and creatures. Prominently, we can see a zerg hydra, a dragon’s skull, Arthas’ skull, Tracer, Genji, Nova, and’s weapons, and you might not see it in the Twitter and Facebook image, but the Blizzard Launcher offers a more extended version where we can see Cho’gall’s skull, Reaper’s mask, and … Brigitte’s Shield (left)? Difficult to tell. I think there is a draenei’s skull in the center as well.

So we have possibly hints of Reaper coming to the Nexus in the future?

Hint of the Haunted Mines revamp? New Murky skin?

Focusing on the new teased hero, I can’t think of any StarCraft, Diablo, or Warcraft female hero that has huge dreadlocks. So I have to seriously consider that this is a new character hailing from the Raven Lord universe.

The skulls and weapons collection scene in the background tell me this hero might be some kind of Kraven the Hunter. A DPS hero.

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