Nova build

Nova build used in HGC and other Heroes of the Storm eSports events by the top pro gamers in the United States and Europe. Nova is a ranged assassin with permanent stealth when not in combat.

Nova build – eSports

przybli - Puszke Puszke vs Two Bees Determined - ZOTAC Monthly Final -- Nov 18


Covert Mission

One in the Chamber

Precision Strike

Double Tap

Crippling Shot



Nova Features


Deals 322 damage to the first enemy hit.

Mana: 50
Cooldown: 6 sec

Pinning Shot

Deal 114 damage to an enemy and slow it by 40% for 2.25 sec.

Mana: 65
Cooldown: 12 sec

Holo Decoy

Create a Decoy for 5 sec that appears to attack enemies.

Using this Ability does not break Cloak.

Mana: 50
Cooldown: 15 sec

Permanent Cloak, Sniper

Nova gains Stealth when out of combat for 3 sec. Taking damage, attacking, using Abilities, or channeling reveals her.

Passive: Nova's Basic Attack range is 1 further than most other ranged Heroes.

nova-portraitNovember "Nova" Terra is a ghost of the Terran Dominion and one of the most powerful psionic soldiers ever known. Nova is highly focused, determined, and extremely deadly. Even Jim Raynor wouldn't want to be caught within her crosshairs.


Automatically cloaks while out of combat. Snipes enemies from afar, and creates Decoys of herself to fool enemies.

Role: Ranged Assassin

Difficulty: Medium


nova-store-thumbnailNovember "Nova" Terra spent the best parts of her youth as the golden child of one of Tarsonis' wealthy Old Families. Though she exhibited signs of burgeoning psionic potential, Nova's parents insisted that she was merely sensitive or "empathetic," hoping to keep her abilities a secret (as much from the Ghost Academy that would conscript their child as from Nova herself).

When her family was violently betrayed and her telekinetic powers became destructively apparent, Nova was forced into hiding in the crime-ridden slums of Tarsonis' Gutter. The story of Nova's emergence from the Gutter is apocryphal, but the burden of psionic abilities and the pain of her family's ruin led her to seek refuge among the very Ghosts her parents hoped to keep her from.

Supremely dedicated, Nova excelled as a trainee in the Ghost Academy on Ursa, eventually earning the questionable reward of a mind-wipe that erased all recollection of her tragic youth – and the majority of her long-term memory with it.

As a full-fledged Ghost operative, Nova's duties have included battling zerg, investigating the psionic killers known as Spectres, and even dealing with noted enemy of the people Jim Raynor. Her service record has seen her assigned tasks of increasing importance to the leadership of the Dominion, and she stands ready to be dispatched on missions that will make her past pale in comparison.


Nova was first introduced in StarCraft: Ghost, an FPS video game developed originally by Nihilistic & Blizzard Entertainment. The video game was first announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2002. The game was later transferred to Swingin' Ape Studios. Blizzard Entertainment acquired the studios time later, and in 2006 the game was deemed postponed (not cancelled).

The novel was meant to ship the same day as the game, but the game was postponed. Nevertheless, Blizzard and Pocket Star Books decided to launch the novel months later, on November 28, 2006 ... Starcraft: Ghost--Nova by Keith R.A. DeCandido.

Nova was also featured in the Tokyopop manga StarCraft: Ghost--Academy Vol. 1-3. Nova was introduced as an NPC in a cutscene shown in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and the player controls her as a unit during an optional mission. Nova also appears briefly in the initial missions of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

Sample Description

These are the voice over quotes repeated by Nova when the player clicks on her multiple times. Transcript courtesy of Egrem. (Thank you)

"Nova here."

"Don't have all day."

"No, I am not Kerrigan... and if I had my own game, you'd know that."

"A Ghost's first and best weapon is her mind. Everything else is supplemental."

"If they're not dead, it's just because I haven't killed them yet."

"What can I say? I do have the best equipment."

"Watch where you're clicking! I'm not just some piece of assassin."

"You ever hear the one about the... is that a nuclear launch I detect, or are you just glad to see me?"

"Well all day long at Ghost Academy, all I hear is how great Sarah is at this, or how wonderful Kerrigan did at that. Kerrigan, Kerrigan, Kerrigan!"

"One shot, center mass. Pew."


"You think you have issues with your parents? Clearly you haven't heard my story."

"I can't believe I made out with Tosh. Wait, was I mind-wiped in that manga? I always forget."

"Blondes have more fun! See? So fun!"

Nova Talents

Advanced CloakingWhile Stealthed, Nova gains 2 Mana per sec and 25% increased movement speed.
LongshotIncreases the cast range of Pinning Shot by 30%. Pinning Shot also increases the range of Nova's next Basic Attack by 2.
Covert OpsAfter being Stealthed for 5 sec, Pinning Shot's slow is increased to 55% and costs no Mana. Bonus is lost after losing Stealth for 1 sec.
Remote DeliveryIncreases Holo Decoy cast range by 100% and its sight range by 50%.
Rapid ProjectionReduces Holo Decoy's cooldown and Mana cost by 40%.
Holo StabilityIncreases the duration of Holo Decoy by 120%.
Covert MissionEnemy Minions killed near Nova grant a stack of Bribe. Hero Takedowns grant 10 stacks of Bribe. Use 25 stacks to bribe a Mercenary, instantly defeating them. Does not work on Bosses. Max of 100 stacks. If a camp is defeated entirely with Bribe, the camp respawns 50% faster.
One in the ChamberAfter using an Ability, Nova's next Basic Attack within 3 sec deals 80% additional damage.
Anti-Armor ShellsNova's Basic Attacks deal 250% damage, but her Attack Speed is proportionally slower.
Snipe MasterHitting an enemy Hero with Snipe permanently increases the damage of Snipe by 15%. Stacks up to 5 times. All stacks are lost if Snipe fails to hit an enemy.
Triple TapLocks in on the target Hero, then fires 3 shots that hit the first Hero or Structure they come in contact with for 501 damage each.

Mana: 100
Cooldown: 100 sec
Precision SstrikeAfter 1.5 sec delay, deals 675 damage to enemies within an area. Unlimited Range.

Mana: 100
Cooldown: 60 sec
Double TapPinning Shot now has 2 charges.
Psionic EfficiencyRemoves Snipe's Mana cost and increases its range by 10%.
Explosive RoundSnipe also deals 50% damage to enemies near the impact.
Perfect ShotHitting enemy Hero with Snipe reduces the cooldown by 3 sec.
Crippling ShotPinning Shot lowers a Hero's Armor by 25 for the duration of the slow, causing them to take 25% increased damage.
Lethal DecoyHolo Decoy deals 40% of Nova's damage.
Fast ReloadTriple Tap's cooldown is reset if it kills an enemy Hero.
Precision BarragePrecision Strike holds 2 charges with a 3 sec cooldown between using each charge.
RewindActivate to reset the cooldown of your Basic Abilities.

Cooldown: 60 sec
Ghost ProtocolActivate to gain Stealth and become Unrevealable for 2 sec. Nova's attacks and Abilities will also not break Stealth during this time.

Cooldown: 60 sec


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